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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Maree III sharpie 10 Rater
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Maree III sharpie 10 Rater Print Booklet
Author: steve-d   Posts: 8   Photos: 21   Subscribers: 0   Views: 772   Responses: 15   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Deck beams & keel - Posted: 24th Nov 2018
Been glueing up the curved deck beams (one still in the jig) and laying them roughly in place but final position is going to be governed by mast position and hard points for the running and standing rigging most of which I have yet to establish.
Most of the keel is done but still needs plenty of sanding to get the foil profile right.

So next question is does anyone have knowledge on how to make my own sails. They will not be modern Mylar/scrim types as I am going for a semi vintage look. I've bought some white nylon cloth (about the grade you would make a holdall out of) now I need to learn how the get the right shape into the sail.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by steve-d on the 19th Jan 2019
So did you just cut out a triangular shape or build in some shape by changing the shape of the luff and leach?
Response by jacko on the 24th Jan 2019
just a triangle with a bit of a curve in the longest edge
( luff) ?????? i'm new to them yachting terms
Response by jacko on the 24th Jan 2019
just looked it up and its the leech and added 35mm max to this
Hull off the build jig - Posted: 5th Nov 2018
I didn't know I was building a canoe for a small child but that's how it's come out.
Now needs strong points for the keel mount, a step for the mast and reinforcement for chain plates etc. I will then glass fibre the inside before making some deck beams.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 5th Nov 2018
So far so good Steve 👍
I might be tempted to fit at least temporary cross beams though, just in case the fibre-glassing tries to pull the sides together 😉
Crew already lined up? Or do you need to chat with your children? 😁😉
(Apologies if on thin ice!)
Cheers, Doug 😎
Response by steve-d on the 5th Nov 2018
It won't be my kids (37 & 40) but I do have grand kids that would fit.
Thanks for the heads up on the deck beams...good call.
Response by RNinMunich on the 5th Nov 2018
Actually I meant your children as a 'crew production unit' 😉😲
Good to hear you have potential already lined up 👍
Tip about cross beams is from experience. Along time ago (far far away!) I reskinned a long thin destroyer hull, originally built all balsa with a 1/32" hull skin, with fibre glass and suddenly it was even thinner! Good for speed vs given power 😊 but not so good for refitting the decks and internals 😡 Also seemed to create a twisting stress in the hull!!
Carry on the great work, All the best Doug 😎
Second hull skin on - Posted: 30th Oct 2018
Just fitted the second skin on the hull

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Joe727 on the 19th Jan 2019
Hello, Just looked through your build blog, interesting way that you are doing the hull. Have you made any further progress on it? Very nice work on the lead bulb
Cheers, Joe
Cast keel bulb - Posted: 20th Oct 2018
Well that went OK.
Now have to attach it to something.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Colin H. on the 20th Oct 2018
Nice moulding, did you mould the mounting points in it.
Cheers Colin.
Response by steve-d on the 20th Oct 2018
No mounting points yet.
I thought I was pushing my luck trying to DIY mould 6.5Kg of lead without making things worse with fixings.
Plan is that the fin will be between 12 and 30mm thick with a 10mm plywood core which I will set into the lead. Then an 8mm diameter carbon rod right up into the hull finishing above the waterline and two M6 stainless steel studs to hold the keel on. One of those studs will pass right through the lead. There will not be space for the second stud to do the same.
Moulds for the keel bulb - Posted: 19th Oct 2018
Made the silicone moulds for the keel bulb. The moulds fit in a box as I doubt they would stay in place with 6.5Kg of molten lead in them. Will find out tomorrow.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Progress - Posted: 14th Oct 2018
Can you define progress based on the size of the shavings pile?

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
inaccurate plans - Posted: 14th Oct 2018
Not happy to find that 2 of the frames are not the correct shape.
I've added a scan of the frames. There should be an even change of spacing of the frame profiles. I think in shipbuilding terms they call it 'fair'. You can see there is not an even transition at frames 12 and 52.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Maree III sharpie 10 Rater - Posted: 13th Oct 2018
Maree III is a 10 Rater Sharpie design by A Wilcock dating back to 1958. MM plan MM/504.
I first built her in 1996 but as with all these things family life got in the way or changed and I stopped taking her out. At some point I must have sold her but I can’t remember how or when.
A few weeks back I decided to build something again and found the original plans under the bench so where better to start than there. I also found the MM Plans catalogue which is how I found the first date (Plan ordered 06/08/1996 pencilled in the margin).
The original design does not have a bulb keel but I have decided mine will but not with the narrow carbon fin as used on the latest boat designs. She is also not for competition so I plan to include a cabin top for a more ‘scale’ appearance.
Must give my thanks early on for the help I have had from David Creed who researched some old plans to find me a suitable design for the bulb keel but with a quite broad fin. As a result I have now made a plug for the bulb and a box in which to make the silicone mould.
I have also cut out all the rib moulds so I can start laying up the hull. It is a monocoque design so these are just to build the hull shape. There will then only be a couple of ribs around the keel mount and mast step to add strength in those areas.
Been buying materials but it is not easy as the plans have very little info on the sails and rigging.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by terrymiff on the 25th Oct 2018
Hi Steve,

what silicon did you use please?


Response by steve-d on the 25th Oct 2018

They sell it in a number of sizes.

Worked well but despite my calculations and buying extra I did not have quite enough. Beginning to wonder if the volume figure they advertise is a little short. I've thrown the pots away now so can't measure it.
Held up well casting 6.5Kg of lead. I even did it twice because my first pore was a little slow so the finish keel was not pretty so I cut it up and did it again.

Response by terrymiff on the 26th Oct 2018
Thanks Steve.