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Brooklyn Tugboat Print Booklet
Author: figtree7nts   Posts: 136   Photos: 191   Subscribers: 5   Views: 23692   Responses: 318   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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Update on the Tug Brooklyn! - Posted: 9th Apr 2018
OK, After having technical problem with my computer and repairing such problems.
I can now continue with my build!
I made a tugs beard for the Brooklyn.
This I made 2 yrs before I ever knew I would get the Tug!
Who knew it would come in handy.
I have assembled the sand buckets stands!
For fire fighting.
I also assembled the galley smoke stack as well.
Behind the galley smoke stack you can see.
The fire fighting hose reel and it's stand!
If you look down at the cabin doors.
You can see the wooden hinges.
I glued one at a time!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 11th Apr 2018
Thanks, Guys!
I'm slowly trying to do a good job building her!
Next is the paint job. Which I plan on taking my time with.
Lights will be placed soon as well.....
Response by Tug_Hercules on the 12th Apr 2018
Great Build; Tug Brooklyn has always been my favourite.

For the brass Portholes/Port Lights that You used on the Deck Cabin; where they the ones supplied by Dumas, or bought elsewhere? (They look good.)
Response by figtree7nts on the 12th Apr 2018
Hi Tug_Hercules

Yes, the Tug Brooklyn is turning out really nice!
As for the port lights, They where supplied by Dumas!
I know there are even better looking ones available.
But the Tug Brooklyn has 26 port lights. That would be very expensive to upgrade them though.....
Handrails! - Posted: 28th Mar 2018
Hand rails temperately placed!
Am thinking of painting the handrails black or a dark green!
Haven't decided which green to contrast the light green
Main cabin and pilot house will be painted a light green!
I have decided to paint the superstructure.
Beige green #90! by hombrol. and maybe light green #120 for contrast!

The original Brooklyn was a dark green. the whole entire boat was dark green. No details what so ever.

My Brooklyn is going to be painted different.
But, I will use green as her primary colors!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Donnieboy on the 28th Mar 2018
Check to see if Hunter green or Olive green will work.Just a thought.Hope you find one that will work with your colour scheme.
Response by RNinMunich on the 28th Mar 2018
Evenin Ed,
The light green #90 upperworks plus black hull or even the Royal Blue I used on the Sea Scout, with white trim, e.g. gunwales and boot topping, would look great and business like👍
Black funnel (sorry smokestack!) with two broad rings one #90 and one white could look kinda nice - like a company colour-logo?
Cheers Doug 😎
PS goin' back to 'the shop' to carry on with the aft deck hatch on my Sea Scout, just fixed in 4 neodymium magnets to fix the forward end. 'SNAP' mind your fingers! Now have to fix two 4mm nuts at the aft edge to screw it down (to keep the wet stuff out😉) using two chrome tank filler caps drilled and threaded to take 4mm studs.
All go folks! Ciao for now, leaving the site port open for the foghorn!
Doug 😎
Main Cabin Doors! - Posted: 27th Mar 2018
The main cabin door are in place now.
They are made up of .10 thick ABS plastic!
Cut to the dimensions called for.
There are approximately 10 doors.
And a simple push pin use as a door knob!

Next, I will measure the hand rails!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 29th Mar 2018
Hallo Ed,
Soooo ... with the 'pedal to the metal and belching smoke & steam' 😁 you'll be drawing around 3.2A from your main battery. I assume it is an SLA of 2.5AHr. So at full bore it will last 2.5/3.2 hours, about 47 minutes, from a fully charged battery. A little less if RX and servos etc are also supplied by this battery. Is the 2A for the motor under load (in the wet stuff) or OFF Load?? Makes a big difference🤔
See if you can fit a pair of the 6V 4AH or 5AH in if you want more time + ballast. The 5AH would double the run time to around 1 1/2 hours.
The 7AH version would give you about 2 hours full ahead!
Or go easier on the gas 😁 Cheers Doug 😎
PS hope the migraine 😡 has gone 😊
Response by figtree7nts on the 29th Mar 2018
Yes, Thanks the migraine has past!
The 2 amps are with no load!
I'm thinking of getting a 12 volt 5 amp battery!
I use separate power for the receiver and servos!
Response by RNinMunich on the 29th Mar 2018
Evenin', Glad to hear the migraine's gone👍
OK. Sounds good. With the 5AH batt you'd should get a whole afternoon in, with some slow speed manoeuvring as well - not always Full Ahead 😉
Be interesting to see the On Load current draw, do you have a Wattmeter?
Cheers Doug 😎
Motor Mounted! - Posted: 27th Mar 2018
I received the motor yesterday.
The Dumas plans give instructions.
For when the motor was mounted differently.
Than how the motor mounts now.
So, if you are going to buy the Dumas motor.
Don't put the wood mount.
That are called for in the instruction!

I was thinking of getting a sound system.
But, The motor and gears make a unique sound.
Kind of like what a steam engine.
Might have sounded like back then!

