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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Scimitar-class patrol vessel
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Scimitar-class patrol vessel Print Booklet
Author: CB90   Posts: 7   Photos: 30   Subscribers: 0   Views: 781   Responses: 0   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Change motor - Posted: 30th Sep 2018
Changed motor to a lighter out-runner with same shaft dimensions.

Kv: 3700KV
Max current: 32Amps
Max Power: 330watts
Idle current: 3.6Amps
Resistance: 0.0185Ω
Shaft: 3.175mm
Weight: 75g
Suggested ESC: 40A
Cell count: 2-4s Lipoly (Voltage)
Bolt holes spacing: 16mm
Bolt thread: M2.5/M3

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Added ESC - Posted: 18th Aug 2018
Added a 60A ESC of Chinese origin, improved waterproofing, and modified the rudder water pickup.

Repainted trim tab extension as while it sat in the test tank (AKA the bath) the water got into the wood and split the paint work car spray paint not as water proof as I had hoped.

On the test I found it was pulling over 40Amps which is not what I want as this is a race boat with limited battery capacity
so cut down propeller by filling of the lagging edge of the prop via a drimmel and a file, so now pulls under 30A at full throttle.

At the pond I will check current and prop-sizes.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Painted outside - Posted: 13th Aug 2018
Finish painting and adding some stickers, and a couple of pictures of the real thing.

Fitted Motor in a water cooled jacket and motor mount.
The motor is a 3650 and is rated as 3060kv Max Power: 1300W
Max Voltage: 19V
Max Amps: 68A
Shaft Diameter: 3.2mm
Shaft Length: 15mm
Connector: 5.0mm Banana Connector
Net Weight: 181g

Servo fitted sideways via rubber bellows to external rudder fixed to transom.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Make a little more scale like. - Posted: 19th Jun 2018
Modified bow to give a more scale appearance added two guns to the rear of the deck as per the real article, may add some shields to the guns.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Prime and sand - Posted: 19th Jun 2018
Primed with white primer and will sand most of this away again.
Please note boat is for semi-scale racing.
the bow strakes have been reduced as per the real boat bow and perhaps allowing for some shark teeth details to be add as per one of the two original boats P285

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Did a bit more - Posted: 10th Jun 2018
Added a flexi drive, after fining out they were permissible in the rules of our semi-scale racing it came from a spare boat and a rudder to the transom (not allowed to have extended rudders or surface drives) I picked a rudder on the transom also because I had a spare one kicking around (save some money) and I have had trouble with water ingress with rudder tubes at higher speeds.
Also added trim tabs to the transom and a servo for the rudder.
primed the superstructure and added a locking screw (plastic) to hold it in place.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Scimitar-class patrol vessel - Posted: 5th Jun 2018
Two vessel in it class
(1) HMS Scimitar
(2) HMS Sabre

Launched: December 1992
Displacement: 24,000 kg
Builder: Portsmouth
Armament: 2 × General purpose machine guns (stern-mounted)
Complement: 7 (1 officer, 6 ratings)
Gibraltar Squadron's two Scimitar-class boats are the smallest commissioned vessels in the Royal Navy.

This build was to produce a fun semi scale racing boat, I have always liked the Archer class boats cabin design. So after finding a suitable hull, an old 'Models by Design' GRP moulding I was away with the rest of the build.

Striped out all old fittings and remnants removed excess glue.

Added strakes to the hull to add lift for planning and control.

Produced a semi scale deck and cabin from light ply.

Thanks for your interest

Attached Photos - Click To View Large