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Samson Post (Rounded £1.20 GBP
(No Image)Rounded Samson Post in 1:12 scale. 13mm base diameter. ...
hollowshore Newest Member!
25th Nov 2015
United Kingdom
Samson Post (Square) £1.00 GBP
(No Image)Square Samson Post in 1:16 scale. 9x7mm base. 14mm heig...Want to advertise here?
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Latest Updates!

(Photo Gallery Response: fireboats) RAF Rescue by maclegends (Apprentice)
You didn't throw the engine away did you ?? I might buy it if you've still got it and it is not a total wreck Cheers Mike  Posted: 1 day ago

(Photo Gallery Response: fireboats) Kitshack R.A.F. Rescue launch by sigfortunata (Seaman)
Indeed Dave, charger, batteries, alarms and charging bag on order!! Sadly although my ESC's (tamiya TBLE02's) are Lipo compatible research says their cut off limit may be too low so fitting the alarms too as a fail safe. hoping to get some video once its running consistently.  Posted: 2 days ago

(Photo Gallery Response: fireboats) RAF Rescue by petercbrown (Sub-Lieutenant)
You must be proud of the result - a cracking model!  Posted: 2 days ago

(Photo Gallery Response: fireboats) RAF Rescue by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Two nice examples. Just goes to show that bargains are still to be found, and with time, skill and effort can be restored.   Posted: 2 days ago

(Photo Gallery Response: fireboats) Kitshack R.A.F. Rescue launch by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Really fine looking model. The detail really adds to the finished model. Glad to hear you have chosen to go for smaller motors and props. The weight saving will really have improved the performance, and LiPos will make it sparkle. If your ESC(s) do not have some sort of cut off for low volts I suggest you fit a warning device to the LiPo to prevent over discharge. Be good to see the model running on the water! Dave   Posted: 2 days ago

(Photo Gallery: fireboats) Kitshack R.A.F. Rescue launch by sigfortunata (Seaman)
A few pics of my partly scratch build RTTL from Kitshack. Picked this up from Ebay as a first kit. Has a few printed balsa hullparts but lots of templates to cut out. Plans also show lots of topside details. Powered orignally by 2 MFA 500's and 2 7.2 NiMH with 35mm props, OK but run time poor. Complete change, 2 400's and downsized to 25mm props, much better run time and good on the plane. Next upgrade is to LiPo batteries. Next build is likely to be an Aerokits Sea Hornet or Sea Breeze.  Posted: 2 days ago
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