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Bluebird K7 Print Booklet
Author: Midlife306   Posts: 45   Photos: 61   Subscribers: 1   Views: 4909   Responses: 82   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Bluebird K7 - Posted: 13th Mar 2017
Here's a pic of the 1/4.2 plans, coffee mug added for scale😎

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Bluebird K7 - Posted: 13th Mar 2017
PM sent to you Dave
Bluebird K7 - Posted: 10th Mar 2017
Hi Dave,
That looks like a really nice piece of water!
I have a massive appreciation for the work, skills & dedication involved in building & running accurate scale models.
My fascination is with fast boats, K7 in particular & although the design is over 60 years old now, it's still a bit of a hooligan. It just didn't occur to me that someone with a boat like mine would be welcome amongst the scale community, at first scan through list of clubs there isn't anything on my doorstep, I'll have to increase my radius.
My skill levels are limited but as they say every day is a school day & I'm picking up new knowledge & skills as I go along.
The concern for me between IC & Brushless is on one hand add fuel & run for hours vs add batteries & run for minutes. 240+ amp esc's can cost the same as a half decent 30cc IC engine but to be honest for me the sound of electric motors is far more preferable to IC. I guess I need to take on as much advice as possible before I start splashing the cash. I'm certainly not pigheaded enough to ignore advice given, that's for sure.
I've seen a video on YouTube of a guy building an aeroplane fuselage without a mold, by creating a blue foam plug & fibreglassing over it, once the fibreglass has been smoothed & filled it is split to remove the foam core, he ended up with a large lightweight fuselage that only needed minor bracing to make it strong enough to fly. This idea really appealed to me so I went out today and bought a load of blue foam, I'll have a go at building the sponsons first & see how I get on...
Response by Dave M on the 10th Mar 2017
Hi Wayne
I do believe my friend is the best person to speak with as he does a lot of self build fast boats.
Good luck with the sponsons the process you describe is proven but I suspect you will have a steep learning curve from being a novice.
I do know Darren uses Kevlar in his models to make them structurally strong and light.
I understand your logic regarding ICvElectric but high speed runs need to be kept straight to avoid the boat overturning so they tend to be of short duration in any case.
As you already have a couple of model running on brushless I suggest you get them operational and see how they sail. You will then be in a better informed position to plan a way forward.
If you can find a local club they will be able to offer hands on help which should help your progress greatly.
Response by Dave M on the 13th Mar 2017
Hi Wayne
Spoke to Darren yesterday and he is happy to discuss your plans for the fast boat.
If you pm me with your email address I will pass it on to Darren so he can contact you. He is a shift worker so this is the best way to make contact.

Bluebird K7 - Posted: 7th Mar 2017
Hi Dave,
The 1/12 Bluebird is brushless (all running gear from PMB), as it's made from balsa, I've waterproofed everything with sanding sealer inside & out. To be honest I was planning on taking it to quiet stretches of the Leeds/Liverpool canal as I didn't think any scale model boat clubs would want anything to do with my boat, but I will have a look at what clubs there are locally.

The 1/4.2 will be IC powered, I want it to reach a scale speed of 300mph so if I can hit 75mph in the real world with it I'll be very happy. I hope if I can keep it light enough a couple of Tiger King S27 Evo's will get me there. I've emailed PMB as they don't have any stock at the moment, to see when they are due some in, but I've not received a reply yet. Plan is to buy 1 engine initially so I can plan the layout & while I'm carrying on with the build I was going to drop it into this eBay hull to see how it performs.
I have a couple of Enya 40ss motors, I'm going to try one in the Short Stuff & see how it goes.
I can't cope sitting at home watching the telly, I like to keep busy😎
Response by Dave M on the 8th Mar 2017
Hi Wayne
It's not that clubs have anything against fast models and IC, more that the local council and residents object to the noise and pollution. The result is sailing waters are lost for all and new waters are difficult to find. I am speaking from personal experience of just such a situation where a non club member raced an IC boat when the club were not present and the council withdrew permission following complaints from local residents.
There are clubs where IC's are permitted and the off shore power boats use IC.
I believe Fleetwood may allow ICs but I am not sure and apologise if this is not the case.
Darren our club fast expert has achieved speeds nearing your 75mph using brushless/Lipo and self piercing props. He makes it across our lake in about 2 secs. I will mention you when I next see him and ask if he wants to contact you to discuss your project as he also designs his own boats.
Keep us posted with your progress.
Bluebird K7 - Posted: 6th Mar 2017
Hi all, my first post so please be gentle with me.
I'm Wayne from Colne in Lancashire, I'm very new to the hobby.
I started building a brushless prop driven 1/12 scale Bluebird K7 late on last year, I'd got the plans from Canada & they were at best very poor. At first it was 1 step forwards & 2 steps back but I've progressed to the point where it's "alive", just the canopy to vacuum form & fit & it will be ready to paint. During the backwards steps I've also built a 1/24 scale K7 for my grandson, just the sponsons to fit then it will be ready for paint also.
I've managed to lay my hands on the Nexus K7 plans at 8.4/1, I figured go big or go home so I had them doubled in size so they are now at 4.2/1, I just can't afford to put a turbine in is so I'm planning to put a couple of 27cc tiger king engines in it. It's going to be an expensive build so I'm collecting "stuff" for the build.
I've managed to get hold of an old Dumas short stuff fibreglass kit that I'm going to build for my grandson & ive just got a bigger hull off eBay for £30.
Can anyone identify this hull?
Sorry for the long post!!!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 7th Mar 2017
Hi midlife306
Welcome to the site. Impressive looking model and its will look spectacular once painted. Is it mainly wood construction? If so are you intending to cover the wood inside and out to protect against water?
If you are intending to use IC engines you need to find some where to sail as most waters prohibit their use mainly due to the noise and pollution.
The hull is a fast racing hull that would suit a brushless set up with LiPos. There are many configurations and I suspect a surface piercing prop is one option. I suggest you find a local model boat club near to you and go and see if they run fast race boats. There is a section on this site for Model Boat Clubs that will help you find one locally.Hopefully they will be able to guide you into the best set up for this hull. I have a fellow club member who is really into speed and he sources his bits from Prestwich Model Centre but also from the States.
Please keep us posted on progress and do keep asking for help and advice, it may just save you from making costly mistakes.

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