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Life Ring 1/16th £2.00 GBP
(No Image)Life Ring 1/16th. Made in white with orange segments, o...
rossbuchanan Newest Member!
30th Jun 2015
Rear Ladder for RAF £3.00 GBP
(No Image)Rear ladder for the RAF fire float. Made from 40% recyc...Want to advertise here?
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(Event: 7th Jun 2015) Alvaston Pirates Model Boat Club Regatta by timgarrod (Sub-Lieutenant)
here's our the photos from our regatta, enjoy  Posted: 1 day ago

(Forum) Spray rails by Peter501 (Petty Officer)
Hi Dave Thanks for taking the time to reply to my query, yes you are correct I will be using a brushless 2200 C3 Lipo so not a lot of weight. Your advise will be used and I will now add spray rails I did think it would be the case but always a second opinion is always nice. Your Sea Queen looks a beautiful boat and has been on my "list" ever since one of our club members at Bury built...  Posted: 2 days ago

(Forum) Paddle wheeler lists by Trillium (Sub-Lieutenant)
Thanks to everyone for their input. For those of you who may have been intrigued (or bored) by this discussion, I have more information. Today I ran the tug with both paddle wheels clutched together and synchronised, in other words, paddles on both sides were entering the water at the same time when on an even keel. The water on the pond was almost flat calm, with no wind. Under these conditions ...  Posted: 2 days ago

(Power Setup) Al Khubar by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
[Score: 10/10] 32" Al Khubar Capable of 7mph and a runtime of 90mins Geared Powered by Lead Acid (6v) 7Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Action (10Amps) ESC - Comments: Built from the Model Slipway Kit. Very manouverable with twin steerable Kortz Nozzles.  Posted: 2 days ago

(Forum) Spray rails by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Hi Pete My Sea Queen needed spay rails along both sides of the hull at the top of the chines. As it is a Les Rowell kit I suspect yours will suit the same. If lkike me you are using brushless with light batteries the model will be floating much higher than when designed in the 60's and as a result there is much more spray produced. Dave  Posted: 2 days ago

(Forum) How to sail yachts by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Hi Colin Not rocket science, very simple really. There will be a rudder servo and some form of winch to pull in and release the sails via cords, one for the mainsail and one for the jib. Winches can be either of the arm type or use a drum. Basic designs usually use a simple elongated arm on a powerful servo. Control is simply use of the rudder to control direction and use of the winch to control t...  Posted: 2 days ago
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