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Brooklyn Tugboat Print Booklet
Author: figtree7nts   Posts: 72   Photos: 105   Subscribers: 4   Views: 6329   Responses: 182   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Fascis Board and Molding! - Posted: 15th Mar 2018
Fascis Board and Molding in place.
It took about an hour to put it on.
Had to keep from gluing my fingers to the boat!

This is why I ordered the Hombral glue applicator!
But I made out ok. If you move your finger quick enough.
It really doesn't stick sort of.....
No finger prints on the boat. 👍

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 16th Mar 2018
I don't think the CoG is too high on her!
Yes, I know I didn't paint her bottom.
One of these days I will!
Response by RNinMunich on the 16th Mar 2018
😲 We all have our little quirks 😉

Actually I meant the Brooklyn if the engine room floor sits higher than the original design! I'm sure you'll get it sorted though, G' night, Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 16th Mar 2018
Good Night!
Glue from Humbrol! - Posted: 15th Mar 2018
Just got an email from Cornwall Model Boats.
They're going to refund the price of the glue from Humbrol!
Turns out the one's they had on there shelves were also dried in the bottles as well! I'm still a fan of Cornwall Model Boats....👍😊

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Donnieboy on the 15th Mar 2018
It's nice to see customer service at work.Kudos to Cornwall Model
Port lights in place! - Posted: 14th Mar 2018
All port lights are in place, all 26 of them!
The aft cabin port lights are optional.
I decided to put them. as it adds detail to the cabin.
On most tugs of that era they had port lights aft.

Brooklyn is a representation of a 1910 steam tug.
They were dark green in color. But I want a light green.
30 years ago, when I worked in New York Harbor.
I remember having to spray paint a GM6110 Diesel Engine.
The green was a light green, Kind of light in shade.
I believe the name of the color is Alpine Green!

So, I won't be painting my tug yet.
until I find the right shade of green that I want!
The dark green makes the tug look menasing!

Now if you look at the third picture on the right.
That's the shade. I wouldn't mind painting her!
If anybody can Identify that shade of green.
Please let me know who might have it.
Or where can I purchase it from....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 15th Mar 2018
It has, I have 3 ounces left!
Response by RNinMunich on the 15th Mar 2018
SHSSSH! 😲 The web has ears!! 😁
Response by figtree7nts on the 15th Mar 2018
NOT that kind of ounces.........
Cabin Sides Glued in Place! - Posted: 13th Mar 2018
I've glued the cabin sides in place.
I've also put the front of the cabin as well!
I have one seam on the cabin starboard side.
Which will need to be filled.
A bit of Bondo (P38) will do the trick!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 15th Mar 2018
Yes, the Jersey City is a smooth sailing tug!
I have mine low in the water.
She grabs the water and doesn't lean as much!
If she was at the water line dumas recommends she'll lean port or Starboard!

Do you have the Brooklyn?
Response by Donnieboy on the 16th Mar 2018
No,I don't have the Brooklin.A friend of mine has one under construction.I'm going to refer him to your blog.I'll see if he is going to continue with it.If he isn't I'll see if he wnys to part with it.
Response by figtree7nts on the 16th Mar 2018
Hi Donnieboy,

I think it's a very good model!
Thanks for referring the build of my model! 👍
Finally My Glue Arrived! - Posted: 12th Mar 2018
I went to check the mailbox.
Yeah, my glues arrived!
Now I can continue with my build....😁😁😁

My Humbrol Poly Cement came dry as a bone! Bottle had set!
Unfortunately had to get in contact. with the folks at Cornwall Model Boats! By the time I get it I won't need it!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Wainscoting Completed! - Posted: 12th Mar 2018
I finished putting the wainscoting.
Around the pilot house.
I had ordered a glue with applicator.
But I haven't received it yet!
So I decided to work on the wainscoting anyway!
So far so good!

Next is the window sills.
Which are 1 mm!😲
Steady hands, I hope!👍

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 12th Mar 2018
I had been wondering why you had to order the glue from UK!
Happy gluing - but don't get 'stuck up' 😁
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 12th Mar 2018
I've been fighting all morning long.
Trying not to get my fingers glued together!😲
I had ordered from Cornwall Model Boats.
Because I need the Thick CA.
And here where I am they don't carry it!😡
Response by RNinMunich on the 12th Mar 2018
Amazing! and that in the land of unlimited opportunity 🤔
Has DJT put too much duty on it ? 😉

I just spent a couple of days on the cabin of my Sea Scout. Preview pics attached. Last pic is the 'before'!😲
Now back to final painting of the hull. Already flatted back with a 3000 sponge used wet with a drop of liquid soap. 😎
Main Cabin Bondo'ed! - Posted: 11th Mar 2018
Main Cabin Deck has been bondo'ed!
After I bondo'ed the seam on the main deck.
Had to sand it down. Two hours later presto!
A nice smooth main cabin deck!

I wanted to make it even smoother.
But I ran out of elbow grease!

