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Author: GrahamP74   Posts: 32   Photos: 74   Subscribers: 1   Views: 5815   Responses: 63   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Left the harbour - Posted: 24th Jun 2018
EmilyPII left my Harbour yesterday and has headed north to Manchester.. she will be on a lake with her new Skipper Andy.. I loved making her and am glad she will be used regularly!
EmilyP III is still in the Harbour and search now starts for a new fishing boat project...
Back in the day - Posted: 15th Dec 2017
My dad found these photos of me when I was about 14! Used to help on the day boats...

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Fish boxes - Posted: 17th Nov 2017
Made a stack of boxes and some that I will add some fish too also!
Julie Jean is a trawler that my Dad fitted out and put the engines in and fellow modelmaker Ballast will note the nod given to his own model of DH142.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by marky on the 23rd Nov 2017
little boxes the wife uses for sewing parafinalia the measure about 60mm x40mm bought from hobbycraft . cheers Marky
Response by GrahamP74 on the 24th Nov 2017
Thanks Marky
Response by GrahamP74 on the 15th Dec 2017
Baskets turned up today, cut the top section off and given them a coat of paint for a start. Will add handles and some molded fish
Boating pond - Posted: 29th Oct 2017
Fully operational in the boating pond
Response by GrahamP74 on the 17th Nov 2017
In the boating lake at Radnor Park Folkestone
Lights all wired up - Posted: 15th Oct 2017
Final check of lighting. Deck nicely illuminated for night trawling!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Trillium on the 16th Oct 2017
You may find the reference here to LED's and resistors useful.
Response by GrahamP74 on the 16th Oct 2017
Ok here we go... forward light example:
I took 1 wire from each led and wrapped a small piece of copper wire round them then soldered into one. Then did the same for the others. Then connected to a 9v battery connector using plastic connection block...
My son had been doing electrical circuits at school and wanted to help me...
Response by NPJ on the 16th Oct 2017
I get up this morning and all this help tumbles down. Great stuff fellas, really appreciated and will be read after breakfast.

Will be posting on the site later today following some floating in the bath and measuring up.

I was about to say "still a long way to go", but there again, I read yesterday of an 18 month build...........

I am being patient.....

Thanks to all.
New plans - Posted: 15th Oct 2017
My Dad has given me these drawings from a local boat which he did some work in a few years back. He found them while clearing out his workshop!
Could this be the next project?
#Emily PIII

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Baggie on the 22nd Nov 2017
Looks a great boat
Response by GrahamP74 on the 22nd Nov 2017
Yes she could be! Will be very similar to the one I've just finished which I am still littering with and keep consider selling..
First real sea trial - Posted: 8th Oct 2017
Well I think she looks perfect!
Sat well in the water and was dry inside.
Crew were not concerned even after a close up chat with a bird!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by GrahamP74 on the 11th Oct 2017
Thanks for the positive comments!
Response by RNinMunich on the 11th Oct 2017
Where's the bird?
Did the crew barbecue it? 😲
Very nice boat, congrats👍
BTW: Nice to see a boat from Folkestone, my birth town 😊
Response by GrahamP74 on the 19th Oct 2017
Thanks RN the bird flew before I got the camera out! Not many working boats left in Folkestone these days...
Considering selling - Posted: 1st Oct 2017
I've really enjoyed making this model and am considering selling her and moving onto another one. Before I post on an auction site I wondered if anyone would be interested from here...
Response by rolfman2000 on the 2nd Oct 2017
It's a lovely model Graham. What sort of money are you looking for for her ? I would have thought a few of the followers would express an interest in this lovely craft. Best wishes, Dave W 😊
Response by GrahamP74 on the 7th Oct 2017
Hi Would consider offers over £350...
Back in the hot tub! - Posted: 13th Jul 2017
Nearly done so another quick dip and photo shoot!!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by GrahamP74 on the 17th Jul 2017
Thank you. I'm really happy with it. Fish boxes left to make and some final net detail. Then it's off to the beach for real fishermen to give their seal of approval!!
Response by SelwynWilliams on the 7th Oct 2017
Looks brilliant love the figures.
Response by Ballast on the 29th Oct 2017
Hi GrahamP74. Sorry but I have just seen your pics of the boat in the hot tub. I hope you don't mind if I make an observation but I think she rides a little high in the water at the stern ! Cygnus always advise that the lowest part of the transom should be about 25/26cms below the water at the lowest point which in 1/12 scale terms is 2.5cms. How much ballast have you got in her and where? I have attached a photo of mine for your info also one of the real deal to demonstrate what I mean. I have a 4lb divers belt weight in mine in the stern over where the prop shaft exits the hull and two six volt batteries amidships which weigh 4lbs each = total ballast 12lbs. You look to have the same amount of deck clutter so that is about what I would be putting in yours. As I say, it's just an observation but if you have a look at any Cygnus boat in any harbour that seems be the rule of thumb. Hope you don't mind me picking up on this.
Alan. Ps the bow looks just a tad high above the waterline as well.
Weathering - Posted: 11th Jul 2017
Added the numbers and name yesterday and started the weathering process.
Unlike my previous boat (Emily P) which was based on a steel hull I can't go crazy with the rusting! Fibre glass does however fade where water is consistently running so I have added some extra epoxy resin running down the sides from the scuppers and where the v doors, trawl and nets would rub.
I have then used white gloss, brown fence paint and will add some green (for the slime!)
This was applied with a cotton ear bud and then rubbed back with some string.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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