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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Aerokit Sea Scout 'Jessica' Renovation
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Aerokit Sea Scout 'Jessica' Renovation Print Booklet
Author: RNinMunich   Posts: 19   Photos: 131   Subscribers: 4   Views: 4814   Responses: 174   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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'All Aboard' ;-) - Posted: 4th Aug 2018
Crews reported aboard today.😊
Now they're grumblin' about the lack of fittings and furniture 🤔

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Colin H. on the 4th Aug 2018
Now I know why I love boating, swap King George V for a place on that crew, but don't tell the wife. Cheers Colin.
Response by figtree7nts on the 4th Aug 2018
Hi Doug,

What a coincidence, you should mention pier 16!
30 some odd years. I worked on piers 15 and 16.
In new York harbor. Now thoughs were the days!
Oh, now there's the famous pier 17 built in the mid 80's!
Response by RNinMunich on the 4th Aug 2018
Pier 16 rang a bell from somewhere, probably a documentary on New York I've seen.
Or maybe even you mentioned it when you wrote about your experiences on New York tugs!?
The Crew(s)!! - Posted: 2nd Aug 2018
Should with luck report on board on Monday😉
Driver, Police crew and Relief crew 😁
Cheers All
Doug 😎

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 3rd Aug 2018
Apropos 'chasing another boat' Donnie,
Up to now I've only tried her with a 3S LiPo. See vids in my Harbour Post.
Just acquired a 4S 😲 hope the motor survives the next sea trial.
At the moment a 2832 / 1000kV is fitted. JFF I also bought a 3750kV.
If that don't rip the shaft out it should mean she'll catch almost anyone 😉
Wasn't my original intention with the renovation but now I'm curious!
'Pushing the envelope' 😁
Response by Donnieboy on the 4th Aug 2018
Doug the 3s lipo looks like it is enough for the Jessica.Looks like she's running great.Maybe a 4s lipo will put her in for trying for a world record.She runs great.Kudos.
Response by RNinMunich on the 4th Aug 2018
Thanks Donnie👍
The 'speculation' above was sort of tongue in cheek I guess 'What if?' 😉
Maybe I'll try the 3750 in my hovercraft 😁
At Last The Sea Trials!! Munich 25.05.18. - Posted: 1st Aug 2018
Another Flashback - to 25th May at the Biergarten / lake in the Ostpark, Munich.

Trials vids can be seen here on YouTube.
Pt1: First run with a 3S LiPo.

Pt2: 'The competition / residents'!

Pt3: 'Final run', the Bier was getting warm.

They are also posted in the Video Gallery with some info on the batteries I tried and resultant performance.
I think all the effort was finally worth it 😊
Now working on a PT Boat refit for the Pacific Theatre as PT109, and the renovation conversion of an ancient Billing Boats fish cutter from static to RC.
Cheers, All, Doug 😎
PS Filmed in 1080p. With thanks to my GF Gisela, the Camera Girl.😊

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by BOATSHED on the 4th Aug 2018
She seems to run fine on a left turn, but seems to dig in on turning right. I noticed it on 2 of the videos.
Final Finishing before Sea trials ;-) - Posted: 1st Aug 2018
A quick Flashback to May 😲 Got sidetracked with 'lectrickery' an' stuff🤔

Hull was given a final spray top coat and gloss clear lacquer coat. All flatted back in between coats with 3000 grit Tamiya W&D sponges. Used wet with a drop of liquid soap. Then a few hours of polishing with car paint cutting compound and finally with 'anti hologram' polish until it feels like glass.😊 Same polishing procedure for the decks and cabin sides.
Fitted a few deck fittings; tank filler caps, which also hold the aft deck down, and 'Jam' cleats fore and aft. Both from the 'Riva' range from Krick. Apart from the cockpit she's done! Need suitable scale crew and cockpit furniture now. Ship's wheel I have but that's it so far.
Last pic is a reminder of how the 'old girl' started out last year, after 25 years of neglect in the cellar!
Sea Trial soon. Cheers, All, Doug 😎

