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Brooklyn Tugboat Print Booklet
Author: figtree7nts   Posts: 146   Photos: 204   Subscribers: 5   Views: 29558   Responses: 343   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Handrails Painted! - Posted: 4th Jul 2018
Handrails are now painted!
Decided to paint all her handrails black.
It'll give a good contrast to the colors.
I've chosen for the Brooklyn!

Next will be her main cabin deck!
Huh, got to wait for the paint.....😤

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by cormorant on the 20th Jul 2018
Looking good Ed. I bet you can't wait to get her on the water with the smoke generator working!

Best wishes

Response by figtree7nts on the 20th Jul 2018
Thanks Steve,

Sure can't wait! Maiden Voyage in a few more weeks!👍
Handrails made up! - Posted: 3rd Jul 2018
Handrail are now made up.
Will probably spray them tomorrow morning!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 4th Jul 2018
Very neat Ed 👍
but how are you going to spray them without over-spraying the cabin and details you have already so carefully painted !!?? 😲
BTW: small tip for photography 😉
Try not to photograph against a bright background. The auto exposure of the camera will adjust to the bright background (like your backlit window) and makes the foreground darker and obscures the detail we all want to see 🤔 Cheers, Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 4th Jul 2018
Hi Doug,

I made the handrails detachable.
And they come apart in two pieces!

An idea I got from someone else building the Brooklyn!

I'll try to take a better picture today.
So, the details can show up!

Oh, currently waiting for some paint I ordered to arrive!
Response by RNinMunich on the 4th Jul 2018
Clever idea👍
Mast and Flagstaffs Completed! - Posted: 2nd Jul 2018
Main mast and flag staffs are now completed!
The kit comes with a sticky back plastic looking flag.
I'm using it for now! Will order a more realistic flag in the near future!

Fire fighting ports on smoke stack.
Have been painted red to give them contrast!

You'll notice the white band on the pilothouse roof.
That'll be used for when I tape up. for painting of the roof.
the roof of the fiddly deck with also be painted as well!
Oh, the Captain's cabin will need painting also.....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
I just had to get it! - Posted: 30th Jun 2018
Went to the local Walmart today with the wife.
She needed some things for the kitchen!
Look what I found at the check out!
Now can't I use this to solder?👍
Some joints on the hand rails to the Brooklyn!
I do have a soldering iron and a pencil torch.
But, I think this butane torch lighter.
Might be better for some soldering joints!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 30th Jun 2018
Good buy Ed, very similar to mine👍
Maybe a bit heavy for handrails an such, I use a 50 or 25W electric iron with a 1/4" or 1/8" bit respectively.
The torch I use for heavier things like brass oilers to brass shaft tubes.
Practice makes perfect! Try it on some scrap bits. Have fun, Doug 😎
PS you may find the Missus nicking it to caramelise brown sugar!😊
Response by captaindoug1 on the 30th Jun 2018
Re light switch, on my Brooklin I use a push on push off switch or you can go to Hansen Hobbies and check out there Pico Electronic receiver switch that you can use to turn lights on or off from your receiver
Main Cabin almost Completed! - Posted: 26th Jun 2018
Today I worked on the main cabin.
I put the port lights in place.
The mast is completed as well!

The port and starboard lights need to be assembled!
My good friend Cormorant.
Had sent me some LED's awhile back.
I'm going to use a red and green LED.
as they are brighter than the one I have!

Oh, I had ordered some slide switches from radio shack.
They sent me gigantic switches!
Not what I want to use for the LED circuit I'm making!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by captaindoug1 on the 27th Jun 2018
looking good, my Brooklin that I built 25 years ago has pulled a 250 pound barge using a 4 blade brass prop. Keep up the build
Response by figtree7nts on the 27th Jun 2018
Thanks, Captaindoug1👍

Your Brooklyn sounds like a real power house!

I'm looking forward to my Brooklyn's maiden voyage!
In about a month or so!
One light done! - Posted: 24th Jun 2018
One light done!
Decided to work on the forward main cabin light.
I'm using tiny wires for this. Don't know what gauge it is!
It's about the point of a pencil. A very sharp pencil!
I still have three more lights to do.
But taking my time on them!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Sorting Resisters - Posted: 24th Jun 2018
Today I spent 2 hours sorting resisters!
It was a very boring task.
But one that had to be done.
I found what Resister I'm going to use.
I don't want the running lights on the Brooklyn.
To be bright so I will be using 270 Ohm Resisters.
On all the running lights.
This will help keep them not too bright!
Remember the Brooklyn is a 1910 Tugboat.
I don't think running lights were bright back then!
Response by RNinMunich on the 24th Jun 2018
Hi Ed, you might find this page useful in future 😉
This company ships from 'Thief River Falls' (😲) Minnesota!

Some places you can also buy a little mechanical calculator. See pic of mine.
Turn the wheels to show the colours you see and read off the value below.
Example shows a 1k Ohm 5% tolerance resistor. 10x100!
Alternatively; if you are looking for a specific value, turn the wheels until the numbers below show what you need and the dials will show the colours to look for👍 Happy 'wheeling'. Ciao, Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 24th Jun 2018
Hi Doug,
Thanks a bunch!
That's, what I used! I wasn't about to spend days on this!
Oh, I remember when Radio Shack use to sell the color slide rule Calculator. Now that was a long time ago....
Recieved some supplies! - Posted: 22nd Jun 2018
Today besides spray painting the handrail to the Brooklyn.
I recieved the resister and Switches.
I had ordered two weeks ago!
The resisters come in a plastic bag.
With the various values on the reverse!
Now all I have to do. Is spend the weekend sorting resisters.
And putting them in other plastic baggies. With the values written on them Oh, joy!😱

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 23rd Jun 2018
Have fun Ed😉
Write the values on the tape holding them together as well.
Helps when you've got several out the bags!
BTW: are the toes an optional extra these days? 😁😁
Don't get too lit up, G'night all, Doug 😎
Live and learn! - Posted: 22nd Jun 2018
OK, I've learned that.
When paint companies make a batch of paint.
You should get as many cans from that batch as possible!
For a set project if need be!

I used Bright Touch automotive paint.
For the bulwark and outer hull.
Had to get two more cans of the stuff.
It being BT43 Flat Black!

Wouldn't you know it's a different shade!😡
Not too far off but, noticeable!
At least the Red Oxide Primer.
Being BT51 is the same shade!

I must have lucked out on that one!
So what have I learned.
Get two or more cans if needed at the same time!👍

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 25th Jun 2018
What's a 'Skew number'?
I've heard of 'Skewe's numbers' and the skew binary number system!
If you mean the bar code I believe the batch number is buried in that, so check the human readable numbers underneath it.
Some manufacturers actually print 'Batch # xxxx' or maybe a date code (year / month) on the cans.
I've only run across this problem before with cellulose paint for vehicles.
Bad luck 🤔 Back to hull sanding for me 😡
Response by figtree7nts on the 25th Jun 2018
Thanks, Doug
I found it on the bottom of the can!
The batch number that is!
Response by RNinMunich on the 25th Jun 2018
"Seek and ye shall find"! 😁👍
Another great summer day! - Posted: 22nd Jun 2018
Today is another great summer day!
So, I took to spraying the Handrails and Davits.
The handrails that go around the cabin aft.
Need to be made up and sprayed as well!

The Life rings that come with the kit.
Are made of white metal.
I figure for now spray them orange.
And put white ribbons every 90 degree's!
Kind of make them look like life rings!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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