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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Deans Robert E. Perry Libertyship
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Deans Robert E. Perry Libertyship Print Booklet
Author: Mikep   Posts: 3   Photos: 22   Subscribers: 1   Views: 654   Responses: 12   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Bulwark Stays - Posted: 6th Oct 2018
Began adding bulwark stays cut with chop tool and secured with thick CA should take a while also searching net for oval shaped eyelets to simulate Hawser openings.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 8th Oct 2018
Evenin' Mike,
Murmansk as well! Your Pa must have been through the mill!

During my nefarious travels over the last few decades I ended up in Muscat, Oman a few times to discuss COMMS refits and upgrades for their fleet. In Muscat I stayed at the Marriott hotel which has a bar called 'The John Barry Bar'.
Since I only knew John Barry from the James Bond theme I wondered why! The barkeep told me it referred to a liberty ship supposedly carrying bullion to Russia and sunk off the Oman coast in August 1944.
In fact she was carrying silver coins to Saudi Arabia! They didn't have paper currency then so that was the only way for the allies to provide funds for services rendered.
If I ever build a Liberty ship model - she will be it!
Cheers, Doug 😎
PS Took several 'John Barry' beermats from the bar 😉
Response by Mikep on the 8th Oct 2018
Very interesting Doug not to go on and on Since the seaman’s story’s I was told are way to colorful for this site, but your mention of Oman reminded me of my birthday August 1944 my old man told me he was in Oran unloading and on the 11th of August a bird flew in to his cabin that’s my birthday. Have a Good evening Mike
Response by RNinMunich on the 8th Oct 2018
Hi Mike, fellow Leo! Mine is 6 days later 17.08.
I've also been in Oran, Algeria, several times, talking to the navy and the naval shipyard in Mers El Kebir just round the headland from Oran.
Yep, that's right, where the RN reluctantly shot up the French fleet in WW2.
Result of the discussions; 3 Patrol Boats built in Mers El Kebir, 2 Frigates built in Germany, 1 Training ship and 3 Corvettes built in China.
The Italians nicked my design for the COMMS system for the LPD which was built in Italy (incentive - Govt. funding!), otherwise I'd have had that as well. 😡 You can't win 'em all 😉
I got my revenge just before I retired when I won the contracts for 7 ships for the Qatar Navy, built in Italy by the same Genoa yard as the Algerian LPD. 😁
Cheers, Doug 😎
Ballast - Posted: 11th Aug 2018
Added 5 lbs of shot to the hull and installed sub floor.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Deans Robert E. Perry Libertyship - Posted: 8th Aug 2018
Started building Deans Marine Libertyship Robert E. Perry finished
Lenth 54 1/2” beam 7 1/2” weight 35 lbs. Power is Deans motor Falcon 3671 6 volt 1500rpm 3.19mm shaft and prop 147-18 brass propeller 50-L-4bl-M4.
Kit is very nicely done all fittings and hardware are included with the kit. The hull is detailed and I have lined the inside of the hull with 2 x 2 oz. fiberglass cloth and resin to give it more rigidity. I have installed the motor and prop shaft along with the rudder which I replaced since the kit supplied rudder was cast resin and only had a 3/32 dia shaft, I’m sure it would work fine but felt better with something a little more substantial. Added 5 lbs of ballast I used shot and installed sub floor in hull. Equipment installation and deck fitting, added 1/8” plywood as deck and styrene on top.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Mikep on the 9th Aug 2018
Response by Sanddancer on the 3rd Oct 2018
I am presently very slowly building the Deans City of Ely which is very similar to the Robert E Perry. I have got the motor and the prop installed and I have cut the decking and picked up some good points from your pictures, ( i hope you don't mind😡), I particularly like the plywood under deck and noted that you built up the stern where the rudder post is fitted. I think I shall follow your lead there.👍
Response by Mikep on the 3rd Oct 2018
Thanks for the kind words Sanddancer. Your City of Eli looks very nice so far. I just added some detail to the Hull I used 1/4” aluminum tubing and fiberglass filler to add fillets. I saw the added stabilizers on the Fleet Scale hull for there Liberty ship. I have there 1/48 Flower Corvette hull and it is really well made heavier gauge then the deans and very well detailed including rivet detail.