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Mast 1/16th £4.50 GBP
(No Image)Roof Mast. Made from light weight plastic with a hinged...
Pjinline Newest Member!
17th Apr 2014
Flipper Powerboat Ki £45.00 GBP
(No Image)"Flipper" Power boat 18" The newest edition to our kit...Want to advertise here?
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11th May 2014 (1 Day Only)
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Alvaston Pirates Model Boat Club Grand Opening Day
11th May 2014 (1 Day Only)
22 days away
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On / Off switch for Brushless ESC's Uss Slater DD 766 Destroyer Escort Alvaston Pirates Model Boat Club Grand Opening Day
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Latest Updates!

(Forum) On / Off switch for Brushless ESC's by chrislang (Captain)
Hi Alan & Dave I rather suspected that might be the case. I've trialled them in my Rib and they do work well so I'll just have to find a way of making the battery access easier! Hope your beauty sleep wasn't to disturbed Dave Thanks again to you both Chris  Posted: 17 hours ago

(Blog Update: Uss Slater DD 766 Destroyer Escort) Uss Slater DD 766 Destroyer Escort by ptskipper (Chief Petty Officer)
Hello i'm building the 1/48th scale Uss Slater a very well preserved US Navy Destroyer Escort located in upstate New York .The model 78" in lenght and a 9" beam she's powered by two mega mig 12volt brushed motors,40 amp marine ESC, a harbor models sound board and 12 volt gel sealed battery  Posted: 22 hours ago

(Forum) On / Off switch for Brushless ESC's by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Hi Chris Alan has just woken me up! Apart from the brushless ESC's intended for car use on/off switches are not normally a feature of boat ESC's. I very much doubt if you could add such a switch as the electronics is mostly sealed and on a very small circuit board. It's possible that this is not fitted due to interference with the water cooling or the possibility of water causing irregular functio...  Posted: 23 hours ago

(Forum) On / Off switch for Brushless ESC's by AlanP (Fleet Admiral!)
Hi Chris, not sure that there is a low current side on a brushless ESC without going into the electronics of one, I just unplug the batteries on my fast electric boats. If you put a switch on the cables going to the battery it would have to be capable of taking the amps that the motor will pull. DaveM will probably give you more information as soon as he wakes up Alan  Posted: 24 hours ago

(Forum) On / Off switch for Brushless ESC's by chrislang (Captain)
Having just ventured into the esoteric world of Brushless I find that no On/Off switch is provided on the ESC. The Brushed versions that I have previously used have always had that facility and I'm wondering if it's possible to add a similar switch in the low current side of the circuitry. I'm running a Keda ThumRun 2826/26 Outrunner Brushless motor, with a Hobbywing Seaking 35A Brushless ESC. Th...  Posted: 1 day ago

(Event: 11th May 2014) Alvaston Pirates Model Boat Club Grand Opening Day by timgarrod (Sub-Lieutenant)
Evening All, We are proud to announce our Grand Opening Event on the 11th of May from 10am to 4pm. There will be displays from our club and other local clubs. Even our Captain will be making an appearance. For more information please visit  Posted: 1 day ago
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