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Fairey Huntsman 31 Print Booklet
Author: padlad   Posts: 4   Photos: 13   Subscribers: 4   Views: 7139   Responses: 10   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Fairey Huntsman 31 - Posted: 25th Aug 2014
I have now fitted the screen. Bit tricky! I decided to try some faux window lead I had to fix the screen and use for sashes. I carefully scored the sticky back side of the strip to allow me to fold It to 90 deg..ish. It worked an absolute treat and looks really well (see pic). I formed, soldered and fitted the front rail using a minI gas torch to solder. They are great. Finished off the other bits and pieces and made side and front fenders from some rag remnants rolled up and covered with strips of floor cloths (£1!). Looks ok. Took It to Coniston Water for trials. Think It did ok. Have posted a video on Youtube (Can't seem to embed It on this site). Now what next?

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by padlad on the 14th Oct 2016
I still have the plans for the above boat. You can have them if you wish. I will need an address and post code. Cheers Paddy
Response by bocaj on the 15th Oct 2016
No worries, thanks for that Paddy have sent you PM.
Response by DennisRobotham on the 18th Oct 2016
Very smart looking boat, like the paint scheme. I have a Huntsman that I am in the process of refurbishing, can you tell me what you used and where you obtained the main windscreen trim in chrome...looks brill.
Fairey Huntsman 31 - Posted: 12th Aug 2014
I built and fitted the top structure and drilled through for the propshaft and rudder. Fitted the prop sleeve and spray painted the hull and structure (see pic), I did It In maroon and white coz I couldn't paint It blue being a Man U fan, although my rugby team, Barrow Raiders, (and that's an oxymoron after last season!) do play In blue! Next I sprayed the window frames aluminium and fitted them with the plastic panes using Formula '560' Canopy glue which dries clear, along with the hatches and air vents. I also fitted all the RC Equip, motor, prop & shaft, servo etc. after giving the Interior 2 coats of z-poxy finishing resin to waterproof It. I'm using a 12v lead battery, 50mm prop and MFA Torpedo 850 Marine Electric Motor. I tried It In the bath for trim and It sits just grand!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Fairey Huntsman 31 - Posted: 1st Aug 2014
After fitting the skins, I added the deck before the transom. The transom was a nightmare to get right. I had to cut back the frame to get It to fit correctly. I then spent time getting cabin Insert to fit really well to ensure that the further build would cause no problems. It was worth the time. I then fit the stringers to the hull after finding the correct position off pictures on the net. I then gave the hull a coat of acrylic primer. The deck was planked with 4mm x 1mm mahogany strip and "washed" with 2 coats of thinned down acrylic to give a treated ash effect. I then applied 8 thin coats of yacht varnish.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Fairey Huntsman 31 - Posted: 1st Aug 2014
This Is my first attempt at building a model kit. I am probably re-capturing my childhood when, as I can remember (1960s!), the owner of the local model shop used to run IC driven boats on our local canal. I promised myself that one day I would do the same.

I picked the Precedent Huntsman because aesthetically It seemed to meet my personal perception of how a pleasure cruiser should look and "ride".

So off I go. I am definitely on the bottom end of a loooooooooong learning curve"

I bought the kit from Cornwall Model Boats. Their price seemed the best.

I set off building the frame as per plans. It seemed a bit flimsy so I added extra strengthening strips to each outer joint (see pic).

I continued as per Instructions, they are very scant In their content. Managed to get the skins on after a struggle. Made a "Heath Robinson" affair to pull front end In to attain profile (see pic), this turned out to be well worth It as It looked "right".

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by shavings on the 2nd Aug 2014
HI Padlad, like you I too am having a late start at model boating and enjoying every moment. The Huntsman looks really good but beware model boats are addictive and one Is never enough!