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28th Jul 2014
United Kingdom
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Liverpool Club Anniverary Fun Day
3rd Aug 2014 (1 Day Only)
2 days away
The Model Boat Convention, Haydock Park Race Course
23rd Aug 2014 - 24th Aug 2014
22 days away
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125ft 1st Class Torpedo Boat, 1885
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Liverpool Club Anniverary Fun Day
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125ft 1st Class Torpedo Boat, 1885 Billing Boats- Royal Navy Lifeboat 101 Newbie advice
Latest Updates!

(Photo Gallery Response: tugboats) Sun XXI by tduggan (Petty Officer)
I like the colour the tug is an excellent tug  Posted: 22 hours ago

(Photo Gallery Response: tugboats) oakgarth ,doug the tug and a small seaport tug by tduggan (Petty Officer)
keep up the good work cheers and I do like the test tank  Posted: 22 hours ago

(Forum) fireboat update by shavings (Lieutenant)
Hi Alan have just finished my monitirs and I used 5 min epoxy but thinking about it superglue would do as well. Nice looking monitors, nearly as good as min lol Go well Roger  Posted: 22 hours ago

(Event: 26th Jul 2014 - 27th Jul 2014) Rawdon Model Boat Club Open weekend by zippy (Chief Petty Officer)
I went over to Rawdon for there open weekend on Sunday, I think I chose the best day because it was 34 deg on the Saturday. I was greeted with a very friendly welcome and some of our members from Claro Marine Modelers where already there . I was just in time to grab one of the last Cheese Burgers and very nice it was too After lunch I powered up my Swordsman 26 for a quick squirt around th...  Posted: 22 hours ago

(Forum) Adding to build blogs by Nickthesteam (Sub-Lieutenant)
Hi all, I have just started a build blog for a 125ft torpedo boat. Can anyone explain how to add to it? There does not seem to be provision to add more photographs.....  Posted: 22 hours ago

(Blog Response: Edmund Gardner Liverpool Pilot Boat) Edmund Gardner Liverpool Pilot Boat by shavings (Lieutenant)
Really great looking model and unusual as well keep posting cant wait to see the next instalment! go well Roger  Posted: 22 hours ago
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