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Latest Updates!

(Video Gallery) Gordons Tradition by Northumbrian (Sub-Lieutenant)
Toms twin brother who i hope will also join us on the Model Boats Forum  Posted: 2 hours ago

(Video Gallery) Drifter Meldia by Northumbrian (Sub-Lieutenant)
my mate Toms Drifter his 1st build i hope to get him to join Model Boats soon so he can share in the vast amount of knowledge on here  Posted: 2 hours ago

(Video Gallery) Sea Queen by Northumbrian (Sub-Lieutenant)
Aerokit Sea Queen I built this about 10yrs ago sold it by chance it made its way back to me this year in a sorry state so it has been given a full overhaul and runs like a dream   Posted: 2 hours ago

(Video Gallery) PERKASA by Northumbrian (Sub-Lieutenant)
built from a kit powered by twin brushless motors two 3c lipo batteries 90a esc watercooled brass props runs a dream   Posted: 3 hours ago

(Photo Gallery: workingvessels) Belle Margot by Northumbrian (Sub-Lieutenant)
Belle Margot was a birthday present from my wife i was not happy with the sails this model came with so i made a new set and put lead shot for ballast & put combing around the deck hatch she sails well with no ingress of water   Posted: 3 hours ago

(Photo Gallery: workingvessels) Belle Margot by Northumbrian (Sub-Lieutenant)
the wood mast / boom were replaced with aluminium tube yokes made from aluminium new planked oak deck combing around the deck hatch the sails come off for transporting to the lake  Posted: 3 hours ago
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