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Author: aeromodeller   Posts: 2   Photos: 0   Subscribers: 0   Views: 361   Responses: 9   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
photos and measurements - Posted: 27th Feb 2017
size length 34" beam 10.1/2"inchs photos to follow
cabin cruiser - Posted: 27th Feb 2017
This lady in church asked me if I could finish her dad,s boat, as am a aeromodeller thought I would have a go, having a spare skysport transmitter ,servos and things etc but when she brought it in was surprised how big it was. So first thing I was make a stand.that was a year ago now she says can you do it for this May. So the heat is on put it in my bath to see if its watertight ,there was some water in the forepeak area and the keel ply is split so intend to glue and clamp it . next job is the powertrain and control I have a skysport 4 40megahertz need a receiver for same a speed control, have brushed motor 5cm x35mm also need cristals for the radio gear , do have some servos if needed, any help and advice Thanks
Response by Dave M on the 1st Mar 2017
Well there doesn't appear to be much water damage and the keel looks solid. Once glued it should paint up well and remain waterproof. The inside looks a bit gungy so I suggest you clean this thoroughly. The connector on the end of the shaft needs replacing with a modern Huco type coupling. Looks like the rudder is missing, if so your local model shop should have a replacement.
Have you checked the propshaft for wear? From this era the shaft thread will likely be imperial.
35Mhz is reserved for aerial RC in the UK so not allowed for model boats or cars. Some 35/40Mhz receivers can work on both frequencies, so as long as you are using 40Mhz crystals and the range is Ok it may be possible.
Response by aeromodeller on the 2nd Mar 2017
Thank you Dave for your help, one last question why size battery should I get , not keen on lipo,s as dont know what knowledge the lady has about batteries and lipo,s need very careful handling ,so was thinking of nimh. Peter
Response by Dave M on the 2nd Mar 2017
I avoided mentioning LiPo as you are handing the completed model to possibly a novice. NiMh would be my choice and depending on the budget I would get the highest amp and voltage you can manage. There may be a min voltage requirement depending on the ESC you choose. She will also need a charger for the NiMh and possibly the Tx/Rx if no BEC on the ESC.
Sounds like you will achieve your goal and I am sure the lady concerned will be well pleased.