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Samson Post (Rounded £1.00 GBP
(No Image)Rounded Samson Post in 1/16th scale. 9mm base diameter,...
bluenose Newest Member!
28th May 2015
United Kingdom
Search Light 1/16th £2.50 GBP
(No Image)Search light. This lamp is 20mm in diameter and has a 2...Want to advertise here?
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(Forum) The best small racing yacht? by Robo177 (Seaman)
Thanks Dave   Posted: 6 hours ago

(Forum) The best small racing yacht? by Dave M (Fleet Admiral!)
Hi Robbo177 If you want to race with your club members then you will need a IOM. I have a Dragon Force 65 and find it sails really well and is easily transported fully rigged. Performance is comparable with other yachts in our club and its fun to sail. Four members now sail Dragons. Another member has a Micro Magic and is happy with its performance, but it is a tad on the small size for our lake....  Posted: 7 hours ago

(Forum) The best small racing yacht? by Robo177 (Seaman)
Hi, I'm in the process of buying a small RC yacht to sail. I like the Victoria, Dragon Force & Micro Magic but there are others to choose! All the yachties in my club sail IOMs or bigger so they aren't really of help! Has anyone got experiences of any of the above or could give good informed opinions as to which is the best buy? I have a transmitter etc ready to go.  Posted: 1 day ago

(Blog Update: Edward M.Cotter Fire-boat ) May 2015 Edward M Cotter's model maiden voyage by GARTH (Sub-Lieutenant)
Yesterday evening Model made it's first water tryouts and worked O/K & didn't sink That's all folks .   Posted: 1 day ago

(Photo Gallery Response: lifeboats) R.N.L.B. Lady MacRobert (Montrose Lifeboat) by larryshaw48 (Chief Petty Officer)
Not done a 'blog' But my Solent also started off as an 'Aerokits' kit back in '79 or 80'. It was always an ever changing model and has ended up as true scale as I can get it using the drawings I bought from RNLI drawing office in Poole a few years ago. I gave it a fake number 48-021 to cover any mistakes if compared to a real life boat. I've sailed it across the Blackwater estuary in Essex from Bradwell and I can honestly say it was the first craft in Burnham-on-Crouch Marina when they let the water through in (about) '88 or '89. After donating my old home made RCME 27meg system to the Mid Tha...  Posted: 1 day ago

(Photo Gallery Response: lifeboats) R.N.L.B. Lady MacRobert (Montrose Lifeboat) by cenbeth (Sub-Lieutenant)
Hi larryshaw48, Have you done a blog on this by any chance? It sounds like it would be interesting. Edward  Posted: 1 day ago
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