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Deck Ladder (1:16 Sc £3.00 GBP
(No Image)Deck ladder made from 40% recycled wood with a binding ...
wolffoot Newest Member!
24th Jun 2016
United States
Life Ring (1:16 Scal £2.00 GBP
(No Image)Life Ring, made in white with orange segments, orange w...Want to advertise here?
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(Video Gallery Response) Tugboat Serenity by figtree7nts (Admiral)
Hi Bill, I sent you a Message! Ed  Posted: 5 hours ago

(Forum) Aeronaut Pilot Boat by figtree7nts (Admiral)
Hi Steve, well I for one hope everything work out! Your model yawl looks outstanding! I was admiring it on one of the other threads. and yes I will definitely be comparing notes with you! question what motors and controllers will you be using? Ed  Posted: 5 hours ago

(Forum) Aeronaut Pilot Boat by cormorant (Sub-Lieutenant)
Hi Ed Sorry for not realising you lived in the States, I'm still in shock about the fact that half the population of this country have voted to leave the E.U. ! Just hope it doesn't all end in tears. I'm sure you will enjoy the project. Perhaps we can compare notes in due course? The Pilot Boat is my first venture into electric power. I have attached a couple of pics of a project that I have j...  Posted: 12 hours ago

(Video Gallery Response) Tugboat Serenity by wolffoot (Apprentice)
I am new to this site & have to figure out how to post a pic . Here is my email address: (Email Removed - PM Only) . Send me an email and I will try to return some pics of my tug ,or I can than send you links to my FACEBOOK club page or my personal page,where I have lots of pics ......... Bill  Posted: 13 hours ago

(Forum) Aeronaut Pilot Boat by figtree7nts (Admiral)
Hi Steve, Thank for the review! I'm going to send for the kit from CMB I emailed them about how much would be the shipping. see I'm here in the states and I don't know of any model stores in my area that might carry the aeronaut pilot boat! it looks like a fun project I'm hoping to get mine in a few weeks! thanks again for sharing the picture. now I know what I'll be up against looks like fun an...  Posted: 13 hours ago

(Video Gallery Response) Tugboat Serenity by figtree7nts (Admiral)
Hi Wolffoot, Yes it the plastic hull which I think is ok kind of! Thanks I love my tugboat I renamed it after my grand daughter Serenity! I actually like the performance of the boat at 12Volts as apposed to 6Volts! one question can you take a picture of your tugboat so I can see her? kind of just to compare notes if you will! Come to think of it I wish I would have been able to get the fiberglass ...  Posted: 15 hours ago
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