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Samson Post (Square) £1.20 GBP
(No Image)Square Samson Post in 1:12 scale. 12x10mm base. 20mm he...
thegarncars Newest Member!
25th Aug 2016
United Kingdom
Cowl Vent (Small) (1 £0.95 GBP
(No Image)Cowl Vent. Available in white, grey or black, no need t...Want to advertise here?
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Latest Updates!

(Forum) How to clean the flash from white metal by figtree7nts (Fleet Admiral!)
Hi Haverlock Thanks, luckily I have a new Exacto and I also invested in a small files kit, who would know i\'d need them. Ed   Posted: 4 hours ago

(Forum) How to clean the flash from white metal by Haverlock (Admiral)
scalpel, files, wet and dry LOTS of care and patience. a scalpel will pare down white metal for heavier lumps files etc. no quick fix I know of sorry.   Posted: 6 hours ago

(Forum) PS Waverley by dwedge26 (Petty Officer)
Did you ever get your paddle steamer? I have a Graupner Glasgow ready you run £180  Posted: 7 hours ago

(Forum) Wanted Lifeboat by thegarncars (Apprentice)
Hi Glenn, I have a model slipway Trent (1:16th scale I believe) purchased in 1999 which I never got round to starting. Complete in box with gearboxes, motors and a couple of electronise esc\'s.  Posted: 9 hours ago

(Forum) How to clean the flash from white metal by figtree7nts (Fleet Admiral!)
How do you clean the flash from white metal without damaging the part or losing the details?  Posted: 9 hours ago

(Forum) Aeronaut Pilot Boat by figtree7nts (Fleet Admiral!)
Hi Steve Good Morning, and thank you for the advice. I will keep this in mind when i get my pilot boat. I know that some times the metal plate on steel boats show a lines, all i can say about your boat is it has extra details of plating, I like the way your boats coming out, looks good. As for my push boat I had a problem with Ingress but I have resolved it, with a little extra glue! E...  Posted: 15 hours ago
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