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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > paddle tug Aid
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paddle tug Aid Print Booklet
Author: marky   Posts: 15   Photos: 49   Subscribers: 3   Views: 2865   Responses: 22   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Colour change - Posted: 4th Jul 2018
The green looked too drab so changed to a nice blue only fiddely bits to do I hope .
Cheers Marky

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 4th Jul 2018
Nice choice 👍 and a real 'Pushmepullyou' I see.
PLEASE motorise her 😉
All the best, Doug 😎
Response by kmbcsecretary on the 4th Jul 2018
Stunning workmanship marky looking forward to the maiden voyage video.
slow progress - Posted: 1st Apr 2018
As promised, some pictures as she sits at the moment, lots of fiddle bits to do but with fingers all swollen up will have wait ,3D printed some seagulls which can be seen in some of the pictures .Cheers Marky

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 1st Apr 2018
Looking pretty good Mark 👍 love the seagulls, I see the Cap'n is having a quick kip on the bridge deck 😉
Can you mail me the stl file for the seagulls please? Cheers Doug 😎
Response by marky on the 1st Apr 2018
Hi Doug ,nipping into work tommorow will get the seagull file from Ricky, I think there are also puffins on the file as well. Cheers Marky
Response by RNinMunich on the 1st Apr 2018
Sounds great, many thanks 👍 Any penguins ?😉
cowl vents - Posted: 16th Dec 2017
Another coat of paint for the cowl vents ,my wife thinks they look like Kenny from South park ,some paint on the hull only black and white photos only detail of colour is that the funnels are yellow ,hull is matt black below water level and decided on a really dark matt green for above water line pictures don't really show the colour well ,maybe once white water line is added will show up better or should maybe take pictures in natural light

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
wheelhouse - Posted: 8th Dec 2017
So whilst the hull saga continues ,thought I would do some work on the wheelhouse deck funnels are the tube that gas welding rods come in ,3D printed the vent cowls long live thingyverse ,the rails are 1.6mild steel gas welding rod and the stanchions 20mm x1.6mm split pins soldered at the joints ,the only colour mentioned in the book was yellow funnels so went for a subtle matt shade rather than bright gloss used the same colour for the vents

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
gorilla glue - Posted: 27th Nov 2017
Not done much since the last update ,wife had to go into hospital so boat on back burner whilst on chicken soup duty .gorilla glue and ratchet strap have done the trick hull and ribs are back together although inside looks as its been attacked by a strange alien growth ,shall now boldly go in with dremil and scalpel and clear the growth ."keep me a kipper I'll be back for breakfast"(red dwarf)
semi disaster - Posted: 16th Nov 2017
Came home today to what looked like a disaster but after a few well chosen words it wasn't as bad as first thought for some reason known only to the glue one side of the hull timbers had come off the ribs, the same glue was used on all the planks working from the keel up, alternating sides ,anyway a liberal application of gorilla glue at the effected area and some ratchet straps seem to have done the trick will leave the straps on for 24 hours and hope for the best.👍
Decking - Posted: 10th Nov 2017
Hot off the laser the sheets for the decking ,have used strips (coffee stirrers )for decking previously but thought if I can access the technology why not use it.decking is 1.5mm thick oak faced ply sheet 1m x500 lasered every 5mm then cut to the desired sizes

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Hull - Posted: 9th Nov 2017
Well it took a little while but the planking on the hull starting to take shape ,planking is 10mm strips of 1mm thick aero birch ply, nice and bend, time to order up the family size tin of filler.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Question - Posted: 1st Nov 2017
Whilst things are sticking and drying ,I noticed in the book it mentions "at bow and stern were short "turtle deck" covers ,the drawings not very clear and looking on internet got lots of info about garden decking. So question is,is it a curved cover as seen on the bows of trawlers? or am I barking up the wrong tree. Any help appreciated book also says these were removed later on in her career so I can omit them if need be.

Cheers Marky
Response by RNinMunich on the 1st Nov 2017
Quite right Marky, 👍
From: turtle deck in The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea »
"Quick Reference
The upper deck of a vessel constructed with a pronounced curve from the centreline of the vessel down to the sides. Its purpose is to assist overboard the flow of any sea water shipped over the bows."

Cheers Doug 😎
Response by marky on the 1st Nov 2017
Cheers for that Doug ,going to attempt laser printing a sheet of decking on 1mm oak ply this afternoon if the drawing works out , rather than use the old trusted coffee stirrers. embracing the technology "Faint heart etc. etc."

superstructure - Posted: 31st Oct 2017
So while things dry on the paddles started on the superstructures, yard manager on board with hands in pockets old school no hard hat .next stop decking and hull

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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