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 2nd Aug 2018
Hi Doug,

If I put a bunch of girls on my tug.
Don't think we'll get any work done!😜😜😜
Response by RNinMunich on the 2nd Aug 2018
Depends on the scale Ed 😲🤔
On that happy note, G'night All
Cheers, Doug 😎
Response by RNinMunich on the 2nd Aug 2018
Hi All, while sorting and archiving various mails/posts discovered that it was Krampus who sent me the link to American Diorama for crew figures👍
Thanks Braulio.
Making and Fitting tinted windows - Posted: 1st Aug 2018
This was actually done back in April, somehow it ended up in another thread and I forgot to put it here!🤓
After spraying the cabin white I used the windows 'oles to mark templates for the windows. Which I then transferred to 3mm tinted perspex / acrylglass and cut out on the table scroll saw. Despite careful marking and cutting still had to fiddle about with filing to get 'em to fit right 😡
Pics 1 to 3 show fitted windows still with protective film.
Pics 4 to 6 film removed but still to be polished.
7th pic; Les pièces,
8th pic; ze glue 😉
I chose 3mm 'glass' a) to match the 3mm ply of the cabin walls - makes it easier to get a flush fit, b) could get it in green tint 😊 Think there was also grey and red !!!! Red for a 'Fun' Boat perhaps 😲
Glue used; Deluxe Materials Canopy Glue; "Thick, flexible glue. High grip.
Dries clear. Fills gaps." Here endeth the advert😉
Last pic shows final result after polishing. Maybe sometime, when I haven't got more interesting things to solve and build, I'll make some alu or mahogany frames! 😉
Happy glazing folks😁 Cheers, Doug 😎

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Bits n pieces arrived / Aft Deck Mk 2 built ;-) - Posted: 6th Apr 2018
6mm lime wood planks from Krick and 4mm tap from Conrad arrived on Wednesday so Full Speed Ahead.
This time formers were made from the 6mm lime so no bending or slitting required, new piece of mahogany cut so that this time no inserts left an right were needed. 😊
Formers attached using Rocket cyano and a bag of clamps and left overnight.
The 'Riva' tank filler caps were tapped 4mm and appropriate holes bored in the deck piece. Neodymium magnets attached to forward edge.
Deck fitted and trimmed in situ for flush fit all round. Transom got scratched during this process so will need a respray🤔
Underside sealed with two coats of EzeKote and sealing / varnishing / lacquering process started on the topside.
Last two pics show current status; So Far So Good.😉
Next step; fit windows made of 3mm green tinted acrylic 'glass', which also arrived Wednesday.
Will now have to start thinking about what to do in the cockpit 😲 All I have so far is a 25mm ship's wheel. Furniture building is not exactly my Forte! First time for everything I suppose!
Suggestions gratefully received!!
Ciao for now, Doug 😎
Almost forgot! While waiting for varnish to dry I tackled an old problem with the rudder. Namely; asymmetric rudder throw caused by the rather bulky connecting rod binding on the rudder arm! Suddenly remembered I still had some E-Z Connectors from old aircraft days. Been hanging around for 35 years or so waiting for something to do! So replaced the old plastic linkage with 1mm spring steel rod and two E-Z connectors. Works a treat 😊

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 15th Apr 2018
Thanks Donnie, much appreciated👍 😊
Not so much a build as a renovation but she's not doin' so bad for 55!
Spent the last coupla days cutting and trimming 3 of the 5 windows out of 3mm perspex, not as simple as I'd imagined - but that's another update 😉
Like to think that Dad's lookin' down and approves.
BTW: can you still buy the E-Z connectors? Still have a few but would be good to know where to get some more.
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Donnieboy on the 15th Apr 2018
Doug,my thoughts are that a renovation is as close to a build you can get.It's done with love.We can still buy E-Z connectors here in Toronto.Let me know when you need some.
Response by RNinMunich on the 15th Apr 2018
I think you're right Donnie, a renovation is often more difficult and time consuming than a new build!
That's good to hear about the E-Z connectors, do you have a link to an On-line shop by any chance?
BTW: saw your post about Krampus' sailing area, actually I wanted to be there as well but my boat ain't ready yet 😭
attached a few pics of my 'Home Port' in Munich, 3rd pic shows the corner where I sail from, right next to the Biergarten😋, cheers Doug😎
try try again - Aft Deck Mk2 - Posted: 1st Apr 2018
Spent a 'relaxing' day cutting and trimming new parts!
Pics later, off to the GF now for an Easter Dinner 😜
After that - 'Let the bending commence' 😉
Happy Easter folks, 😎
Response by RNinMunich on the 3rd Apr 2018
Watch this space! 😁
Response by kmbcsecretary on the 4th Apr 2018
I'm watching 🙈
Response by RNinMunich on the 12th Apr 2018
See no evil .... 😉
After Deck / Hatch - If at first you don't succeed ... - Posted: 1st Apr 2018
give up and go home! Oh! I am home 😁
Since I need access to the rudder the after deck has to be made as a removable hatch. Would you believe at the last refit (25 years ago) I actually managed to shoehorn the RX and RX NiMH battery in there as well!? Pic 1 shows what it looked like when I started this refit, after 20 odd years in the cellar 😲
Anyway, I wanted the deck to be mahogany to match the cabin roof and as a hatch it was obvious that it would need a subframe. Pic 2 to 5, had to open a new bag of chomp chomp clamps 😉 Trial fit Pic 6. SFSG!
Under side was sealed with two coats of EzeKote and fixings added; neodymium magnets at the forward edge, domed captive nyloc nuts glued into the under frame at the aft edge. Pics 7 & 8. These will then accept 4mm studs screwed into Riva style fuel filler caps to hold it down and (hopefully) keep it watertight.
Mahog was then finished in the same laborious and patience testing process described above (or is it below😲) for the cabin roof and decks. Pic 9 shows it screwed down with normal 4mm 'Camembert' head screws - Why? see below 😆 Finish was OK.. BUT
After leaving screwed down overnight a hairline crack had developed 😡
Pic 10. Also, I didn't like the 3mm fillets between the hatch deck and the main deck, and was wondering what to do about the lip on the bulkhead at the rear of the cockpit. There was a chunk cut out in the middle. This was where in the old days we had a tiller bar to set the rudder for Free Running on a great circle (Radnor Park Lake in Folkestone - side note for Graham P74, probably before he was born😉)
Sooo .... machined the lip away, removed the 3mm fillets, made a cardboard template for the new deck-piece and tomorrow is another day. Wonder what I can muck up then !!?? 😊 G'night all, ciao Doug 😎
Oh yes the Filler caps - drilled them on the lathe for 4mm thread clearance, dug out the tap set, selected 4mm 0.7mm pitch ..... Oh S..t, only a tapered tap which starts cutting at 5mm. Hole in the cap is only 5mm deep.😡 Immediately ordered 4mm parallel machine tap, should be here on Wednesday. No sweat, should have deck hatch Mk. 2 finished by then 😎

