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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Deans Robert E. Perry Libertyship
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Deans Robert E. Perry Libertyship Print Booklet
Author: Mikep   Posts: 2   Photos: 17   Subscribers: 1   Views: 224   Responses: 5   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Ballast - Posted: 11th Aug 2018
Added 5 lbs of shot to the hull and installed sub floor.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Deans Robert E. Perry Libertyship - Posted: 8th Aug 2018
Started building Deans Marine Libertyship Robert E. Perry finished
Lenth 54 1/2” beam 7 1/2” weight 35 lbs. Power is Deans motor Falcon 3671 6 volt 1500rpm 3.19mm shaft and prop 147-18 brass propeller 50-L-4bl-M4.
Kit is very nicely done all fittings and hardware are included with the kit. The hull is detailed and I have lined the inside of the hull with 2 x 2 oz. fiberglass cloth and resin to give it more rigidity. I have installed the motor and prop shaft along with the rudder which I replaced since the kit supplied rudder was cast resin and only had a 3/32 dia shaft, I’m sure it would work fine but felt better with something a little more substantial. Added 5 lbs of ballast I used shot and installed sub floor in hull. Equipment installation and deck fitting, added 1/8” plywood as deck and styrene on top.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by deepdiver on the 9th Aug 2018
I inherited one of theses kit's some years back, when I had a word with Ron he said that it must have been one of his early kit's as it said I need to put bulkheads in to stiffen up the hull.
The one that I have has a white metal off set rudder ie the top half of the rudder is just off central, was this to stop any torque from the single prop?

I look forward to your build blog as in time I am hoping to get mine finished and will name her "Jack McCann" as that is the name of my late friend.
Response by Mikep on the 9th Aug 2018
Yes Deepdiver, the rudder is offset on the and liberty and made of cast concrete in two sections for fuel efficiency which I understand saved thousands of gallons of fuel, since I,m not worried about the mileage I’m just going to simulate the rebar on the rudder for scale affect. I foolded a brass sheet over into a streamline air foil shape and sandwiched a piece 1/8” brass rod for the post. Just a point of interest the American aircraft carrier based Corsair had 2 degrees of offset built into the vertical
Fin as well as a rudder trim tab to compensate for the torque. I just returned from Baltimore where my wife and I took a 8hr day trip on the John W. Brown one of 3 remaining working WW2 Libertyships.
Response by Mikep on the 9th Aug 2018