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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > HMS Illustrious Aircraft carrier
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HMS Illustrious Aircraft carrier Print Booklet
Author: Gdaynorm   Posts: 5   Photos: 1   Subscribers: 2   Views: 2100   Responses: 96   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Aerials etc. - Posted: 30th Oct 2017
Aerials and signal halyards fitted to main mast etc. My Norman Ough drawing shows aerials strung between the four a side masts. Would they be permanently rigged to all of them?
Response by RNinMunich on the 30th Oct 2017
Hi Norm, have seen nothing like that in any photo I have?
Don't believe it was like that anyway, very impractical 🤔
Maybe it's just a fuzzy pic of the DF aerial.
I also note that the DF aerial is not there on some photos. So; another case of 'you pays yer money and yer tales yer choice'!

Yes, wire antenna only on the last three masts. There was nothing strung between the forward masts and the aft masts for four reasons:
1) the span is too long,
2) they would not want to roast the Island crew when transmitting Hi power HF from the starboard antenna in particular,
3) neither would they want to irradiate the ammo for the flak guns!
4) the forward masts were reserved for the vertical antennas. This gave the system the so called polarisation diversity; vertical is better for short range ground wave and the horizontal for filling in the 'skip zone' of vertical antennas. That is the gap of a few hundred miles between the short range ground wave and the long range sky waves.
Bet you really wanted to know that didn't you?😉
Naval ship antenna layout design was part of my job for 30 years.
Cheers Doug 😎
PS there would have been no halyards on the tilt-able masts. These are on the two fixed island masts, on the Signal Deck.
Response by Gdaynorm on the 30th Oct 2017
The pic I have was on the net, and here is what I think it looks like.
Response by Gdaynorm on the 31st Oct 2017
This is the pic I thought showed a revoving scanner.
Bridge detail - Posted: 16th Oct 2017
I have no info as to what should be on the top of the island, apart from the three small fire directors and the large one. The Bofors are hopefully correct. The locker by the mast is for signal flags, and the other for ammo. Any ideas welcome.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 30th Oct 2017
Hi Norm, don't see why! It's only two Hs joined in the middle. 😉
Response by Gdaynorm on the 1st Nov 2017
Is this anything like? Obviously to be cleaned up.
Response by RNinMunich on the 1st Nov 2017
Hi Norm, yep that's the idea. 👍 I believe though that the verticals should be at least twice the length of the horizontals.
There would also have been a small round box at the centre where the connections were made. Feeder cable runs down the inside of one of the mast uprights.
I think I found the pic that you referred to, see pic #1.
It shows Lusty as in March 1947.
Pic #2 shows her early in the war without this 'box'!
Interesting is that the 1947 pic also shows an outrigger on the mast and what looks like a so called 'strossed' antenna.
This was a version of the vertical antenna where the antenna wire was extended back down over the outrigger to increase the effective length in an attempt to improve the matching to the 50Ohm output of the TX RF power amplifier. Was not very successful and soon disappeared when robust whip and rod antennas with automatic tuning units were developed.😉 I leave it to you to decide which era and equipment you want to depict. Cheers Doug.
Decks - Posted: 27th Jul 2017
Another small query. I assume most of her decks, obviously apart from the flightdeck, were corticene. would this have been a dirty mid green or dark grey?
Response by admiral on the 25th Sep 2017
Photos of Illustrious 1/96 scale RC model I made 31 years ago.
Scratch-built, with Sea Fires ranged on deck. Pic. taken in Auckland harbour.
2nd photo shows her as it appeared front page of US magazine
Scale Ship Modeler, July 1986.
Later I built Illustrious at Falklands era.
Response by Gdaynorm on the 25th Sep 2017
Beautiful! You must have had her on a trailer to the harbour. How was she constructed?
I would have liked to build mine to the same scale, but just don't have the space or facility to transport to our little lake. Only way would be to build in two halves. There is a bloke in Hamilton who built a US carrier to 1/96, brought it to our annual regatta. Not very detailed. Weighed a ton - put ballast in after launching. Was very susceptible to wind. Carried it in the back of a ute in a case with red flag on the overhang. Had a set of wheels to get it to launch.
Most of my RC models are to 1/96 except Nelson to 1/192. I had intended to build her to 1/96 in two halves, but at some stage she would have had to be joined during construction, and my workshop has a washing machine and drier in it so just not on.
What drawings did you use?
Response by admiral on the 25th Sep 2017
Plank on frame construction, glassed over. Can't recall source - too darn long ago! Moved around in back of a Toyota van.
Japan website are making 1/200 kit of her.
40mm AA bofors - Posted: 30th May 2017
Thanks for the portside pic. Answered my upcoming query - did Illustrious' Bofors have a shield. I have Norman Ough's book, with excellent detailed drawing of the gun, but no way can I get all that detail made at 192 scale.
Response by Scratchbuilder on the 30th May 2017
Not sure if the attached pictures will help.They are not all from Illustrious but do show some good detail.The pictures of the book pages are of HMS Victorious,sister ship.May be of help to you.
regards Bill.
Response by Gdaynorm on the 30th May 2017
Great pics, thanks. Not one with a shield which is surprising.
Response by Inkoust on the 30th May 2017
Hello, here is the supreme reference to the BOFORS guns, just click on the blue highlighted links and you can see all the details of the Bofors cannons of all types from land to ship. Zdeněk😉
HMS Illustrious Aircraft carrier - Posted: 16th Apr 2017
I am building a waterline model of HMS Illustrious, from WW2.
I have virtually no information about the port side of the island. Does anyone have photos taken across the flight deck?
Response by Trillium on the 2nd Nov 2017
Well up to your usual high standard,Norm. Too modest as usual, looks great.
Response by RNinMunich on the 2nd Nov 2017
Wise decision Norm, one can go bonkers with the last fanatical details 🤔
As you say there were so many changes due to battle damage (and rapid tech developments as well) but you have a wonderful representative of the class👍
I'm proud to have played a small part in her creation! 😊
Well done, Congrats Doug 😎
BTW: she was -
Laid down: 27 April 1937
Launched: 5 April 1939
Commissioned: 25 May 1940
Decommissioned: late February 1955
Out of service: February 1955
Scrapped 1956.
Motto: Vox non Incerta
(Latin: "No Uncertain Voice")
Response by Gdaynorm on the 3rd Nov 2017
Appreciate the comments. Yes, you did help tremendously, thanks. Next ship not yet determined. My wife on tenterhooks!