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 11th Apr 2018
RRRRR! The P5 engine, nice! Veeery nice 👍
I only had the Rover 2000 while still in UK. Great shame that they couldn't realise the original intention of putting a gas turbine in that design.
Production cost too high apparently 😭
About 15 years ago I found (and bought) a scarlet Rover 2.7, the one with the Honda V6 motor, I know not the same but still fun to drive.
Scared the you know what's off the GF on the Autobahn!!! 😁
Guzzled too much Go Juice so since then I'm a Toyota fan, Yaris TS and Verso Exec. "Nothing is impossible", Cheers Doug 😎
Response by onetenor on the 3rd Aug 2018
Talking of clamps see these I got 20. For the Missus of course.. Oops nose grew;--
On offer from Groupon. Very strong👍😊
Response by RNinMunich on the 3rd Aug 2018
I'll believe ya!
Thousands wouldn't 😉
"Cheap at half the price" as Granny would have said!
The Lone Ranger Rides Again or Hull Finishing ;-)) - Posted: 18th Mar 2018
Sooo ... Happy with the cabin and main deck so onward and upward with the hull. At a previous stage the hull was already sealed, primed and two coats of gloss Royal Blue, or at least what passes for Royal Blue in Germany - seems a little light to me but I like it anyway.
Over-spray from other operations was sanded off with a 600 grit sponge.
This revealed a few imperfections around the bow that needed sealing (EzeKote) and re-flattening. No one's perfect!😉
These areas were re-primed using a primer-filler from the pro auto branch, flattened off with 1000 and 1500 W&D and the whole hull given a quick blast of Royal Blue again and flattened with 2000 grit wet. Pic 1.

The finishing coats were then applied: 3 coats blue and 3 coats protective lacquer (contains a UV filter😎). Flattening with wet 3000 plus liquid soap between each coat.
Finally cutting polish and finishing polish, as for cabin roof and main deck.
Polishing might give her an extra knot or so, scale of course😊

Results of all this can be seen in pics 2-6.
After removing all the masking tape full effect is shown in pics 8-10.
Minor Arrrgh!: the masking tape on the main deck had been on too long and the white on the cabin walls had hardened, so when I removed the tape some paint came with it 😡 No sweat! I'll trim the cabin with a mahogany moulding 😁

BTW: the W&D used here are all Tamiya sanding sponges. Not the cheapest sort of W%D but I'm so impressed with how they work and their longevity that I've acquired a modest stock of grits from 240 to 3000😉
Only slight disadvantage; it's virtually impossible to get old colour out of them, unlike W&D paper, so you need new sponges for a new colour!
E.g. I didn't want to use sponges I'd used on the blue hull for the white cabin walls!! Big advantage: you can use them wet on raw wood without staining the wood black!

