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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Building my Carina sailboat from scratch
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Building my Carina sailboat from scratch Print Booklet
Author: Hellmut1956   Posts: 2   Photos: 2   Subscribers: 0   Views: 300   Responses: 9   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Part 2: - Posted: 25th Nov 2018
Thanks to RNinMunich help at least I am able to continue! I publish part 2 again as I can find it on my thread!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Hellmut1956 on the 25th Nov 2018
Part 3:
Response by Hellmut1956 on the 25th Nov 2018
Part 4:
Building my Carina sailboat from scratch - Posted: 21st Nov 2018
I have started the building from a plan I did purchase. So building from scratch is probably the right term.
I am 61 years old and I have spent about a decade working on it.
I use to build sailplanes as a kid and I did purchase my last sailplane shortly before leaving the university and there it is. Still, not even started working on it. In 2000 I lost my last job employed and reaching the age of 45 I was told I was already too old. So after a number of years, I did realize that I would not get hired for a job anymore and that reactivating my old hobby was a good thing to do. Being financially limited I decided to switch to a sailboat. Those do not crash as planes do and so building a sailboat from scratch looked to be a real option.
I need to comment that I use to be a so-called Field Application Engineer for one of the large US semiconductor companies. Then, the career makes you develop into managerial positions. Disappointed by how salespeople worked and I shifted to sales when moving to another US semiconductor company. My active professional employed life did get me to be a Business Developer Director with one of the largest US telecommunication companies.
Due to this history at a certain point of my project of building a sailboat from scratch started to have electronics and informatics becoming the dominant activity.
Another topic that influenced about what I am doing on this project was due to now limited financial resources. So I decided to work on improving my workshop and to organize the many items I had been accumulating over the many years. It used to be easier for me to buy something I knew I had somewhere in my workshop. So this also influenced my activities on my workshop.
Finally the heavyweight of electronics and informatic aspects of my project I started to build an electronics workbench.

Sadly I do have a lot of health problems, 4 strokes, heart-stopping to beat due to side effects of medicine I was taking since I was 19 years old I got a pacemaker. Lately, I am slowed down due to being tired for many hours of the day and by suffering from a reduced concentration capability.

As being positive, as having a well organized day and fascination to force that organ between my ears to work so that it can reorganize itself, I am happy working on the diverse subprojects. So the work for my project has become my focus and objective and not finishing the project.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Hellmut1956 on the 25th Nov 2018
I might be foolish, but I am not able to open the pdf files I have attached myself. What do I have to do so that I do not get to see just the image indicating it is a pdf file I have attached, but the pdf file itself?

Second question:
What I would like to do is that what is in the pdf file would appear online on the screen and I would be adding photos to the text I the way my attached pdf file does contain?

When hitting the button on top "Post New Build Update" all I found out what I can do is to write text as I do here and attache a pdf file as I have done previously.
Response by RNinMunich on the 25th Nov 2018
Tag Helmut,
Just left click on the Adobe icon so the Media Gallery opens with the larger icon.
Left click on [Download], top left corner of the media gallery window.
Windows will then ask you if you want to Save or Open the file.
left click 'Open', your pdf reader will open it. You can then save it to wherever you want.
If you are using a 'Dumbphone' - I don't know🤔 I don't!
Cheers, Doug 😎
Response by Hellmut1956 on the 25th Nov 2018
@RNinMunich: Danke.