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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > 46" Precedent Huntsman
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46" Precedent Huntsman Print Booklet
Author: Novagsi0   Posts: 17   Photos: 29   Subscribers: 1   Views: 4485   Responses: 52   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Memorial Running - Posted: 15th May 2018
Last nights running on the anniversary of my Dads birthday, we started to boat together but it then sat on the shelf for over 30 years.

Now finished by me and my mom, we sadly didn't finished it together dad.

Forgot to mention adding the capacitor across the motor seemed to fix the RC problem last experienced.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Additional supression added. - Posted: 10th May 2018
Following on from comments here and a mail from Como MFA i've added a 0.22uF Cap to the motor terminals. Hopefully that will see the back of the uncontrolled mounting the side of the pool disasters.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
MFA 850 motor - Posted: 9th May 2018
On closer inspection of the MFA850 motor I can see 2 caps in side the motor connected between the terminals and the motor body / can. The only thing I can add is an additional capacitor of 0.047uF connected between the terminals as belt and braces. Otherwise move the aerial and hope no more paint accidents happen.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
More running in at Bournville. - Posted: 8th May 2018
Dennis The Menace, the captain at the helm strikes again, after a radio outage the cockpit ended up full of water up to his waist. Some fresh paint need on the bow. Need to find out why the speed controller without warning goes mad. Tio Marine 50A ESC and fly sky receiver paring.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Novagsi0 on the 9th May 2018
The motor is only a few months old, bought new for Howe's models. I've heard of old radio caps going dry and I means after 40 years of service, since the brother in law repairs old radios and juke boxes. But not capacitors after 16 weeks, the motors only done 3 or 4 hours of service in total. I've added an additional cap across the terminals. I also had a reply from the speed controller company they said to check the fail safe on the transmitter which incidentally is working to kill the throttle channel as its a fly sky intended for a (plane).
Response by RNinMunich on the 9th May 2018
I had understood that this was an 'old motor'. Could have meant decades!
Quote: "old Brushed motors MFA850"
But an extra .047 across the terminals won't hurt.

Re: Fail Safe; a common problem as 99% of sets are pre-programmed for the Fly boys. First thing I do with a new set is delete all the presets for fixed wing / Heli and reprogramme to do what I want and on the stick, switch or knob that I want. Throttle Fail Safe on a plane is often equivalent to throttle stick right back since plane ESCs don't go in reverse the motor just stops. Can have some interesting effects on a boat ESC with reverse though !!!😲 Happy Trialling 😎
Response by Novagsi0 on the 9th May 2018
Update from MFA Como The motors, as they are, sufficiently comply with CE regulations for electrical emissions. However, sometimes with radio control you may need the extra suppression to stop radio interference.

Initially try one capacitor across the terminals, this is usually a 0.22uf.
First run for 2018 - Posted: 23rd Apr 2018
First run of the new year with newly accuired 11.1V 6000mA Lipo battery.
Still need to get the balance right and move the 850 motor forward was hairy on turns nearly flipped it over perhaps cut a bit off the rudder.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 23rd Apr 2018
Lookin' good 👍
How about posting the video??? 😉
Response by Novagsi0 on the 24th Apr 2018
It wasn't my best video because of trying to do it my self and control the model. I will try again after moving the motor back a bit. Few people perhaps interested in the performance of these old Brushed motors MFA850 so I will do it.
Response by RNinMunich on the 27th Apr 2018
Hallo 'Mum', nice work, keep it up 👍👍👍
Power to you to your needles! 😉
All the best, Doug 😎
Recent progress boat fenders added. - Posted: 20th Jan 2018
The homemade boat fenders finally added to finish of the detail only the roof handrails to go and the name plate.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Navigation lights. - Posted: 16th Jan 2018
New battery arrived eventually after yodel lost the first one. Ultra bright led navigation lights done ready for the illumination night running later in the year.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
31" Precedent Huntsman - Posted: 2nd Jan 2018
Few fittings added and new battery ordered for the new year.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by BOATSHED on the 17th Jan 2018
Are you going to let DENIS the Menace skipper your boat ? Don't let him damage.😉
Response by DennisRobotham on the 11th May 2018
Always good to see a Precedent Huntsman, excellent boats and even better skipper. Enjoy sailing mine at the lake every Sunday or Wednesday... never fails to please. Happy boating.. from Dennis the Menace
Hunstman 31 fittings kit for Christmas from Slec - Posted: 29th Dec 2017
Painting and fitting the kit parts from SLEC.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jarvo on the 29th Dec 2017
Still a great looking model, do SLEC sell the fittings separately?

Response by Novagsi0 on the 29th Dec 2017
Yes they do. Their model is tiny ,this is the precedent 31" huntsman. The fittings look the perfect scale. In my opinion there too big for their model.
Fenders for Sale. - Posted: 27th Nov 2017

Me mother finally finished the boat fenders, scale 1/11th ideal for Huntsman 31 or larger, also perhaps a Tug boat or other old school pleasure craft.
A lot of attention to detail has gone into making these, 1 set offered.


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Novagsi0 on the 30th Nov 2017
We could make smaller ones see if this one goes first since she needs to buy some more string.
Response by RNinMunich on the 30th Nov 2017
Await developments with interest 😉
Doug 😎
Response by Geoffrhoose on the 31st Dec 2017
Would be great for Narrow Boat fenders.

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