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Author: Gabby   Posts: 3   Photos: 4   Subscribers: 1   Views: 3489   Responses: 3   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
PT 301 Sea trials - Posted: 31st May 2012
301 was finally placed In the water and let loose. Trial only lasted 1m 30 sec. The battery was placed to far for'rd and the angle of attack on the prop caused 301 to act like a submarine. Luckily the ESC was connected to the motor the wrong way round, so It only had half power In forward. The second trial only lasted 10 secs. as the main fuse blew. Only 15 amp with the motor pulling 18-20 amps. It did start to look good though.
I have tried to upload a video of the trial but the website will not upload It. For those who are Interested It can be found on YOU TUBE under the heading Model PT Boat 301
Response by Dave M on the 1st Jun 2012
Good to see Its working. I use speed 600 motors In my Trent lifeboat and they are so power hungry and get so hot 😓 . I am considering moving to 12v 700BB after having spoken to Dave Millbourn at Action. Either that or use brushless.
I'd check the rating on your 600's I think you may be exceeding the recommended max current and may need to use a smaller prop.
PT 301 Snuffy Smith update - Posted: 15th May 2012
The build Is now well on Its way with a new paint job. She has spent a whole day floating In a tank with no leaks. The motor and R/C gear has been Installed and tank tested and It works. The real 301 served In the Pacific and had a green camouflage paint job. The model has a grey paint job as recommended by Aerokits. My cameraman could not find her on Fleetwood lake on a grey day. Had her first sea trial, we had Issues with the battery, nearly a disaster.
More with the next update.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Gregg on the 16th May 2012
Its looking very nice. I do appreciate the problems with finding your boat via camera, Some people even have difficulty finding my PT596 In Its full Pacific camo paint and that has virtually 5 different colours In the pattern and Its still possible to loose sight of It, especially on a grey day or worse still If the water has a green algae bloom !
PT301 (Snuffy Smith) - Posted: 9th May 2012
I started this build back In the 60's.When I was a teen. But other passion's, work and marriage got In the way. Parents often took me to Fleetwood to watch the power bouts. Now retired, found the boat still In dry dock (loft) at christmas and the passion was re-ignited. The boat Is 70% built. Just needs a little refurbishment and all new Internals.The original plan was for a 7.5cc I/C engine but will now consider a Speed 600 brushed electric with 2.4 ghz R/C. The clear coat to the hull has shrunk and cracked so a new rub down and re-paint needed. Hopefully all finished for Fleetwood Vintage day In June.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 10th May 2012
Mean and lean looking machine. Great to see the original box as well. I bet you are glad you didn't fit the I/C engine, It's saved you having to get rid of all the gooey associated gunge. In my experience you need to check the hull joints very carefully as the glue and wood will probably have suffered from being In your dry dock! An application of overall tissue and sanding sealer or resin will seal any fine cracks. As you are already sanding down this shouldn't add too much work but may save you heartache later. Good luck at Fleetwood - please post pictures of your model on the water 😀