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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > New competition in SK and CZ rep.
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New competition in SK and CZ rep. Print Booklet
Author: Othello   Posts: 4   Photos: 12   Subscribers: 2   Views: 1566   Responses: 4   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Kiel and shaft hole - Posted: 11th Mar 2016
The kiel still in one piece is complletly cutted and sanded. Two pieces of support parts for kiel and shaft hole must be glued together with kiel sequentially. For first must be glued support on one side, then must be cutted out the hole for shaft. After that can be glued on place the second support from other side of the kiel. After drying can be the hole ajusted for the shaft. Please do not glue the shaft in the kiel in this time.
The same procedure is used for rudder shaft.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 20th Apr 2016
You are a true craftsmen, thanks for sharing! 👍
Response by manyboats on the 24th Jan 2017
Your post inspired me to build one. Have just cut out the frames for this one from the pdf files. Will make it as a simple RC craft for our club steering competitions. I've drawn up the rest of the plan in Illustrator using a capture from the plans on the page you mentioned. Will therefore be keeping an eye on your progress, so long as you keep posting.
First step...smel of wood - Posted: 11th Mar 2016
many guys use parts cutted by plasma cutter or CNC miller. For old timers like me is the best the fret saw. For transfering of lines from plans on plywood I use the copies of plan maded with laser copy maschine. I put it on the plywood with the lined side and then with iron I melt the printer collor and transfer the lines on the plywood. I stard with cutting of the kiel rib which is maded from four parts.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
hurey to work... - Posted: 18th Sep 2015
For first this challenge was preparet for new and young modellers. As you can see on attached plans, the construction of this boat is pretty simple. For more interest is possible to chosse from three super structures. Till September we just prepare beginers for building with explanations about constructions and material. From first of September we start with building. First thing was re-drawing of some parts in plans. Model is drawed like model for EX500 class. That means, its not a radio controled model.
We re-draw all ribs and kiel in sketchup which must be prepared for rudder servo and rc components.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
New competition in SK and CZ rep. - Posted: 18th Sep 2015
I dont know why , I dont how but this year at start of May I start with my friends a challenge or competition if you want. The point is to build a motor yacht named ALICA. Comapny which sale the plans make 20% rabat so it was perfect timing for this competition.
Here some pics of construction plans...

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by cenbeth on the 18th Sep 2015
Nice idea! Where were the plans from and what size boat? What decides the winner?
Response by Othello on the 18th Sep 2015
The plans you can order here: [url]
PDF format of hull parts you find here:
Boat is just 50 cm long.
The price for the winner ... 💭 for the first the new RC boat .... realy in this time I dont think about some price but ... 😉