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Brooklyn Tugboat Print Booklet
Author: figtree7nts   Posts: 150   Photos: 206   Subscribers: 6   Views: 33109   Responses: 353   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Fire Monitor! - Posted: 31st Jul 2018
The fire monitor is connected to a water pipe.
But in this case it's a solid piece of aluminum tubing!
Which I had to bend and shape accordingly.
To the Pilot House and Captain's Cabin!
After bending to shape. I then glued miniature washers.
To simulate connection seams!
And there we have it.
Fire monitor and pipe painted the typical Red for Fire!

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Postponed Maiden Voyage! - Posted: 29th Jul 2018
Look as if I'll be postponing Brooklyn's Maiden Voyage.
Still have quite a bit of work to do on her!
I'm also waiting for some .25 miniature rope to arrive in the mail!
I have one last detail to add which is a steam whistle!
But, have to wait on that for now!
I think her Maiden Voyage, will be late sept early oct!😱😲
Special Note! - Posted: 29th Jul 2018
On starting the build of the Brooklyn.
I had purchased 1 bottle of glue! 2oz
It actually take about a bottle and a quarter.
Give or take!
See when I built the Jersey City.
It only took one bottle to put her together!
The Brooklyn is 3.5" longer than the Jersey City.
Hence more glue needed!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Spotlight Completed! - Posted: 28th Jul 2018
Spotlight is now completed!
I have to solder the port & Starboard Lights!
Anyway that's a small project on it's own!
Unlike Serenity the Brooklyn isn't going to have a working spotlight! It's not in the budget!😲

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Life Boat & Davit! - Posted: 27th Jul 2018
On the life boat, Had to order some black rope!
Dumas uses black string. I didn’t like this so found a ship company in New Jersey. They have different size miniature rope. I had ordered some but didn’t know the size! Luckily was able to send back what they had sent me. And was able to send a sample of some tan rope back and a block that dumas sent made of plastic! I want wooden blocks!
And black miniature rope. It’ll look more realistic in the long run!

Replace the black string.
For black rope it will look more scaled!
I ordered from,
Order .025 this will be the right scale rope!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Sleepy - Posted: 26th Jul 2018
Must have been sleepy when I ordered them!!!!
Response by cormorant on the 27th Jul 2018
I must have been sleepy (or something?), when I loaded the car with boats, spares, toolbox and it wasn't until I got to the lake that I found I had forgotten the transmitter!
Don't worry Ed, worse things happen at sea.
Response by RNinMunich on the 27th Jul 2018
Response by figtree7nts on the 27th Jul 2018
Makes me feel better! No ordering after 8PM for me😲
Crew Arrived! - Posted: 26th Jul 2018
Who need's a good laugh!
I ordered the wrong scale crew!
But the wife wants me to put then.
On a non scale square rigger I have!
Some ship I found at the thrift store!
Can anyone guess the scale?
Oop's it's Z scale!😲 have to order G scale!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 27th Jul 2018
Morning Doug,

The wife looked at them. Thought they were just right. for a ship we have in the living room! It's not scaled or anything. just one of the novelty thing's! There's a model train store. some 5 miles away from us. we're going to go there and take a look. see if we can find some deckhands for the Brooklyn! If not there's also a hobby shop some 10 miles away. We can go and look there as well!
Response by RNinMunich on the 27th Jul 2018
Afternoon Ed,
I have a similar type of novelty / souvenir shop model on the shelf above my desk. It's the Mayflower. Bought it in Portugal years ago.
Pain in the neck to get the dust off the sails and rigging😡
Happy crew hunting. Lucky to have two such stores within striking distance. Cheers, Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 27th Jul 2018
Hi Doug,

Of all the boats I have. The wife loves that one the most Go figure!
Fire Stations Completed! - Posted: 26th Jul 2018
Yes, the fire stations are now completed!
I was procrastinating cos I knew.
It would be a pain putting the hoses together!
I did everything to keep my fingers.
From getting glued together in the process.
There are four fire stations.
2 port side 2 Starboard side far and aft!
Next thing to do.
Is glue the forward ladder in place!
But, I think I'll wait on that.
I don't won't to snap it off while working on her!

Take you time with this step!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
90% Completed! - Posted: 22nd Jul 2018
Brooklyn is now 90% completed!
There's a few more thing's to do.
Still have to work on her lighting system!
Maiden Voyage set for Aug' 4th!👍
Will make a video, If I don't forget!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Main deck and triming! - Posted: 22nd Jul 2018
Completed main deck and trimming !
Couldn't get clean lines on painted surfaces.
Painted as best as I could!

Have to get some mineral spirits to clean my brush!
So, can't paint minor over painted area's!
Don't have a local hardware store to go to.
They're closing everywhere I go to!

I heard you can clean a brush with oil (cooking oil).
Is there any truth to that?

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 22nd Jul 2018
Hi Ed, don't know about cooking oil, but I DO know that vinegar works!
it can also soften up brushes that have gone hard 😊
I rescued a few 1" and 1/2" varnish brushes like that.
Pongs a bit 😲 so put the jars outside!
Very surprised you couldn't get clean lines with the Tamiya tape.
Did you press the edges down firmly?
I use the butt end of a small brush for that.
Cheers, Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 22nd Jul 2018
Hi Doug,

I will try the vinegar. until I can find some mineral spirits!
I couldn't get clean lines cos I had to cut the tape!
With an exacto blade. Had to go around very sharp turns!
Also tried pressing down on the tape.
But still had problems. live and learn I guess!
Response by onetenor on the 30th Jul 2018
The cooking or any oil will do . Rub well in while still fresh followed by washing up liquid. May take a few tries. Petrol or diesel will do very well as will meths, nail polish remover (acetone) car paint thinners. Car paint suppliers or accessory shops will supply The latter pair will soften hard brushes if soaked. Petrol and diesel will do too but take a bit longer. Squeeze out as much as you can then wash thoroughly with washing up liquid. Something else you can use is one of those hand cleaning gels like Swarfega. Whatever you use work it well into brush right into the stock manipulate it well with fingers. Then rinse well and allow to air dry .If not using them again for a while lightly dip the tips in some light oil. Baby oil is ideal then put an elastic band lightly round the bristles and put into a brown paper bag and store in a cool darkplace .Not the airing cupboard. Hard work but worth it for good brushes. Only oil natural bristles not synthetic ones.👍

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