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Jet Sprint Boat Print Booklet
Author: Rod   Posts: 8   Photos: 33   Subscribers: 0   Views: 645   Responses: 52   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Jet Sprint Boat - Posted: 26th May 2017
So am I Wayne
It's coming together nicely now
Should finish top deck mould in the next week or so
Jet Sprint Boat - Posted: 25th May 2017
Hull ready for attaching to top deck

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Midlife306 on the 25th May 2017
Hehe, I'm getting excited Rod👍
Jet Sprint - Posted: 25th May 2017
Clay mould for deck / top area nearly completed and should be ready for applying silicone rubber shortly

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by sandkb on the 25th May 2017
Great result Rod ! Well done !👍
Response by rolfman2000 on the 25th May 2017
Looking really good Rod. Can't wait to see the pieces together with some nice paint and graphics and a rubbing strip fitted. ... sorry, too soon, too soon 😉 Best wishes, Dave W 😀
Jet Sprint Boat - Posted: 20th May 2017
Removed first hull from mould
Had a few problems with the release but all OK now so onwards and upwards !!
Laid profile for top deck now and starting the clay shaping
Should be a bit easier than the hull and hope to have this ready for moulding shortly
I intend to cover it with silicone first to get a good impression and back it up for strength with fibreglass strengthened casting plaster
I will then lay the fibreglass in the mould and gradually build it up for the finished article
Well that's the theory at this stage lol
Will keep in touch with progress but going well and I am happy with the results so far

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by rolfman2000 on the 22nd May 2017
The finished hull looks great. Can't wait to see the top moulding sat on top of it 😀 Still living in hope that I may be able to get one of these to fit out and use. Best wishes, Dave W 😊
Response by Midlife306 on the 22nd May 2017
I need one, looks well Rod. The decking the hull is sat on gives the scale away nicely.
Any chance of a pic with a 12" ruler next to it (or a cigarette packet, that's what I use😂)
Response by sonar on the 22nd May 2017
A cigarette packet ???

Lucky you never said a Mars bar as their getting smaller every day...
Jet Sprint Boatb - Posted: 4th May 2017
Just laid first fibreglass hull
Pulling it out tomorrow

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by John on the 10th May 2017
Looking good, can't wait to see the finished hull.
Response by sonar on the 11th May 2017
Any News on how the Hull pulled out ?
Response by Rod on the 11th May 2017
Have a read of my earlier reply yesterday
Could have been better but next one will be great
Clay Removal - Posted: 2nd May 2017
Have removed plaster cast from the clay mould and very pleased with the results
Will now have some fibreglass hulls taken off by a specialist (not me ) lol
Now onto the next stage forming the top half so it's back to the clay again so here's hoping it goes as well
Will update progress again shortly

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by sandkb on the 3rd May 2017
Looking very good Rod. I can't wait to start racing them up the river.
Think I might power mine with a DLE petrol engine though rather than an electric. No worries about batteries going flat then.
I think we should paint each of the 3 a different colour though because in close combat we may not know which craft we are actually controlling ! Like what can happen with our RC model aircraft ! lol
Response by Rod on the 3rd May 2017
Yea you might be right about the petrol engine Will give it some thought
Progress on Jet Sprint hull - Posted: 15th Apr 2017
Completed all the clay work. Now set in
casting plaster and waiting to see how it turns out in a few days time
Have used 50 kgs of clay and 50 kgs of casting plaster so far.
Next target is designing the top of the boat and back to clay and plaster again whilst the hull is being gell coated and fibreglassed
Will report on the casting result shortly

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by John on the 15th Apr 2017
looks good, well done!
Response by sandkb on the 19th Apr 2017
Coming along fine Rod. 👍
Response by rolfman2000 on the 1st May 2017
Wow. That is some serious work on a serious size mould. I'm looking forward to seeing the first hull come out of it. The interior mould is going to be a pain, ad unless you have some good shots of the actual craft, it's going to be hard working out what goes where. And allowing for all the mechanics to fit inside. It's coming along well Rod. Best wishes, Dave W.
Jet Sprint Boat - Posted: 8th Apr 2017
Have been trying to source a 1/4 scale hull for a jet sprint boat but not successful so decided to make my own
Borrowed a small model identical to the one I wanted and set to scaling it up by 2.5 times
I have shown the start of the journey and will continue to post development until it is in action
Have sourced 1/4 scale driver and navigator together with jet unit and electric water cooled motor which will need to produce 3 to 4 hp to drive the jet unit shaft
Hope you all like it because it's been really interesting so far
I should be in a position to pour the mould shortly and then have a fibreglass hull taken off😆

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by rolfman2000 on the 11th May 2017
Oh dear Rod. Sorry to hear of the problems with using a "so called expert"... I understand the lack of control when you put all your hard work in someone elses hands and you get let down. Best of luck with the Mk 2. Look forward to seeing a "Pukka" job of a hull photgraphed for all to see very soon. Best wishes mate, Dave W
Response by sonar on the 16th May 2017
So If things are still not going well It may be better to take the moulding you have and work from that.

Chuck all the moulding away .

Flat board screw the hull down on the edges.

Filler and sanding and keep going til your happy with it then finer and finer sandpaper then wet and dry and finished off with G3 polish then wax and pva then make the mould.

Bearing in mind any blemishes in the mould will be in EVERY moulding taken..

Making the mould is not as hard as you think.
Response by Rod on the 16th May 2017
Thanks for the info
We are well on the way to sorting it out now thanks
The guy that did the original take from the mould used gell coat which I didn't want as it chips too easy on the river rocks and I don't think he used the correct release agent either
However all good now and should have a new one off shortly
I have commenced the top half now and will use a silicone mould strengthened with fibreglass and plaster over the back of it to hold in place
I have done this before and should have done again on the original mould
Slow learner aye !! Lol
It is going to look just fine when it is all finished
Will post a photo of it when the next hull comes off