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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Aerokits Solant Class Lifeboat
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Aerokits Solant Class Lifeboat Print Booklet
Author: Skydive130   Posts: 17   Photos: 63   Subscribers: 1   Views: 969   Responses: 50   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Question- Prop rotatio direction? - Posted: 23rd Oct 2017
Can anyone advise me on correct prop rotation direction. I will be using 2x45mm props 1 clockwise and 1 counter-clockwise. My thought is looking at the props from the rear the lefthand side will rotate clockwise and oposite for the righthand side. Please advise me if I am wrong!
Response by Skydive130 on the 23rd Oct 2017
Thanks mark
Response by RNinMunich on the 23rd Oct 2017
Quite correct Skydive, 👍 go to the top of the class 😉
Conventional wisdom is that you will get better rudder effect if the port prop turns clockwise and the starboard prop anticlockwise. Although with twin rudders this is not so critical, as it is on my twin screw - single rudder destroyer and Graf Spee.
Main thing is opposite directions to cancel the rolling torque the motors create. Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Skydive130 on the 23rd Oct 2017
Logical thinking, thanks Doug
Motors and ESC are in! - Posted: 23rd Oct 2017
Started back on doing some work on the inside today. On/Off switch, ESC, 2 x Motors (MFA 800), Prop shafts and Prop shaft supports fitted. Another coat of 2 part resin and a coat of varnish inside to end the day.

Tomorrow plan on getting the battery/sound card/speaker tray in and to give the outside of the hull its 3rd and final coat of resin before its ready to final sand and start the painting. Jusdt a couple of very small jobs left on the upper superstructure and will call that finished!

Hope to have a video uploaded tomorrow showing working lights and radar (providing the searchlight arrives from eBay, if not wednesday.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
And......! - Posted: 17th Oct 2017
Another good day of detailing. Have finished the light thingy, laquered the whole thing, made the grappleing poles, touched up paint where necesary.

Still to fit the light bulbs, searchlight, front hatch, lifebelt and radar, all post laqueing things. will have to wait until next week as back at work tomorrow. probably about 3 hours of work left on superscructure before returning to the hull.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Flack on the 19th Oct 2017
Very nice detailing - will be a real eye catcher on the pond. I would be interested to know where you sourced the grab rail stanchions from.
Response by Skydive130 on the 19th Oct 2017
Hi Shaun, grab rails from eBay search :
AM 36 model boat fittings handrail
Response by Flack on the 20th Oct 2017
Thanks for the info.
Another day of progress - Posted: 16th Oct 2017
A good day of adding detail to the superstructure. Todays acheivments included soldering the antenna mounts, antennas from carbon rod. all stanchion railings, horn, some grab handles, hatch handles. finished the day when bad light stopped play with a little paint touch up and some highlight dry brushing.

Still to do, mount working searchlight, lifebelt, grab poles,nav lights, roof antennas, front hatch, radar mounting and motor for it with a few other tiny bits n bobs before laquer and windows.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Windscreen wipers - Posted: 15th Oct 2017
Had an hour today when the “mrs” went shopping. Front windscreen wipers made from strip wood, brass rod and plasticard.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Painting and detailing superstructure - Posted: 14th Oct 2017
Good progress on superstructure so far. base coat orange applied, anti-dazzel black applied. have started the weathering process on the doors hatches ect and applied the lettering. Not sure how acurate the applied lettering acuracy is, but I am happy with it.

I have monday and tuesday off work (Sunday I am being tasked in the garden!) so plan on building, painting and adding the wiper blocks and wipers, all handrails, stanchions, lighting, horn, searchlight, twin antennas, all roof wire work, lifebelt, RNLI Flag and pole, motor for radar and grapple poles.

Once all thats added, the whole superstructure less the anti-dazzle panels will get a couple of coats of gloss laquer before I pop in the glazing. Plan is to finish the superstructure completly before moving back to the hull.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 17th Oct 2017
Right numbers, but not necessarily placed as on the original. Still looks good
Response by Skydive130 on the 17th Oct 2017
Agree with postioning Dave, not 100% acurate, but close enough for me.
Painting commenced! - Posted: 12th Oct 2017
So, now onto the pleasant task of adding some colour to primed wood! White primer, followed by 3 light build up coats of VW Brilliant Orange. It’s also had a single gust of laquer.

Will leave overnight to garden before masking off for the black panels. Will then start to retail paint and add all the exterior extras like lights, horn, searchlight, handrails, antennas etc.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 12th Oct 2017
Mushrooms perhaps? 😉
BTW: will you be retailing weathering paints? 😁
Seriously though folks .. boat is looking good 👍
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Skydive130 on the 12th Oct 2017
It’s modelling that keeps me from hard drugs lol
Response by Gravedigger47 on the 15th Oct 2017
Fine work the paint job is also excellent would like to know more about the antiglare black,finish
Ihope to build the Hampshire rose. If and when I finish builds oon the go, will have to look up the lifeboat still get all the detail I can
Yours is excelent
Adding superstructure detail - Posted: 8th Oct 2017
So today has been a good day of progress. spent the morning giving the superstructure a couple of coats of sanding sealer with plenty of sanding inbetween. Have then spent the rest of the day making a good start on the detailing which included most of the plasticard window frames, roof nav light housings, most of the hatches, marking and drilling the holes for the stanchions, adding a brass exhaust on the side, drilling and loose mounting the radar and a few other bits n bobs.

Tomorrow afternoon should see the bulk of the detailing finished less any metal work i.e stanchions and all the roof metalwork which will be added after painting.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Skydive130 on the 8th Oct 2017
Some close ups of details
Response by AllenA on the 8th Oct 2017
Love the shape of the deck and the cabin door is superb.
Response by Skydive130 on the 8th Oct 2017
The resin detailed doors hatches etc where money well spent from macs mouldings. I took think the shape of the old fashioned hull has heaps of character!
Superstructure built - Posted: 5th Oct 2017
Just finished building the basic superstructure. Dont worry about the enlarged window openings, they will be reduced in size to scale once the plasticard frames are installed along with the wiper pieces above the fore windows.

I still have alot of filling, sanding, sealing ect to go before painting and adding the abundance of scale detail I intend putting on. I havnt bothered fitting the rear stowage bin shown on the plan as pictures of real ones generally show it not fitted. I also have a plan of scribing the bottom line of the superstructure to match the outline of the hull which will then have a spruce strip alplied to give a near perfect match between hull and cabin.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Skydive130 on the 5th Oct 2017
Had a couple of hours before I head off to night shift Doug, don’t worry, you’ll be safe in bed tonight ha ha
Response by RNinMunich on the 5th Oct 2017
Does your Operational Area cover Munich as well then?? 😉
I hope so, considering the current state of Bundeswehr equipment 🤔
Response by Skydive130 on the 5th Oct 2017
No Doug, my days of serving in Germany are well over, but i did do 9 years there! Hohne, Osnabruk, and Hannover- good times!
Scale rudders - Posted: 3rd Oct 2017
The beauty of being on nights is I can do some of the smaller but important things at my desk whilst waiting for war to start! Yep, I’m in the army and a coiled spring ha ha! Anyway, have managed to turn the extra large standard rudder into something that looks like the original on the real life “Solent” using some brass strip, a dremel and a good hot soldering iron. Just needs a final clean up, primer and gloss grey to finish it off. I’ve some brass bushes left over from my model car days which are perfect to act as a spacer from rudder blade to hull tunnel. Now to make the second one!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Skydive130 on the 4th Oct 2017
First rudder finished and temp fitted for photo next to prop and propshaft

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