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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Veron Vosper RTTL 28"
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Veron Vosper RTTL 28" Print Booklet
Author: Skydive130   Posts: 15   Photos: 63   Subscribers: 6   Views: 2567   Responses: 21   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Hull sheeting commences - Posted: 16th Nov 2017
Finished the chine rails this morning and have started to add the 1/32 ply sheeting. Lovely working with such thin ply, it conforms easily! May have got s little further but had to go and get a new car tyre, money I’d rather spend on model stuff lol

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by robbob on the 16th Nov 2017
Excellent progress on this build, I'll be following this with great interest.
Hendon museum is just a stone's throw from me and I have looked at the real boats there a few times close up. If you need any detail photos let me know.
Response by Skydive130 on the 17th Nov 2017
Many thanks for your kind comments and photo offer Robbob, kind regards Sy
Remaining formers and chine formers - Posted: 15th Nov 2017
Have now fitted the remaining outside hull formers and the top deck chine formers. Last job was to place electrics in hull to get an idea of layout, plenty of room to move things around for balance, ballast and CofG.

This is going to be a quick and very easy build up to the point of adding scratch built detail and painting which takes time. Tomorrow remaining chine formers and start hull sheeting.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Keel formers and prop tube placement - Posted: 15th Nov 2017
Had a pleasant morning measuring and cutting the start of the keel formers and the prop shaft formers (is that what they call a stuffing box?). Looking more like a boat instead of a box after this early stage!

Next to do is Finnish the hull formers bottom and sides followed by the chimes before hull sheeting starts.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by marky on the 15th Nov 2017
glad to see that your little helper has all his safety gear on and the force is with him.👍cheers Marky
So, off we go! - Posted: 10th Nov 2017
Having finished the Solent (see separate build thread) it’s time to make a start on the Vosper RTTL. Have built the basic box as per the plan which everything will hang off eventually. All nice and square so far!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Veron Vosper RTTL 28" - Posted: 29th Oct 2017
So, once I have completed my Aerokits Solent built (My other build thread details this build) from plans I have started to look to my next project.

I have sourced a set of plans for the Vintage Veron Vosper RTTL 28" from ebay. I shall bring this up to date with modern electrics and will be using the same electric brushless set up as per the Fairy Huntress featured in the latest issue of "Model Boats"

I have sourced the motor, ESC, LIPO and other standard electrical bits from Hobbyking and have ordered the required wood from SLEC.

I shall loosly base the model on the example that can be seen at the RAF Museum Hendon. Watch this space once building comences in the next 2-3 weeks!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jarvo on the 29th Oct 2017
Skydive, if you do as good a job with this as you have with the Solent then its sure to be a great model. Not many of theses built now, something different

Response by surfacesub on the 13th Nov 2017
How refreshing to read this thread. I built this kit in 1959/60 and from memory powered by a 1.5 c.c. E.D. diesel. Radio control I used a Reptone single channel unit for the rudder only.

We had always had some sort of family boat on the river and not being able to be on board the RTTL was very frustrating for me.

Sadly I sold the model as my training/career took hold.

To this day I wonder if she has survived the test of time.

She had a unique (highly illegal) ID number 2945. If any model boat enthusiast stumbles over my motley attempt at this Veron kit I would be very interested to hear?

Good luck Skydive130 and enjoy the building experience!
Response by Skydive130 on the 13th Nov 2017
The plans are lovely! Really remind me of my keilkraft days as a nipper! Obviously the model was designed when ic motors where the norm, however with the advent of brushless motors and limo batteries, it now gives us the chance to rebuild these classics from yesteryear with cheap electronics! I think motor, esc, lipo and prop shaft cost about £30, wood another £30 odd, a few odds n ends from the spares box, should have a nice vintage model built for less than £80 allowing for any minor purchases!

Will start building again Wednesday, watch this space!

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