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Vanity, Victorian Cutter Print Booklet
Author: Westquay   Posts: 1   Photos: 3   Subscribers: 1   Views: 394   Responses: 9   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Vanity, Victorian Cutter - Posted: 18th May 2018
Hi all, a 1/16th scale model of the boat I used to live on at Burnham-on-Crouch. 1/8th" Cuban (yes really!) mahogany from 1920s chairs made by my cabinet maker Grandfather. Covered in J cloth and epoxy. J-cloth is very compliant, but yet very strong when soaked in epoxy (WEST System). Lightweight fillered for the bits where the saw wasn't as accurate ripping the strips as it might have been. Black enamel primer.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 21st May 2018
Nice work Martin, as expected from you 👍
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by kmbcsecretary on the 21st May 2018
Coming along nicely Martin , are you using Dacron line for your sheet control ?
Response by Westquay on the 24th May 2018
Thanks, Doug, KMB.
I don't actually know what Dacron line is! I have some nice braided stuff, which doesn't stretch. It reminds me of the stuff my Dad used to get from RS Components to renew the tuning cord on old radios, you know the ones that went "weeoowah oop", when you twiddled the knob on Medium wave mainly. I got 10 metres of it for pennies. I haven't come up with any method for attaching the sheets to the loop yet. Some kind of fancy knot, I'm assuming. Just need mainsail and one jib. The jib is loose footed on Vanity, as are umpteen staysails, but I am not going to shoot the goose that laid the golden egg where my wife making sails is concerned and get greedy. A topsail would look nice though.

I am a real beginner with this sail control stuff. My only experience of a model yacht was an old plastic 575 of my brother's, which was only rigged for rudder control. The sails went where they felt best! But I had hours of fun with it on the river outside my house. I have a finished Veron Veronica in the loft, which I'll get going when I've done Vanity. That'll probably just get rudder control. I also have a huge and lovely pre-War Marblehead which a dear friend gave me. That will have to be done with all sails and rudder control, though quite where I'll sail it I don't know.