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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > S 100 Schnellboot RC build
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S 100 Schnellboot RC build Print Booklet
Author: BW3   Posts: 3   Photos: 9   Subscribers: 3   Views: 683   Responses: 9   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Slow going ... - Posted: 14th Jan 2019
After building the mine laying rails I then purchased scale German mines , only to find out that they are 4mm wider than the rails on the boat, ...what to do , cut the mines (8) down and rework the base and wheels to fit the boats rails or move the rails wider ..... moving the rails ... slow going , found that the motors I have are more aircraft/drone use per the esc, , no reverse .... Hobbyking does have esc that will work , still need a couple of servos and a radio , just not sure if a 6 Chanel land/ boat radio or get a large channel stick radio would be better ... as always $$$$ is an issue .
Work on the messy table as I fit cut and replace fittings and supports ...
Smooth sailing to all...
Bill G

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Update - Posted: 23rd Sep 2018
Not much progress of late , taking care of life matters and a limited cash flow has all but stopped forward movement. Hope to get a bit of free time soon to paint details , she will never be close to what is viewed here but it will be the best I can do ......stay tuned

Happy Cruising All
Response by RNinMunich on the 23rd Sep 2018
Evenin' BW, she's lookin' pretty good to me👍
Don't hide your light under a whatsit!
I've seen far far worse , esp regarding the painting😲
Looks like tidy work to me, I'm signing up for notifications of your progress.
If I can help at all just give me 'an electronic shout' 😉
All the best, Doug 😎
S 100 Schnellboot RC build - Posted: 21st May 2018
After a long time I am back trying to get a boat in the water, I have an old 32nd Parallel kit in mothballs unfinished. So to take an easier route I am converting an S 100 Italeria Schnellboot . Very slow going as there is little to no support locally so with out the net all would be lost......Given my current disability, this will be a 90/90 build , she will look good at 90 feet or 90 mph which ever works best....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by BW3 on the 22nd May 2018
I am doing a lot of reading of posts online many back when this kit was new to the market.... as to my motor choice I winged it as I am not sure of what the motor sizes list here (300,500... etc etc) but did read a rule of thumb in that props should be equal to or better yet less than the diameter of said motor , so with brut strength and ignorance I have 3 Hobbyking ST3007, 1100KV that and a goal of keeping it light , thou I think I have read that 3.3 kg was ideal for scale ?....Again a 90/90 build , having lost all feelings in both hands from spinal stenosis I must accept what I can do now to what I once did or able to do with just a little more effort... Thank You All for your posts and help , and posting of videos online they bring me great pleasure and enjoyment ....Thank You
Response by teejay on the 26th Sep 2018
I really like your schenllboot and I hope you get the same satisfaction as I am getting, I have building the same kit for the last year and a bit , and the support on this site is tremendous, as well as the tips and methods in the blogs and posts . I think I would have be lost without the members help, so keep at
PS the boat looks really good
Response by gcladd on the 27th Sep 2018
👍Love the 32nd Parallel stuff from way back when. You have inspired me to pull my type XXIII U-boat out of "moth balls", stop being so obsessed with details and get the build finished.

Might make a good build post on this site.

Wish I had purchased their Schnellboot as well back then, but as a newly graduated student at the time I bought the Type XXIII money was limited