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Anchor Chain Wheel ( £0.95 GBP
(No Image)Anchor Chain Wheel. Available in white, grey or black, ...
castlegloom Newest Member!
12th Feb 2016
United Kingdom
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(No Image)Keep the sun glare off your eyes with these Model Boati...Want to advertise here?
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Latest Updates!

(Blog Response: MTGMB) MTGMB by DodgyGeezer (Sub-Lieutenant)
In that case you may be interested in this site, which has free plans for a 20" PT boat. The good things about it are: 1 - it's simple to make, designed for an 8 year old to be able to make themselves 2 - it's designed to be made in a bedroom, with few tools and little disturbance 3 - it's cheap, materials about £5 4 - it's realistic, so it will look good on the shelf 5 - it's fast, with lots ...  Posted: 6 hours ago

(Forum) newbie boat id question by bluestreak505 (Petty Officer)
The picture shows a Speedline CR1700 model that is supplied with a brushless motor and all the required parts except the battery and radio. I have built one and it performs exceptionally well.The kit costs £99 from Speedline models  Posted: 14 hours ago

(Blog Response: Dumas Chris Craft) Dumas Chris Craft by Schifty1 (Petty Officer)
HI Frank, Looks to me like a Chris Craft Corvette by Sterling. See this youtube link: The one picture that you posted is close, but would need more pics to be sure. There is a Dumas "commander express" but it only has 2 port windows not the 3 on your model. Enjoy Jeff  Posted: 14 hours ago

(Forum) Caldercraft 'Imara' Ready built RC Tug for sale by camyaj (Seaman)
Steve I sent him a pm a few days ago had no response yet  Posted: 19 hours ago

(Forum) newbie boat id question by Haverlock (Commander)
Well I dunno what it is or what the full sized was BUT the hardware you have is not going to perform well with high power. Have a look here at high performance hardware  Posted: 19 hours ago

(Forum) MERSEYSIDE MODEL BOAT ASSOCIATION by Flying-Flea (Sub-Lieutenant)
We are pleased to announce the formation of the "MERSEYSIDE MODEL BOAT ASSOCIATION" The association is made up of the following club LIVERPOOL MODEL BOAT CLUB HOYLAKE MODEL BOAT CLUB ST.HELENS MODEL BOAT CLUB CROSBY MODEL BOAT CLUB OWLS MODEL BOAT CLUB COLWYN BAY MODEL BOAT CLUB The first official Association Clubs "open-day" is at Liverpool Model Boat Club on the 17th April other dates...  Posted: 19 hours ago
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