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H.M.S Bulldog Print Booklet
Author: Fred   Posts: 8   Photos: 24   Subscribers: 1   Views: 1438   Responses: 24   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Deck Fitted - Posted: 26th Jul 2018
After sorting out the rudders I fitted the rear deck, I then moved on and fitted the for-deck, now we all know about saying measure and measure again then cut, well I did just that and yes I had made the cutout in the for-deck too small by 1/2 an inch in length, I only found this out when I started to make the for-deck housing. I had to do the for-deck housing so the I could work out just were to fit the smoke stack housing as I have no plans for this boat, so all measurement's are taken from all the old deck's and deck housings.

All the best👍


Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Rudder Horns ect - Posted: 7th Jul 2018
Well after some time thinking about making some new rudder horns (thinking = four beers) I have made them out of an old three pin plug I used the small fuse clip that the wire goes into, I have also used a mini servo and all seem's to work O.K, new motor mount made so that the motor's now line up, I also had to make a new rear deck and bulk head I will in time plank the rear deck, I have also started on making new rear deck housing.


Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Hair pulling not that I have any - Posted: 5th Jun 2018
As the title say's it's hair pulling time again, I tried to fix the W/M rudder horn's but with no luck, and my local model shop do not have any collets that small. moved onto fixing the motor's and yes they were out of line so set to and make a new motor bed.

I came across a site called Scale Warship ( so I only went a got myself some Photo Etch R.N Generic Port holes and R.N Generic style Ladders, and yes the person that built her in the first place has made the port hole's way to big so out with the p40 filler.

Will I ever get a run of good luck with this Ship.😁

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Rudder link - Posted: 27th Apr 2018
O.k been a bit of some time since my last update.

So to-day I tried to sort out the rudder link, I first tried to use some thin rod but that just bent when I tried to put the rudders over, next was some thicker rod that worked to a point (just like me😁), I have now come to the conclusion that I need better rudder horns than the W/M one's in the kit so I will start looking for some small brass collets and make my own.
Response by RNinMunich on the 27th Apr 2018
Something like these Fred?
Cheers, Doug 😎
Deck Beams and Anchor Port's - Posted: 20th Feb 2018
Sorry for the delay in posting, as you see I have now fitted new deck beams along with cutting out and fitting box's around the anchor port's, I have also painted the inside of the hull, next job is to fix some new cross beams for the new decks to sit on.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 20th Feb 2018
Hi Fred, More haste, less speed! It's not a race.
Glad to see that you're making progress, but I would have waited to paint the inside of the hull until it was fitted out. To make sure that the internal fittings stick and STAY stuck. 😉
Good luck, Doug 😎
Response by Fred on the 20th Feb 2018
Hi Doug

Good point👍 I have just made more work for myself😆, my thoughts behind it was that I could see my fixing marking's when I started fitting the cross beams for the rudder servo and speed controller.

All the best

Response by RNinMunich on the 20th Feb 2018
Evenin' Fred, just got back from shopping & car-wash, -3C° and still snowing 😡 so no sailing for a while😭 Thinks; must chuck my hovercraft together 😉
Re: marking out - use a medium tip red felt marker and it'll show up on anything (except perhaps red satin pyjamas!!😲😁)
If you've got a mini-drill (Dremel or similar) just whiz the paint off where you need to glue with a mini sanding disc. No great shakes, we've all had to do it, especially with renovations. Cheers Doug 😎
The Fun Starts - Posted: 31st Jan 2018
Now the fun starts
I started by rubbing down the inside of the bulwarks, in doing so I found that they had not been taken down to their correct level. so I started by removing the excess until they were all at the correct level.
I the started to fitting all new deck beams and tided up the gunge that had been used to fix the shafts and rudder posts,

You my ask whey have I not use filler to smooth out the bulwarks, well I am going to try plastic card, I am hoping that it will work so when I come to fit all the rib's to the bulwarks I can use liquid glue and not super glue.

Sorry but I will have to post the photos later as the battery in my camera need's charging.

Decks removed - Posted: 24th Jan 2018
Now that the decks are removed I was then able to see how all the running gear was placed and fixed, I was in luck as the original builder had use a 300 type motor x 2 and had not gone down the servo motor route, I removed all the running gear alone with the electrics that was in place, I now turned my attention to the shafts, as they were fixed in place I felt that it would do more damage to remove them and replace them with new, it is a shame that the prop's are plastic I just may well look at replacing them at a later date.
I now looked at the rudders and as they are of white metal I felt that they would be O.K.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by marky on the 24th Jan 2018
Doug ,that crackle paint affect is very in with trendy interior designers .Cheers Marky
Response by RNinMunich on the 24th Jan 2018
Great idea Marky 👍👍👍 I'll nail her on the wall 😁
Response by RNinMunich on the 24th Jan 2018
Thanks Dave, looks like a bath of paint stripper is in order! 😡
H.M.S Bulldog - Posted: 20th Jan 2018
Hi One and All
First my I take you all down memory lane, the second model ship that I made was the Dean Marine HMS Bulldog, so when I saw one for sale on a Facebook page at £50.00 I went for it, oh such a big mistake.
When I picked it up from a friend in Norwich (who had collected it for me) I could have just put it into his bin😭, after looking at it for some time I felt that I could in time make a passable model out of it, and this is my attempt at a rebuild.
I must say at this point that this will not be a fast rebuild.👍

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Fred on the 23rd Jan 2018
Hi Dave
Thanks, please do not think that at any time did I take you advice as a criticism, after all how will some one learn is some one does not show them the path to go down.

all the best

Response by Colin H. on the 23rd Jan 2018
Hi Fred, I have similar problems transporting my boats, so I have built a trailer that I can carry up to 20 of my boats to the shows. I put the smaller ones in the car or camper. Also the trailer doubles up as storage.
Cheers Colin.
Response by Toby on the 24th Feb 2018
Hello Dave
Here are a couple of photos at the stage of Bulldoginess at which I am currently.