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>> Home > Forum > Boat Specific Chit Chat! > Proboat Volere
Proboat Volere
Author Message

Forum Posts: 13
29th Mar 2017 02:06  
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I have proboat volere. It performs pretty well but, it makes a big bow wave and really doesn't get up and plane like I think it should. Has anyone performed any modifications? Bringing the voltage up by one cell o 9.6volts helps a little as does adding a little weight to the stern. Speed control is huge, and I know, can easily be replaced by a tiny mtroniks unit. Any other experience or ideas out there?


(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 413
29th Mar 2017 15:13  
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Hi Commodore-H

I to have the ProBoat Volere, I have left it as is. it does have good performance however it does push water as if it were a tugboat! I believe it's the design of the hull!
Did you see how to get in to the hull? I don't see how to and so I left it alone! all an all it's a good little boat.
Oh, talk about a huge ESC....
Oops, Looks as if I'll have to fix the stand!

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"Fair winds calm Seas"
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 473
30th Mar 2017 13:02  
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I did a little searching and found this

if its the same boat then it would seem there may be a problem with your setups

"that's not a bug its just an undocumented creature."

Sir Terence David John "Terry" Pratchett, OBE (28 April 1948 - 12 March 2015)
Dave M
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 1527
30th Mar 2017 17:05  
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Hi Commodore-H
I suspect the model is on the heavy side. I saw a similar model at the E-Port show and it was heavy without any motors or batteries installed. This will be causing the symptoms you are experiencing. The u-tube post shows the same problem. It really needs to be constructed of very light materials. They do look beautiful but at the cost of weight.

Live long and prosper


Forum Posts: 13
30th Mar 2017 22:27  
>> Permalink

Thanks guys for your thoughts. I looked at the YouTube video and yes, that is the way I think it should run, with the bow lifted out of the water instead of plowing like a tugboat! I looked at other videos and yep, there's the giant bow wave again. So I am wondering now if the one in the video is version 2.

It's still too cold where I live, Pennsylvania, USA to run any boats. I do have a new prop on hand so I can try that first when the weather cooperates.

Looking at the Proboat website, I saw two interesting new models. One is a PBR,(was showcased in film Apocalypse Now) that's not released yet. It is powered by twin water-jets. That is one that has been on my build list for a while. So now maybe I will just buy it. The website says it has operating lights and provision to make the forward turret rotate. Sounds good to me.

The second is a race boat also powered by a water-jet. I am primarily a scale boat builder but I always wanted to give water-jet propulsion a try.


(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 473
30th Mar 2017 23:02  
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if your going to play with props get a watt meter that way you can use your test tank ( bath) to get some idea of the current draw. Way cheaper than a new motor.

If you can get inside the boat consider change of motor and esc. ( and go lipo)

"that's not a bug its just an undocumented creature."

Sir Terence David John "Terry" Pratchett, OBE (28 April 1948 - 12 March 2015)

Forum Posts: 1
8th Jul 2017 23:10  
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I to have the Volere and cured the bow wave by adding spray rails. I used 2mm square white plastic trim purchased from my local hobby shop. Stuck them on with iso from the bow along the line of the white paint for about 150mm long. The boat now planes fantastically and has increased speed. On reflection I would run the spray rails full length of the hull to improve the authentic.