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Confederation Marine Modellers
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(Chief Petty Officer)
(Chief Petty Officer)
our web site - Posted: 1 year ago by brokey2
please visit our new website .... there are several items of interest.... try this link
Web Site address change. - Posted: 2 years ago by GARTH
Our club has change our web site address to it's ca not com . The new web site is a go daddy generated site that easier to navigate now
web site - Posted: 2 years ago by captaindoug1
the web site should be not .com
Response by RNinMunich 1 year ago
Hi Dave, Thanks for the advice (aimed more at the non-computer guys here I guess 😉), but I was programming computers back in the 8 bit paper tape days!
Due to limited storage space (kbytes not Giga or Terrabytes!🤔) I quickly learned to use it sparingly and clear the junk out after every session!
Nowadays it's sadly more of a security question. ALL my possible browsers are set to clear cache, cookies, searches, sites visited etc etc on closure. At the end of each session I also use CCleanerPro (formerly CrapCleaner!) to clear out all caches, MS usage logs, temporary thumbnails Temp files, and deleted files - Waste Basket and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all!. So there can not have been anything in the browser cache - especially on the very first attempt.
I agree with your last comment - my interpretation is that when McAfee looked at the site it exhibited behaviour which is classed as Suspicious!
I won't be trying it again. Cheers Doug 😎
PS: i suppose I could dig out the site report, but frankly it's not worth the bother, more interesting things to do! ColourCoats paints for the PT boat and T45 as well as LifeColor cammo colours for KM and RN WW2 arrived today. Only ordered 'em yesterday 😊😊
Response by RNinMunich 1 year ago
Hi Roy, kinda looks that way🤔
I suspect that all those who have no bother don't have any kind of Site Checker installed. They're not infallible but then who or what is? Better safe than sorry! Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Trillium 1 year ago
In view of Doug's experience, we contacted Godaddy. They advised us that we need SSL certification for our site. I'm a complete novice when it comes to website design and security but I learnt two things. One is that SSL is indicated by the green padlock and the 's' in https in the address bar. The second is that it's considered vital if sensitive information is being transmitted, such as credit card data, usernames and passwords, etc. And of course, SSL costs money. A scan of the list of clubs on this website showed that only one has SSL and they are using Google Sites, Google being actively pushing for SSL on everything. We are a group of model boaters whose website is simply making available for viewing some of our activities, we are not collecting anything from visitors. In conclusion, we will not be making any changes, and so McAfee users will continue to receive the message Doug reported.