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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Thorneycroft 72 'MTB (Vic Speed)
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Thorneycroft 72 'MTB (Vic Speed) Print Booklet
Author: hallettoil   Posts: 1   Photos: 0   Subscribers: 1   Views: 759   Responses: 11   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Thorneycroft 72 'MTB (Vic Speed) - Posted: 2nd Jul 2016
Where do I start...
More years ago than I can recall, I built the above 36" long. Then work and life took over and eventually retirement arrived and my thoughts went back to model boats.

Thinking that 36" would look good as 72"... I dug out the old plans and "fiddled about" and I've built the hull...but what about the engine. I had a newish hedge cutter (am breaker) with a two stoke air cooled...and yes...... installed it in the hull with the idea of ...well I'll leave it there as in the meantime.... moved to North Wales and IS there a pond to sail it when it's finished????

There was a lake at Telford that accommodated IC's but can't find one up here.

Any suggestions or do I nick the starter motor and battery off the car and bolt it in?
Response by boaty on the 29th Sep 2016

Regarding New Brighton and Hoylake , both lakes are no go for I.C. There is a very large lake in Gautby Road , Birkenhead, 😀 where I.C boats can sail.

Before using Gautby Road, check it out with the Birkenhead Club as they also have a yachting section which also uses the lake.

Regards Boaty
Response by onetenor on the 29th Sep 2016
thanks boatyI only just remembered Gautby Road this morning Uncle used to take us or the nanny did .Uncle owned Jonse's ( JONIES ) newsagents on Duke St so it wasn't far to go
Response by hallettoil on the 29th Sep 2016
Guess I have to scrap the I/C idea and go electric. It's not just a long way to Tipperary but Birkenhead a fair hop too.

Just how many amps I need remains to be seen BUT the bonus is..... 3 motors as per the original :-)

I too still have the remains of the 36", the first one built as a kid got scrapped... so I built another for my kid and it's just about alive. This "big un" is mine now I have re-discovered my youth.

Move over ducks 😡