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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > AEROKITS 46" FIREBOAT.........A TROUBLED PROJECT
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Author: Flying-Flea   Posts: 6   Photos: 14   Subscribers: 4   Views: 4200   Responses: 19   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
AEROKITS 46" FIREBOAT.......A TROUBLED PROJECT - Posted: 12th Feb 2014
Well starting to get there all the skins are on the hull, and the bow has been filled with Balsa block....I am hoping that this method has worked It looks like It has.
May not post for a while....but you never know.


Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Next came the power train, this Is 2 800watt brushless motors, mounted on watercooled motormounts, 2 x 60amp Seaking ESC's. It was decided that fitting the prop shafts, motors, rudders would be easier before the side skins were fitted...this advice came from fellow club mate Les Harvey and how right he was..( me being a Aeromodeller for 50 years I am still learning about boat building)
Also a chat with the late Peter Henshaw he convinced me to use flush water scoops, as opposed to the original brass tube type.
Hopefully the pictures tell the story, bytheway the plasticine was used to make the wedges , and though the picture shows a fexible coupling, I made a solid coupling to get the shafts lined up.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 12th Feb 2014
HI Alan
What diameter shaft have you used?
Response by AlanP on the 12th Feb 2014
I bit of forward thinking on your part Mike, bush In the centre 👍

Dave, 4mm shafts are what I use, If you are referring to the flexing shafts, they where not In a fireboat, It was a fishing boat, so don't worry 😁

Response by Flying-Flea on the 12th Feb 2014
HI Guys
I have used 5mm shafts on the Fireboat, did use 4mm shaft In a Mantis and the brushless motor shook the thing to bits.
So Its 5mm shafts from now on.

Well on closer Inspection of the bottom skins due to IC fuel attacking the plywood It was starting to de-laminate, I had 2 options patch or fit completely new skins. After much soul searching I decided to go for option 2 "new skins" It was of with the skins 😱
Having removed the skins other problems came to light, namely the chine stringers were not fitted well by the original builder. So It was of with the stringers 😟
Next having checked the rest of the hull and on further Investigation the original keel was not In good condition, this been attacked by IC engine fuel so It was down for replacement...the advantage of this was It could be made In one piece, not like the original which was In 2 pieces.
After all that...the new skins were replaced the only thing different from the original the skins finished at the 1st bulkhead. As I am going to use Balsa block for the bow. With the bottom skins on It was time to look at fitting the prop shafts, rudders and motors.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 11th Feb 2014
HI Mike
Looks like you have solved the problem. My restoration keel has similar misplaced stringers which will need replacing. Must have been a difficult part of the build for most builders of Aerokits. As I have to remove the central prop shaft on my model I may well follow your example and fit a new keel.
At this rate you will have solved all the problems before I start my restoration. 😀 👍 👍
Response by AlanP on the 11th Feb 2014
Can't be much left of the original now, just the bulkheads and the cabin sides, a proper restoration 👍

Response by Flying-Flea on the 11th Feb 2014
HI Dave and Alan
Well you are both right apart from the bulkheads and cabin sides etc., but as I what to keep the FireBoat I think the work I will have done worth It In the long run.
With all the original paint removed, the flaws In the hull are to be seen, were the patches of paint have not come off, after the hull had been sanded. The next stage was to attack the engine room, as mentioned this was originally IC powered boat....and the only way to do this was with a "hammer and chisel".. 😈
Having taken out the motor mount....this Is when this project became a "Troubled Project".... 😭

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 9th Feb 2014
As original IC Aerokit restorations go this Isn't that bad. Is the wood In the engine bay solid or spongy? Providing Its not the latter It should be OK depending on the level of detail you Intend to Incorporate Into your model.
I suggest you remove all of the remaining bits of paint as It will play havoc with whatever you choose to do with the hull.
Many restorations cover the hull with fiberglass cloth, Is this your Intention? Single or dual prop/rudder also needs to be considered before you get to that stage. My part built (not yet skinned) fireboat Is awaiting space so am Interested to see how you progress 😀
Response by Flying-Flea on the 9th Feb 2014
HI Dave
Thanks for the advice, and without giving to much away as this rebuild has been going on for sometime all be It a bit slow...all will be revealed over the coming days... 😀

Well the first job was to remove the original paint work, normally this would have been done with the good old paint remover "Nitromors" which works well but can be very messy....but after an e-mail from a fellow club member he recommended this first I thought It to be a "bit of a joke".
Anyway after a bit of Internet research...he was right...the stuff Is Fairy Power Spray, and can be found In most Supermarkets, Its expensive but Its very user friendly, and It does not smell.
I all I use 3 bottles of the stuff and cost me £10.50.
Having got the original paint off a few flaws In the hull showed up but at this stage nothing to worry about....HOW WRONG WAS I... 😭

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
AEROKITS 46" FIREBOAT.........A TROUBLED PROJECT - Posted: 8th Feb 2014
This project started In November 2012, after spotting this on Ebay, my daughter bought for me as a birthday present. Picture was taken on Its arrival and to be honest It looked fine and first thoughts were encouraging.

It was felt that with a repaint (removal of the original paint first) and some rework of the engine bay. It had been I.C. powered originally, and some other reworking It would be a pretty easy short "project"



Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by pmdevlin on the 9th Feb 2014
welcome Mike! Mine Is In the build blogs, I duplicated the build on here to motivate me to get on with It, as I got to a point last year where I got fed up looking at It, I hope the same happens to you and It gets finished for this summer 👍

I think I need new motors to cure my speed Issue, they were only cheap, and the original plan with Peter was to see If the set up would work, prob need to bite the bullet now and spend more money!

Response by AlanP on the 9th Feb 2014
HI Mike, I will be at the Ellesmere boat show on the Saturday morning, so I will come and give your boat a good coat of looking at 😁

Response by Flying-Flea on the 9th Feb 2014
Thanks Paul.....I hope I don't have the same motor problem, mine are similar to yours... 😯

Looking to have It In the water In March for a test on the motor set-up....then hopefully "full steam ahead to the finish"