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Thames barge Print Booklet
Author: Northumbrian   Posts: 8   Photos: 28   Subscribers: 0   Views: 626   Responses: 22   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
nearly there - Posted: 1st Nov 2017
I am just waiting for the sails from Mastman then i can complete the build
I have changed the drum winch for a standard servo i extended the arm it gives more pull on the sails seems to work better time will tell
like all my buddies i am thinking about my winter build i am torn between a hovercraft or a smaller barge i will probably end up doing both 😉

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
rig & sails - Posted: 14th Oct 2017
a few things have been mentioned about my build
ie the rig is not as it should be the reason being i lost the index finger on my right hand so to be able to de rig it is easier to use bowsies with me it is a case of suck it & see
I have decided to have the sails made by Mastman he does a lot of barge bits
I have more or less copied the build from plans for the Celia Jane but me being me i tend to deviate to suit my needs
I served my time in shipyards on both the Tyne & Wear i became a shipyard manager in Swan Hunters and the last three frigates built their were what we called as built we worked from schematics not drawings no two ships were the same 🤐
Response by Dave M on the 14th Oct 2017
I used to live on the Wirral and had friends worked in Cammell Lairds. I do believe they also built in a similar fashion and it's not uncommon to see modifications made as the build progresses and local knowledge and skillsets make minor adjustments. They were all skilled tradesmen and fitters who took pride in the ships they built.
Many Thames barges are now in private ownership and will have been modified to suit the current owner.
Museums usually have beautiful scale replicas but for a sailing model more practical solutions are required and on the water with sails attached the rigging will hardly be noticeable.
I am looking forward to seeing your model on the water.
Response by Northumbrian on the 14th Oct 2017
Hi Dave
Cammell Lairds were one of the greatest shipbuilding yards most famous for building the Mauretania
I was working on the Fort George at Swan Hunters when they sent me over to Belfast to oversee some work on the Fort Victoria another one of our yards gone like so many what happened we were the best shipbuilders in the world
progress - Posted: 12th Oct 2017
up to now the leeboards & rollers are finished i am busy with the fiddly deadeyes 🤔
so far i am pleased with the way it is looking

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by tomarack on the 14th Oct 2017
Very nice model, indeed !!!!
So a purely constructed model like you did, I did not do yet..
Wishing success!

Greetings Tom
Response by tomarack on the 15th Oct 2017
in my case the first crew member was a dog -" Heinz 57 breed"
Response by tomarack on the 18th Oct 2017
For a few days a nice autumn came back to us, from a pond in the park the water has drained ..end of season..
only wild ducks remain on the water under the bridge ....
pictures - Posted: 5th Oct 2017
the keel can be removed the only crew on board is the ships cat

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by tomarack on the 15th Oct 2017
Hi,I decided to use an auxiliary engine on my barge models too, (bargemen on the real barges called it "iron topsail"). It's an advantage when the wind stops blowing - and I do not have to swim for the model in cold water ...

progress - Posted: 5th Oct 2017
the motor has been installed along with a drum winch for the sails i have fitted a 2.4 kg 1 mtr yacht bulb for ballast
(i will post more pictures later)
most of the deck fittings are in place i have started on the masts the biggest job will be of the sails

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by cenbeth on the 15th Oct 2017
Response by tomarack on the 15th Oct 2017
This was our garden "pond" ... and this was its sweet-scented End .......
Response by Northumbrian on the 15th Oct 2017
I like the oven i bet you bake great bread in there 👍
progress - Posted: 28th Sep 2017
cabin & hatches made still a lot to do

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
ribs - Posted: 28th Aug 2017
the ply ribs have arrived i have spaced them out on the keel not a lot being done over the bank holiday

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by chugalone100 on the 29th Aug 2017
Great craftsmanship .
I'll be a work of art!!
Keep us informed.
Response by RNinMunich on the 29th Aug 2017
Looking very good 'ship shape and Bristol fashion' 👍
BUT where's the barbecue sauce ?? 😉
Response by John on the 29th Aug 2017
Good job! 😁 👍
Thames barge - Posted: 20th Aug 2017
the cardboard formers will be forwarded to my mate Kevin who is the proud owner of a new laser cutter

while i am waiting i have made two leeboards and the rudder the keel is going to be made next

this is going to be a long build to see me through into next year

Keep your powder dry 👍

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by canabus on the 28th Aug 2017
If you use a low power setting on a laser cutter you can make look a like deck planking without all the work !!!