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(No Image)Loud Hailer 1/16th scale. High quality grey plastic, or...
Spencer Newest Member!
22nd Jul 2014
United Kingdom
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Scratch build of a fast bulker
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Edmund Gardner Liverpool Pilot Boat
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Edmund Gardner Liverpool Pilot Boat
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1:24 scale KD Perkasa from an older Precedent kit
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Latest Updates!

(Forum) Motors overheating by BillD203 (Chief Petty Officer)
Hi Ive just been taking a look at this posting. Don't mess about with brush motors! I have fitted to my Slipway Tamar 2 Turnigy 1250Kv brushless motors, Hobbyking 50amp ESC and two 5 maH Lipos. 35mm props 3 blade brass type. I can't run it flat out as it tries to leap out of the water its that much power. The ESC can be water cooled but as they don't get hot without water i don't cool them. The ba...  Posted: 2 hours ago

(Forum) Motors overheating by jarvo (Chief Petty Officer)
Hi Thom The question over shaft alignment, it does cause a lot of extra drag if not in line, but as you say your stuck with it. Replace the bent shaft, but test the motor out of the hull against the good one, possible it needs "running in" before you splash the cash. What i meant with the lock nuts and thrust washers, there needs to be slight end float on the shaft, the washers act as a bearing...  Posted: 8 hours ago

(Forum) Motors overheating by Thom (Seaman)
Hi Mark, Think I found one motor which is a bit faulty (doesn't turn as freely as the other) and possibly a very slight bend in the shaft. I'm also using raboesch couplers from motor to shaft so they seem to be fine regardless of the angle. They aren't perfectly aligned but as close as I can get considering the hull design and motor size. I'll try a new shaft and a new motor and see how it han...  Posted: 15 hours ago

(Forum) Motors overheating by jarvo (Chief Petty Officer)
Hi Thom I was thinking you had something like 60mm props, with small props there is something wrong with the driveline. Are the motors and shafts in line both vertically and horizontally? If you remove the couplings the shafts should be very free to spin if not remove the shaft from the tube and role it across a piece of glass, (the glass is very smooth) there should be no wobble or twitching a...  Posted: 17 hours ago

(Forum) Motors overheating by Thom (Seaman)
Thank you for the tips, Mark! I will check the amps tonight. The props are only 40mm - I didn't think these were too big for the motors, but I am very new to this. Would there be any benefit to trying to get more play in the prop shafts first or should I just look to replace the motors? I love the speed of these motors, just not the heating issue.   Posted: 21 hours ago

(Forum) Lesro stilleto by jarvo (Chief Petty Officer)
HI Mate Are you aware that Lesro is still in business, they are in Poole some ware, have a look on the modelshop web site for the address or try Regards Mark  Posted: 1 day ago
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