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Latest Updates!

(Forum) Diagonal planking by davidjt (Sub-Lieutenant)
hi, as dave m says, you will defiantly need to steam the planks, I had to on all my builds no other way of getting them to shape. I have a piece of plastic waste pipe and plug one end then pour boiling water in leave for 5 mins then gently bend to shape. davidjt  Posted: 39 minutes ago

(Forum) First Boat--First Project -- Sea Queen Restoration by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
This is the usual place where the skins separate. Looks like the engine mount were through the outer bottom skin. Might be easier to cut out in the engine bay and fit new ply. You could add a stringer to the rib frames and keel to provide a good glue point. I would expect the rest of the clean up will be much easier than the engine bay, although the stern may have suffered where the exhaust exited...  Posted: 13 hours ago

(Forum) Diagonal planking by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Looks like the sides are fairly flat but probably curve out towards the deck. The bow is almost certainly a curve and the lower part is probably concave. Using diagonal planks in these areas will enable you to fashion the required shapes as you can use the wood grain to allow for curves in slightly different angles. Two thinner planks will be easier to work and I suspect the end result will be wel...  Posted: 13 hours ago

(Forum) Diagonal planking by cenbeth (Sub-Lieutenant)
Yes, a range safety launch.  Posted: 14 hours ago

(Forum) Diagonal planking by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Just looked on line. Is it similar to RSL (Range Safety Launch) 1654? Dave  Posted: 15 hours ago

(Forum) Diagonal planking by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Is the plan on-line, as you mention text? Dave  Posted: 15 hours ago

(Photo Gallery Response: lifeboats) Arun Class Lifeboat by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
HI baloo Yes this was a picture as received. I did start to build and there is a build blog on this site. I ran into problems with the hull painting and put the model aside to finish later. I did several mods to the deck and superstructure to make the detail correct and at some time I will restart restoration. I will use the correct numbers once I settle on the particular boat I will model. Thanks...  Posted: 15 hours ago

(Forum) Diagonal planking by cenbeth (Sub-Lieutenant)
HI Dave It the Range Safety Launch. Edward  Posted: 15 hours ago

(Forum) Diagonal planking by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
What model are you building? Is it from a plan? It is difficult to give specific advice that holds good for all types of model. Dave  Posted: 15 hours ago

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