I like the clanking of the gears! 👍

I must say the Dumas motor is a hefty.
And well worth the money.
Look forward to many years of service! 👍

Oh, it even comes with a date of manufacture!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 28th Mar 2018
Well, I fall apart after 21:00 can't even stay up for taps!
Real good early riser! Some times I'm up at 03:00....
And the better half an I have a real good accord.
She leaves me alone while I'm working on my model!
We get together for dinner, I'm always in the Galley, mess cranking.....!
Response by RNinMunich on the 28th Mar 2018
Sounds like a great partnership 👍
21:00 - That's about when I start warming up!
But now (03:30 CET) I reckon my watch is about over!
CU tomorrow, Greetings also to 'The Better Half', Ciao Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 28th Mar 2018
CU tomorrow also!
Good Night!
And I'll tell the better half you send your Regards Bye...😊
Dumas 12 Volt Motor! - Posted: 24th Mar 2018
I know I could have gotten a cheaper motor.
But the Dumas motor is what I'm going with!
I ordered it yesterday Friday.
It's a very expensive purchase for the model!
$82.00 😤, so will be ordering the paints in two weeks time.
Maybe go to the hobby shop to look at the paints first hand!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Donnieboy on the 28th Mar 2018
These motors are very dependable.I've never had any problem with them.
Response by figtree7nts on the 28th Mar 2018
I really like how sturdy the motor is!
Well made, One of the best motors I've purchased!
Union Jack and Flag Staff! - Posted: 24th Mar 2018
I've placed the Union jack and the Flag staff.
In place just to see what they'll look like!
Yes, I know eventually I have to start painting the model!
The base of the union jack is made of white metal.
Drilling it was a challenge! Cut my finger in the process! It's a bit sore. Good thing I got a tetnus shot six month's ago!

Use a vise to hold the base of the union jack!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Main Mast! - Posted: 21st Mar 2018
Main mast in place. Dumas has the mast being held by small staple you have to make! I guess if your going to make the mast removable ok! But I'm going to put wires on my mast! So the mast has to be a bit more stable and more secure in it's place.
So, I made a support base using 1/8" ABS. Which I laminated to give it more gluing surface. This I then glued to the cabin! I put angles to keep the piece from moving port or starboard. This made the mast feel solid!

Eventually I'll start painting her! But for now I'll keep working on her!

The mast is suppose to have one light suspended above the deck.
But I’m going to run wires to power one light aloft.
I believe it’s the steaming ahead light….

When you go to lower the main cabin on to the main deck.
Start by lowering the main cabin. From the back (Aft)!
Then lower the front (Bow) of the main cabin!
To be flush withthe main deck!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 21st Mar 2018
A mast with leaves! Novel but continues the Greenhouse horticultural theme 😁 A grapevine would be nice He He, I promise to help with the harvest😉
PM answered, cheers Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 22nd Mar 2018
No matter what I do. I can't get away from the flora.....😁
Response by RNinMunich on the 22nd Mar 2018
Oh, was there a mast in the pic? 😲 Couldn't see it!
Must get some new goggles 😉
Bollard Hieght! - Posted: 20th Mar 2018
The bollard height on the Brooklyn.
Is off by about 1/8" towards the bow.
And a little over 1/8" towards the stern!
If you use the recommended height.
Given the bollards don't have enough to bite on.
So I compensated by adding 1/8" to the bollards!
Now by adding the thickness the bollards needed.
The bollards are in their right height....

I've seen this inaccuracies on prier Brooklyn's built!

If you take a look at the picture of the Brooklyn.
You can see that person followed the Dumas instructions.
Which gives the bollards incorrect height!

My bollards will be at the correct height required! 👍

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 21st Mar 2018
Thanks for the Navy flashback!
I'm going to work on her details.
Then I think I'll workout her Running lights and her deck lights!
Then I'll think of painting her!
See the real Brooklyn had deck lights.
So I'm thinking of deck lights!
If you look at the original Brooklyn she has deck lights!
I have some LED's so I might give it a go......
But I'll have to see how the LED's look before I brainstorm!

Then I'll think Now how do I paint her...
BTW, I don't like the dark green the original Brooklyn was painted in!

I prefer a light green!
Response by RNinMunich on the 21st Mar 2018
My pleasure Ed,
It's actually a New Zealand navy frigate, probably one of the German (Blohm & Voss) MEKO types built for the ANZAC program. Pic is from under the Heli Deck on the stern. First 'fairlead' pic I stumbled on in my archive, don't have too many tugs in the electronic stash😉
Let me know if you need any help with the LED circuit; dropping resistor etc.
I agree with the green, so dark makes her look a bit drab and 'sinister'. A lighter shade would be more cheerful - and easier to see on the pond!
Attached is a Humbrol wall chart (with some conversion tables to other makes) which might give you some inspiration 😉 How about #90, Beige Green matt? You might also look at Tamiya and Italeri acrylics.
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 21st Mar 2018
Hi Doug,

All I saw was the grey, Reminded me of my Navy days!

Thanks for the paint chart! It really helps a lot.
The #90, Beige Green matt is what I'm looking for!
I've use Tamiya paints in the past! Liked the way the paint went on smoothly on to the surface!

Yes, I will be asking a lot about the LED's connection!
I'll be using 3mm LED's. Steve (Cormorant). Was very kind to send me some to me. also a smoke generator which is not tested yet! Have to order the fuel for it!
Main Forward Ladder! - Posted: 20th Mar 2018
Made up the main forward ladder!
After carefully gluing it together.
I had to cut off all the outer rungs!
There are two more ladders to be made up.
There's a 3 rung ladder and a 4 rung ladder.
There not bad to work with.
But I wish they would have been made of plastic!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Colin H. on the 20th Mar 2018
Had similar problems with wife's doll's house stairs covered the outsides with veneer to hide the joints before varnishing.
Cheers Colin.
Caprail Guards in place! - Posted: 19th Mar 2018
The caprail guards are in place.
They are the thin piece of plastic.
You see going far and aft!

Hi Doug, Couldn't see if it was on the original.
But saw it was on tugs of that era!

It should prove to be interesting.
Painting the caprail guards!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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