So, that's how I've spent the last two weeks, what have U lot been up to??? 😉 Happy painting people, cheers Doug 😎

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by MouldBuilder on the 29th Jul 2018
Hi Doug.
After spraying, how long is the minimum time before removing the masking tape. Acrylic paints used. Thanks.😉
Response by RNinMunich on the 29th Jul 2018
Hi Pete,
Depends a bit on the weather! Temp and humidity but basically; a soon as it's touch dry / dust dry. Don't rip it off, pull gently backwards and slightly away from the edge.
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by MouldBuilder on the 29th Jul 2018
Thanks Doug. Here goes then!😱
Main deck and cabin walls - Posted: 17th Mar 2018
Sorry the advertised Flash Gordon reel has gone 'walkies' so you'll have to make do with this boring description of how to occupy a day or three and stink out the house!😁
After the eventual success with the cabin roof I continued with the main deck using essentially the same process. First I had to extend the planking (engraving) from cabin leading edge back to the transom. Dad had only done the foredeck. Pic 1 shows starting point. AKA Square One!
Pic 2 after initial staining, pseudo planking and sealing. Plank engraving was done with a fine hardened steel scriber / centre punch and a steel rule clamped at 7mm centres. Rule was aligned so that the wood grain pushed the scriber against it. Don't ask how I realised that that was the way to do it (minor Arrrgh!)😡 Anyway, worked out in the end.

I had started with cherry wood stain but it came out too bright red so from Krick I obtained some Jotica mahogany stain (also some Oak stain for the decks of my Prince of Wales and Bismarck - but that's another pair of Sagas to be.)
Using basically the same process as for the cabin roof: two sealing coats, two matt varnish primer coats, two gloss varnish coats, two protective lacquer coats, polishing with cutting polish and top gloss polish, and lots of patience and elbow grease (this time an Italian Lugana😉) pics 3 to 5 show the result. I'm 'appy with that 😊 Note: to remove build up of sanding residue from the 'planking caulking' I had to resort to an old toothbrush or nail-brush from time to time. The sponge couldn't hack it.
The aft deck 'hatch' is still the temporary bodge-up I made 25 years ago to quickly get the boat going for my daughter. Think the ply (ca 4mm) came from the back of an old bureaux!
Haven't decided yet whether to make the new one from the same mahogany as the roof or thin ply and stain like the main deck.
Suggestions welcome please.

After the deck time to turn my attention to the cabin walls, looking pretty shabby and full of over-spray - pic 6 😲
Step 0: masking off, pics 7 & 8 'All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go'🤔
Step 1: mucho sanding starting with 180 grit and working through to 600 ensuring removal of all traces of blue as I wanted the final finish to be Arctic White (not Ice Blue!)
Step 2: two sealing coats, flattening with 600 grit.
Step 3: spraying with Revell white primer, not impressed, gave a rough dusty finish🤔
Step 4: sand off Revell muck, flat back with 1000 and 1500 grit sponges, respray with two coats of pro white primer, flattening with 1500 and 2000+ soap respectively. Much better 😊 like the proverbial baby's ...!
Step 5: two coats of gloss white, same make as the primer!!!, flattening with 3000 grit sponge, wet + a drop of liquid soap.
Step 6: two coats of protective lacquer as with the varnish. Flattening with 3000 and soap between coats only.
Interesting effect with this lacquer and the paint (as opposed to the varnish); it seemed to 'melt and fuse' with the paint surface and smooth it out.😊 Just had to be careful not to apply too much at once in case it all ran down and took the paint with it!
Step 7: finishing with cutting polish and anti-hologram polish.
Results: pics 9 - 11. Final effect makes it look and feel like plastic or fibreglass, almost forgot that there is wood underneath😁

Next in this theatre "Hi Ho Silver Awaaaayyyy!" (Sponsored by KiOra!) or 'I'm gonna finish this hull if it kills me!'
(sorry Flash reels got lost in the post😡)
Cheers Doug 😎

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by mturpin013 on the 18th Mar 2018
looking good, as for the aft deck 'hatch' go for mahogany, and maybe a bit of surround in another wood round a hatch to break up the area. Anymore detail on the roof?
Response by RNinMunich on the 18th Mar 2018
Many Thanks MT, 👍
You're right! I've already marked out the 'hatch' on some 1.5mm mahogany to match the roof.
Have to think about the surround, i.e. have a rummage through the bits box! But I reckon you're right again, it would look better with some sort of frame.
Still haven't figured out what to do with the cockpit, or even what scale crew I should be looking for ... Help!😲
Re Cabin roof detail .. That's it for now, until I start fiddling with mast and lights an' such 😉 What did you want to know?
I've got a ship's wheel ca 1", some chrome deck fittings and Skydive has given me some inspiration regarding the 'Pulpit' rail, apart from that ......
Ciao, Doug 😎
Just remembered; I've started cutting out some 1.5mm mahog strip to make the wooden handrails on the roof. More later 😊

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