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Author: muddy   Posts: 3   Photos: 12   Subscribers: 1   Views: 947   Responses: 6   |   Oldest posts shown first   (Show newest first)
Speranza 01 - Posted: 27th May 2017
This is one that i,ve yearned after for some considerable years. Had the plans in the 1960's, I think, but it was always put on the back burner. But needs must, we have a big sailing lake now and a Sea Queen looks ideal on this water.
Speranza, built from Plans, first thing source the timber, 5mm ply for keel and bulkheads,and Obechie 6mm X 3mm laminated for stringers and chine lines. Transferring bulkheads/frames to the timber can be daunting, but several methods can be applied. Personally i prefer to Trace the outline and detail then pin prick the outlines onto the timber, you can do this direct from the plan, but using tracing paper or drafting film saves the drawing from disintegrating. Have used carbon paper in the past, but I did find this a bit messy, a personal choice.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dampfgerd on the 6th Sep 2018
Speranza 02 - Posted: 28th May 2017
After the marking out, start on the cutting out external lines, then remove the unwanted internal ply, a dry fit or several as progress develops. Regards Muddy....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by AlanP on the 29th May 2017
Watching this with interest.👍

Response by muddy on the 29th May 2017
... 😊 lol .. No pressure then ! .. lol 😊
I,m afraid this may not be a quick build, because it is an "infill" build.. Always try to have two models on the go, as sometimes waiting for glue or worse still, the paint to dry that's a lot of wood cutting time wasted.. Regards Muddy
Speranza 03 - Posted: 29th May 2017
Started on the Stringers and Chines, some of the stringers are Spruce, 1/4" x 1/4" , one cracked on the bow curvature, not immediately it was glued and pinned, but about an hour after, should have laminated these spruce stringers as in 1/8" x 1/4" times 2. Another one has cracked since but they are repairable..
Mixed up a weak solution of PVA and water and painted the rest, hoping this will soften them up and be more pliable. Started on the transom, this is angled with a sharp centre line, but there was a lot of off cuts of Obechie lying around, so it was planked with a curve, first Modelers License applied. A few more dry fits and the bow and transom were assembled up, using stringers as alignment tools, anything will do in these instances even strips of ply. Some of the upper-works combing has been fitted around the transom area. Muddy....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dampfgerd on the 6th Sep 2018
Ist das Gebäude hier am Ende?
Mich würde interessieren wie es weiter geht
ist das Model fertig und es gibt ein Foto?
Grüße Gerhard
Response by muddy on the 6th Sep 2018
Hello Gerhard,
and thank you for the interest.
Unfortunately Speranza is on hold and no building has taken place since the last photo update.
The reason being i foolishly did not follow protocol with the Spruce chine stringers, and fitted or attempted to fit them as a solid,
instead of laminating. A short while after they were pinned and glued they sprang and cracked on the bow formers.
This will be repairable with a laminate behind or inside the stringer then shape as drawing.
At the moment i have near completion a Gentleman's Cruiser named Elizabeth..
There is a blog on her..
Speranza is a nice build and should be a good all weather sailor.
If you are building her, good luck and please send in photographs..
Regards Muddy
Response by Dampfgerd on the 6th Sep 2018
Thank you Mudddy