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Rear Ladder for RAF £3.00 GBP
(No Image)Rear ladder for the RAF fire float. Made from 40% recyc...
baronburf Newest Member!
3rd Sep 2015
United Kingdom
Samson Post (Rounded £1.20 GBP
(No Image)Rounded Samson Post In 1/12th scale. 13mm base diameter...Want to advertise here?
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(Forum) Supression for a Monoperm Super 6V by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
HI cenbeth The monoperm motors are from an earlier age and whilst good in their day they were noisy electrically so suppression would be a good idea. Make sure you route the motor wiring from the battery and ESC to the motor as far away as possible from the Rx and the aerial wires. There is a diagram on our site at , its under All Things RC. The lugs ar...  Posted: 2 minutes ago

(Forum) M, Tronics by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
HI Damon Have you identified which sticks correspond to the numbers on your Rx? Until you identify which channel number on the Rx corresponds to the stick you have chosen on your Tx you will not be able to test the ESC further. I believe we have established that your Rx and Esc are receiving as both leds on the Esc flash then stay steady. Your rudder servo works so it should be simple to try each ...  Posted: 11 minutes ago

(Forum) M, Tronics by jarvo (Lieutenant)
If you are getting a lot of vibration from starting the motor, try looking at the U/J. if its one of the plastic one's they have been known in the past to be out of ballance, turn the plastic part end to end, this may help, or change the U/J completley  Posted: 19 minutes ago

(Forum) M, Tronics by Damon (Sub-Lieutenant)
The acceleration is left hand lever. I mount mind on small wooden frame for no reason other than piece of mind. I wouldn't use 11.1 in a boat probably power will shear motor out of hull. I use 4 MAX Purple Power 7.4-5000 mAh & that is more than enough power for what I use  Posted: 2 hours ago

(Forum) Does anyone know. . . . . . . . by Oldtimer (Chief Petty Officer)
Dear Nicola, There is no rush for the photos, given your present circumstances. I know from my own experiences, moving house is a pretty mental time for most people. I am quite happy for you to sort out your move, then get back to me. Priorities and all that! Cheers  Posted: 4 hours ago

(Forum) Does anyone know. . . . . . . . by Oldtimer (Chief Petty Officer)
Dear All, Thank you again, to all the people who have responded to my request for assistance re brushed motors and 2.4 and who have provided an empathic ear. It is good to know there is so much support out there for us "lesser mortals!" Cheers  Posted: 5 hours ago

(Forum) swordsman by andrewandrachel (Apprentice)
HI all I am looking for free plans for a swordsman or a huntsman boat aerokits _ veron ect? I do not want to buy off eBay has I had a fireboat from eBay and it was rubbish. There must be some one out there who can download one please. There are loads of aircraft plans out there but not many boats l think the aerokits_ veron plans should now be freely available like the old keil kraft plans are no...  Posted: 1 day ago

(Forum) Supression for a Monoperm Super 6V by cenbeth (Sub-Lieutenant)
I have a Monoperm Super which I wish to install as an auxillary motor in a sailing boat. I am using a 40 MHz radio. My question is in two parts, if I may: a) Does this need additional suppression, and b) How do I attach the capacitors. (I know two go between the terminals and the casing and one goes between the two terminals, but how do I attach them? The casing is factory painted. There ar...  Posted: 1 day ago

(Forum) M, Tronics by Haverlock (Sub-Lieutenant)
Under normal usages you shouldn't need to put rubber mounts on an electric motor. By their nature they are balanced and produce thrust with more than one impulse per revolution. If an electric motor setup is giving a lot of vibration start looking for the cause!  Posted: 1 day ago

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