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Aerokits Fast Patrol Print Booklet
Author: Robert   Posts: 35   Photos: 73   Subscribers: 1   Views: 8951   Responses: 9   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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August 5th - Posted: 6th Aug 2008
OK, the build Is pretty much done now. All I really need to do Is add a flag and registered port.

I have just come back from the pond and had a "blast". Dare I say It but Its "Even more fun than my Sea Queen". What I mean Is that Its quick, more agile, turns on a sixpence and fits In the car.

I pleased to say that the rear spray rails worked well and there was not a drop of water In the boat.


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Stonemonkey on the 10th May 2012
HI Robert,
Have you any pictures of your Sea Queen? I have been wanting one of those for years!
Response by Robert on the 11th May 2012
There are a few pics and video of my Sea Queen here and on RC Groups:

Pictures 7th May 2008 >> Link directly

Video 29th Nov 2008

Response by larrywhetton on the 11th May 2012
HI stonemonkey
Have look at build related page scratch build sea queen ,
Its a big boat and a lot of timber but a easy build
and goes together quite easy I have built In a few mods of my own will have a jubilee colour paint job for the up and coming events have look at build more pictures on the way ... Larry..
August 1st Update - Posted: 2nd Aug 2008
You may just be able to see the spray rails 1/4" x 1/4" approx 8" long just above the water line at the back of the boat. Just hope they are long enough to keep the rear deck spray free. On close examination of the Sea Trial photos the water can be seen streaming up the side of the boat at the back and pouring off the end of the rub rails.

Hull painted, just spray cans. The deck was finished with 4 coats of Nelsons brush on clear coat. I wet sanded between each coat & Its very nice and much better than the deck on my Sea Queen.

Most of the fittings In place. I have a plastic searchlight for the cabin roof but I'm not sure If It will be worth the trouble as Its plastic and looks very delicate.

Undecided with regard to the deck at the back of the boat as Its only about 3/4" wide. Ideally Its where the rear cleat should go but Its also where I'd fit my rear flag pole. It will be one or the other.

The "Police" graphics were a custom cut by Callie Graphics. Unfortunately I screwed up on the one for the stern as the smaller letters for the registered port (Southampton) "jumped" on to the boat before I was ready and were not horizontal. I was unable to peel them off & re-apply so they were lost. I may re-order.

My big problem now, Is how to attach my life belts. I may end up just putting four little pads behind each one & glue In place.

Wiring has now been updated, capacitors fitted to motor.

Glazing still to be Installed.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by greybeards on the 26th Nov 2016
nicely done,good clean lines,very well made....cheers
Sea Trials Continued - Posted: 20th Jul 2008
Sea Trials Cont'

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Sea Trials - Posted: 20th Jul 2008
Here are some pics of the "Sea Trials". The boat only has epoxy primer on the hull and the decks are covered with tape to protect the deck planking.
The object Is to establish the c of g and water line.

Looks like I need to build a platform In the rear to locate the batteries.

Here Is the shocker, after being pleasantly suprised by the performance, I suspect that the batteriy's were pretty low with only 1.2V per cell. fully charged they should be around 1.4, so that means I was getting this performance with 2V less than Intended !!!!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
July 15th - Ooops ! - Posted: 15th Jul 2008
After applying two coats of epoxy primer and one coat of conventional primer I dropped It fully laden Into the water to establish my waterline.

The boat sits a lot lower than I would have expected, so much so that the end of the prop tube Is below the water line & the top of the rudder tube must be pretty close.

I removed one of the 6V packs and the back of the boat came up to a respectable level but the front was still very low, no doubt due to the weight of the motor and the length of the g-box shaft pushing the weight too far forward.

At this point I think It would be foolish to proceed as Is & something drastic needs to be done to re-work the hardware configuration.

If you look at the photos the bottom edge of the blue tape Is approx on the water line.


Attached Photos - Click To View Large
July 10th - Posted: 10th Jul 2008
Both rub rails now In place.

Decks sanded and "polished" with Scotchbrite.
Time to start thinking about primer painting the hull, then clear coat over the decks

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
July 9th - Posted: 9th Jul 2008
Well the planking finally arrived about a couple of weeks ago but I have been away on vacation.

The planking 8mm x 1mm Lime wood has been glued down with some slow CA. Some of the thin tapered outer edge strips have shown a tendency to flake / splinter under sanding. To protect this I am In the process of adding a rub rail to the top edge of the deck.

I have seen pictures of another FPB where the bow wave was rising pretty high up the side skins. If this Is the case with mine, hopefully the rub rail will also act as a bit of a spray rail.

Two dummy engine exhausts have been added to the transom.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
June 5th - Posted: 5th Jun 2008
Still awaiting the arrival of my deck planks. According to the supplier they went Into the post April 22nd. When I spoke to the supplier last week they have been declared "lost" and another despatch sent.

In the meantime progress has been very slow. I have top coated the cabins, made some life rings & have some hull rub rails In a bending jig.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
May 14th - Posted: 16th May 2008
I'm still waiting for the deck planking to arrive. Without It I can't add the hull rub rail or the ply skin to the transom to finish the hull.

I have decided that It would be less tricky to paint the cabin sides first and then fit the decking along side. That way I shouldn't get any paint drips on It.

Work on the first primer coat has started. I'm using Nelson's water soluble epoxy and applying with a sponge / brush

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
May 8th - Posted: 8th May 2008
Since the last post I have completed the basic construction of the forward cabin. This Includes an Interlocking mast that's made out of a combination of ply and spruce. To help secure the mast I glued some spruce blocks to the underside of the cabin roof & drilled though the mast legs, roof sheeting & Into the blocks with a fine drill and pin vice. A short length of piano wire was then pushed Into the hole and epoxied In place. My thinking Is that this Is less likely to split the wooden leg than using a screw from the underside.

Handrails have been fabricated, again from spruce and epoxied In place. The first coat of stain has been applied to the hand rails.

The removable rear deck provides access to the rudder servo but being a featureless piece of wood was difficult to remove some some detail was added that could be used to grab hold of and help removal. The detail comprised of two sets of steps and an Inspection hatch.

The hull has been given a provisional fill & sand but work on the project Is pretty much at a standstill and maybe this way for another two weeks. I had ordered some lime planking for the decks over two weeks ago. When chasing up on the order earlier this week I have been Informed that Its out of stock and I'll have to wait. Untill I receive It I can't finish the hull / add the rub rails...

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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