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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Sea Commander Ocean yacht
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Sea Commander Ocean yacht Print Booklet
Author: GARTH   Posts: 11   Photos: 16   Subscribers: 1   Views: 1945   Responses: 15   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Water tryouts & almost finished - Posted: 15th Nov 2017
Pond will be drained Monday Nov.13th So had to go Nov 9th to check balance & running speeds all O/K she ran real great . So added a little more detail , Still needs running lights a fake horn & some lighting but that's something I can work on in the next 6 months . The end of my build log & thanks for all the Views & Responses .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Bryan-the-pirate on the 15th Dec 2017
Looks fantastic Very well done
Pool try outs - Posted: 9th Nov 2017
Nov.13 2017 Spencers pool is being drained for winter skate rink so rushed Sea Commander for a pool try out & shake down . still needs windows & some deck accessories . One of the members suggested to get some tint from a shop that tints car windows & got some tint film for free thanks for that idea . Hope the winter flies by so summer sailing can start again .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Paint Continued - Posted: 5th Nov 2017
Added the windscreen & railings on back deck . I want to have tinted windows & a U-Tube video was looked at. So I have to get some Smoke paint from the hobby store tomorrow .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jarvo on the 5th Nov 2017
Hi Garth, have you considered using the film on car windows? local fitters will give you small offcuts usually with a funny look!!!! comes in a multitude of tints as well
Dremel saw blades - Posted: 1st Nov 2017
Thanks for all the replies on saw blades I broke down and use the E-Bay site . I wasn't looking that hard for these until today the cost was $31.52 most was shipping from the U.S. Got two packs I guess I'll have enough for 20 years

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Tools - Posted: 1st Nov 2017
I know it's a little late but here's my Drumall saw with a rib for the Sea Commander #22 . Its so old I can't find saw blades any more .Got 3 blades left

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 1st Nov 2017
This looks very similar to a bandsaw I have, probably the English version of your Canadian model.
I needed blades and sourced some on the internet. I will have to check but I do believe they came from your side of the pond, but could have been the USA.
I will post details when I find them
Response by Brightwork on the 1st Nov 2017
not sure...but here there is a shop that will custom length any blade to fit a saw. They do band saw blades and dremell blades etc..
Response by Dave M on the 1st Nov 2017
Found the details. Got it off E-Bay under "12 Hobby Scroll Saw Blades 3 inch for Dremel Moto-Shop Craftsman" sold by Zimbyo.
Still selling at abt $14. Postage $9 to UK.
My machine has the same flexi drive attachment. Nice small light machine that cuts small jobs well.
Hope this helps, I was down to one blade!
Paint - Posted: 30th Oct 2017
Put a little paint on my Sea Commander model to see any problems .The I realized front windows would be hard to install so filled them in . The rear cabin & front cabin tops where very difficult to make them sealed & removable but with a little effort got them on .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Need to slow down on my build log - Posted: 25th Oct 2017
I've seem to be obsessed with this build so I need to slow down a little .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Brucef102 on the 25th Oct 2017
It’s easy to do the build looks great so far
Response by vosper on the 25th Oct 2017
Glad that you are enjoying building this model, hopefully your blog will inspire me to get started on mine.
Response by RNinMunich on the 25th Oct 2017
Go for it Vosper 👍
'Every journey begins with the first step'!
and let us know how the 'journey' progresses please 😉
Cheers Doug 😎
lots of sanding - Posted: 22nd Oct 2017
Continued with my project Sea commander hull sheets on deck on & lots of sanding for a smooth finish . Used a clear finishing epoxy it had a lot of bubbles after it dried so more sanding needed .Also made the rudder & shaft from brass rod & tube .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 25th Oct 2017
Bubbles!? 😡
Can heartily recommend Deluxe Materials EzeKote. It's one part (no hardener mixing required) dries in 20 minutes or so and looks like glass.
not cheap, but then the good stuff never is!
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by RNinMunich on the 25th Oct 2017
On the Deluxe Materials site they list the following distributor in Canada
Great Hobbies
17 Glen Stewart Dr
Stratford, PEI Canada
C1B 2A8
Local: 569-3262
Toll Free: 800 839-3262
Local Fax: 569-5373
Toll Free Fax: 888 478-2580

Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Trillium on the 15th Dec 2017
The main advantage of Eze-kote may be its main disadvantage: it's water-based. As stated on the Great Hobbies website, "This product may be damaged by freezing. Shipping during periods of weather below zero is not recommended." So in Canada, shipping between December and May is not recommended. It does not state "Protect from freezing" on the bottle, but it would be helpful if someone who has tried it can confirm it's OK after freezing.
There are 4 Great Hobbies stores in Canada if you are lucky enough to be able to visit and pick up the product.
Hull prep completed - Posted: 17th Oct 2017
Had a little time & the weather was great so worked outside putting the hull skins on I used Door skin mahogany .A sheet was about $ 9.00 Canadian Next time I use Oak Door skin That's about $23.00 a sheet . Have to now take my time & smooth all the parts .I also sealed the inside of hull with a 2 part finishing epoxy.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Motor installation - Posted: 12th Oct 2017
I had some 12 volt motor out of Black & Decker drills so I will use one I find that if motor isn't installed early it becomes very difficult to mount motors in a completed hull .Line up to shaft & couplings . the other thing is I us a Graupner flex coupling . They work great only problem they are no long available any where .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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