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Author: muddy   Posts: 7   Photos: 78   Subscribers: 0   Views: 805   Responses: 18   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Shelduck - Posted: 6th Jun 2017
And finally Sail Day... She had float tests after the paint jobs, at another members property, with the gracious help of his young lady, It's her fish pond.. ! Thanks Alan the EDD. And a typical launch, away she went in a breezy day with a back to front rudder, It did not bother me as it's not the first And when she was returned to the cradle guess who had brought along the wrong handbook for the Tx.. This is a typical Muddy sail..
But a bit of "Savy" and all was well and corrections made.
She did sail well and i was not disappointed.. Regards Muddy ....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by rolfman2000 on the 6th Jun 2017
She looks good on the water Muddy. Take care with crew selection next time 😉 Best wishes, Dave W 😊
Response by figtree7nts on the 6th Jun 2017
She looks, "ship shape and in Bristol fashion"!👍👍
Response by Dave M on the 6th Jun 2017
Sailing at last in her natural environment and looking shipshape
Shelduck - Posted: 6th Jun 2017
Continuing on - Grease up the prop shaft. Finalise the rigging.
Another Radio check, with auxiliary motor, then disaster, Lost the hatch top, searched for 1 and 1/2 hours, no where to be found, Out came the saw and we has another cutting session and added some veneer, all was well.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 6th Jun 2017
Don't worry, you're sure to find it as soon as you look for something else! 😉
Then you'll have a spare - or an excuse to build another yacht!!! 😎
Shelduck - Posted: 6th Jun 2017
Installing the Radio gear. Planking the Deck in 6mm x 2mm and .5mm Mahogany vertically used as "Caulking". A lot of brass pins.. !... Lead Keel, about 10lb; in weight. It was supposed to be "Let into" the keel, but a lot of extra work, decided to screw it to the bottom, hoping this would give it more stability having a deeper keel. Regards Muddy ....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 6th Jun 2017
Such patience cutting all those 'caulking' strips!! Wow! 👍👍
Shelduck - Posted: 5th Jun 2017
Hello.. Finish the hull belting and flare in the prop shaft. Paint applied. Work on the mast and booms from Pine dowel from DIY shops. Fabricating the rudder, the hinges and bearings were an old Prop shaft and bushes. Decided to scrap the internal servo operating with control line wire to the rudder , mounted the servo as direct as possible, comments received about the rudder is that the original or scale rudder is far to small, so this one was made about 5 times larger, it can always be cut down, but didnt fancy all that work again making a replacement rudder. Rigging the sails is not my Forte', first time so a lot of playing about.
Regards Muddy....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by AllenA on the 6th Jun 2017
Blown away by the quality of work and the attention to detail. Brilliant!
Response by muddy on the 6th Jun 2017
Thats very nice of you Alan, Thank you.
( But Please remember the camera does not always tell it how it is ..) Steady down, i wunna be able to get in the garage.. lol..
Regards Muddy ....
Response by RNinMunich on the 6th Jun 2017
Your learning curve seems to be almost vertical 👍😎
Shelduck - Posted: 5th Jun 2017
Hello, completion of the deck in ply, urghhh.. Start on the well deck furniture, not forgetting the important boat stand. The HUll banding, in 3mm ply vertical grained then when fixed, veneer applied plus a couple of stringers as rubbing strips.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Shelduck - Posted: 5th Jun 2017
..Started on the planking, with 3mm x 5mm Obechie strip, leaving a gap in the planks so as one can see whats going on with the alignment of the prop shaft/coupling. Motor mount formed in 2mm Ally and fitted. Planking was completed, not forgetting the bulkhead that overlooks the well deck, this was veneered, as was the Transom. Deck was laid in 1.5mm ply, but when it was all finished, it did not appeal to me at all, don't know why, so this was later planked to give a better sort'of look, although i believe the original full size is a painted deck. My version is now a Stand Off Scale, the dimensions are very close to scale but the finish has a lot of modelers license. Regards Muddy....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 5th Jun 2017
Having seen the finished photo I have to agree with you about the foredeck! Much much better planked 👍 it just looks 'right' 😎
Shelduck - Posted: 5th Jun 2017
This Motor/Sailor was started in 2014 after a pal went on holiday to the New Forest, and arrived on the day when the Setley Pond MBC were there.. He Photographed two of these models, and when they were viewed, I was hooked. Plans and a CD were organised from the club/members, What a great set of Guys at Setley Pond Club. Scratch build was the order of the day .
She was built with whatever materials i had here, mainly 5mm ply and Obechie strip, 3mm x 5mm.. The keel is laminated , three pices of 5mm and the bulkheads are 5mm. Some bulkheads had patterns made but most was traced then pin pricked onto the ply. A lot of dry fit's took place before the bulkheads were hollowed out , egg-box fashion framing was fitted to the top of the frames again in 5mm ply with some strip Obechie 10mm x 20mm forming the hatch openings. The prop shaft was slotted and built in as the keel was laminated.
Regards Muddy....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 5th Jun 2017
Really nice job 👍👍👍 Not my personal foible but I can appreciate the workmanship and beauty of what you have done. Happy sailing, Doug 😎
Response by muddy on the 5th Jun 2017
Many thanks to all the "Likes" and you Doug for kind words.
She sailed yesterday, on a rather blustery day and performed beyond expectations, As for me " like a dog with two tails" or something alike. Chuffed. The sails are from a Starlet. So not to full specification in size.. I have more pics around here somewhere of this build and will post soon, I hope.. Regards Muddy....
Response by Dave M on the 5th Jun 2017
Good traditional building skills producing an authentic looking model.
I look forward to some on water pics!