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Samson Post (Square) £1.20 GBP
(No Image)Square Samson Post in 1/12th scale. 12x10mm base, 20mm ...
Mwest77 Newest Member!
31st Jan 2015
United Kingdom
Loud Hailer 1/16th £3.00 GBP
(No Image)Loud Hailer 1/16th scale. High quality grey plastic, or...Want to advertise here?
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Latest Updates!

(Forum) Precedent Huntsman 461/2 inch by jarvo (Lieutenant)
Hi Glyn Just realized that yours is the 46". The insulation idea might be to small, if you can try the N Guage piece of rail might be more in scale and will harden the top of the screen from casual damage. Regards Mark  Posted: 35 seconds ago

(Forum) Robbe Dusseldorf by ColinJ (Sub-Lieutenant)
Thanks Alan. With this kit you get some pullies I'm assuming these are to rotate the three Hydrants,the only problem is you don't get any fitting information in the build instructions about the water pump or the pullies. Colin  Posted: 29 minutes ago

(Blog Response: Director class tug) Hull progress by hammer (Captain)
I just love model paddlers. I have 2 both scratch built & steam driven.   Posted: 1 hour ago

(Forum) Precedent Huntsman 461/2 inch by restin (Petty Officer)
Hi Mark, Thanks for those ideas, the insulation sounds promising. This forum is a mine of info, its good to talk to others with similar interests. Regards Glyn  Posted: 10 hours ago

(Forum) Thames Barge "Kitty" by Rockbag (Chief Petty Officer)
Thanks Bob, will post a video when available. Ian  Posted: 12 hours ago

(Photo Gallery: yachts) Blackjack by Northumbrian (Sub-Lieutenant)
with the paint job done just waiting for the new sails mast & booms then just a case of rigging up and down to the lake for her maiden voyage  Posted: 15 hours ago
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