The main cabin deck is 25" long.
Quite a big seam to sand.
Had to take breaks!
I Did like the karate kid.
"Wax-on Wax-off!"

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 12th Mar 2018
"But I ran out of elbow grease!"
Where do I send the bottle??😉
I'm just taking a break too. with a glass of Spanish white 'elbow grease' from Mederano. Castilla 😋 Pics soon of finish on my boat; just removing masking tape to get an impression of her before I finish off the hull.
Which made me think about your greenhouse / pilot house!
Dumas must be nuts making the cladding out of one transparent chunk instead of with separate window inserts! Suppose it means you have to use something like liquid masking tape for the windows 🤔 I use Revell Color Stop when I have no other choice, usually only needed on smaller plastic kits. Looking forward to the pics & vids of 'Brooklyn' 👍 Long time since I was there🤔. Cheers Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 12th Mar 2018
Well enjoy the Spanish White!😉
Painting the pilot house.
Is going to be very interesting to say the least!
Oh, I have to cut out plastic that's used for the Wainscoting.
Then glue the trim around it! Then another edge as well.

Lots of fun to be had.
I haven't been to Brooklyn in 25-30 yrs now
I use to pick up a boat in redhook in brooklyn.
Called the mystique! I believe she now is located here in the Connecticut river! You know when you've worked on a boat.
it doesn't matter where you see her you remember that boat!

Good night Doug, Got to go to bed busy day tomorrow!
Pilot House Completed! - Posted: 10th Mar 2018
Pilot house has now been completed.
I'm going to put the running lights later.
I'll be using extremely thin wire for this!

I inadvertently placed a piece of 1/4" spruce.
To support the gluing of the outer cover of the pilot house.
Didn't realize you could see it, Oops!
Hope I don't get 100 points taken away by the Model Police.....😲

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 12th Mar 2018
Oooops! 🤔 Don't tell me you glued them in???
If the MPs getcha plead insanity or 'Diminished Responsibility due to building a Dumas kit'! 😉 Don't worry, we'll stand bail for you 😁
Smoke Stack Completed! - Posted: 9th Mar 2018
I have completed the smoke stack!
It seems a bit tall for a smoke stack!
I know the steam Tugs had Very tall stacks.
But this one is about 10 1/4" inches tall!
And that's measuring from the Ash Deflector!
Other wise it's 11 1/2" inches over all....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 9th Mar 2018
Looking good Ed,👍
I've often wondered at the height of the stacks I've seen in old photos of steam tugs, so I don't think yours is over-tall. It's a pretty big model isn't it?
I guess they wanted to keep the smoke clear of the work deck.
Re 'getting wet': you could try sealing the tube with diluted white waterproof PVA wood glue? Or even with EzeKote from Deluxe Materials?
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 9th Mar 2018
Hi Doug,

Yes, She's 39 1/2" not including the pudding (Tugs Beard).
When completed she'll weigh in at about 10-12lbs give or take!
I guess as long as the Smoke Stack. Doesn't get wet I shouldn't have a problem, Right! If it does There's plenty of Paper towel holder rolls around....😜
Response by figtree7nts on the 9th Mar 2018
OK, I just finish a roll of paper towel in the kitchen!
How ironic is it, I think I have a replacement smoke stack! 😉
The Smoke Stack - Posted: 8th Mar 2018
Partly completed smoke stack.
No, your not seeing things!
Dumas has used what looks like a Paper tower holder spool!
As the smoke stack for the Tug Brooklyn!
No I'm not kidding, Really a paper towel spool.
Only it has a wax finish to the outer surface!

Then they made the pop rivet band out of clear plastic.
Had to use 200 watts of light to see the cuting lines.
But I was able to cut in some what of a straight line!
You can see I placed them about 2" apart!
After you paint the smoke stack.
The bands will come out as part of the details!

Got to give a thanks to RNinMunich!
Doug the white bands you see on the smoke stack.
Those were what I needed the measurements for!
Thanks Again!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 9th Mar 2018
Hi Ed, Now I'm happy😊 As requested photos of the result.
Sorry for hijacking your thread😭
I'll post the rest of the details in my Sea Scout blog, got a lotta updating to do there! Using this technique for a few more cycles I think one could get close to the Riva finish.
Anyway, I think my boat is now waterproof and it's nearly 4am here, soooo time for some Sack Time! Cheers Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 9th Mar 2018
I don't mind you hijacking my thread!
I must say it, the finish is.
Brilliant, Excellent, What a shine!
It reminds me of when I worked on the W.O.Decker.
The in side of the pilot house was all.
Bright wood, you know finished just like that.
Once a year I had to strip it and refinish it.
Lot of work but it was fun!
Response by RNinMunich on the 9th Mar 2018
Thanks Ed, appreciate it! High praise indeed from a professional who did such work on the grand scale 😊
Will continue this topic in my Sea Scout refit blog😉 tomorrow, I'm bushed as I didn't finish the deck until about 03:30 🤔
Good night from Munich, Doug 😎

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