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>> Home > Forum > Boat Specific Chit Chat! > Propulsion Hegi Revell Fairplay V tug model
Propulsion Hegi Revell Fairplay V tug model
Author Message

Forum Posts: 5
8th Oct 2017 12:06  
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I recently bought a on Ebay 'stranded' vintage harbourtug which will be fully rebuild. (I actually bought a NOS hull, and old - but good build - superstructure and all the deckgear & fittings.

Except for some essential parts...

There's no kortnozzle/rudder and propellor.

I would like to know what size of nozzle and propdiameter I should mount. Originally it was designed with a steering nozzle/rudder, but the only item which comes close is the fixed nozzle as used on the Robbe Happy Hunter salvage tug model.(which has twin nozzles)

That nozzle would be fixed with a seperate rudder for steering.

What would you advise? What alternatives are available?
(Making a proper nozzle myself which actually works and looks to scale is out of the question.)

Attached three photos: one showing original (steering nozzle) and teh other with this Happy Hunter fixed nozzle, and te drawing showing the design.

Attached Files - Click To View Large

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 96
8th Oct 2017 19:52  
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Hi Radiosailor, what you have to realise is that we are all crazy but hang on, it's not us, it's those people who don't sail model boats. They are the crazy ones.


Forum Posts: 5
8th Oct 2017 20:57  
>> Permalink

Hi AllenA, LOL! I think you're referring to my post "Local Boatshow" in the Boat Harbour section. Doesn't matter.

Happy to read that I'm perfectly fine!

I'm just new here and have no idea how active this forum is. I happened to stumble over this forum while searching RC boat photo's on the web, and thought: Well why not drop a question here. (not knowing at that time that I would spend half the afternoon posting pics of my own fleet...and I haven't even finished yet...)

Back on topic: I'm curious to see what advise I get over here regarding the Fairplay V.

I might even keep up a build blog over here. I like the classic - almost yacht like - sheerline and superstructure. And this model is compared to the Banckert, Bugsier, Kalle or Torben tugs slightly wider and heavier; which will give this tug just a bit bigger wavepattern...

Attached Files - Click To View Large

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 2314
12th Oct 2017 12:08  
>> Permalink

Hi Radiosailor, have a look here
might give you some inspiration.
Cheers Doug 😎

Young at heart - slightly older in other places 😉 Cheers Doug
Grant me the Serenity to accept things I can't change, - the Courage to change things that I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference!

Forum Posts: 5
12th Oct 2017 13:05  
>> Permalink

That's the sort of information is was looking for! Thank you very much!

I have three motors from which I would like to choose one for the Fairplay V tug (30" long, 9" wide, about 3 Kgs displacement):

-Graupner Speed 500E 12V / 12.000Rpm / 0.4A
-Monoperm Super 6V / 5.000Rpm, / 0.20A
-Motraxx XDRIVE 555-1 12V / 5.900Rpm / 0.25A

(The 500E would be run on 6V)

I have a Robbe Rookie Navy speedcontroller (6-12V) max 35 A. And haven't bought a (lead)battery yet.

Which one would be best?

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 2314
12th Oct 2017 14:12  
>> Permalink

Hi, I can't profess to be a Tug expert but I believe the general rule is 'Low revs & Hi Torque'. I hope one of the tug fans here will pick up this thread.
Also this forum might be useful to you; a discussion on kort nozzles & tugs 'Fixed or steerable'.
Good luck, let us know how it goes. Cheers Doug 😎

Young at heart - slightly older in other places 😉 Cheers Doug
Grant me the Serenity to accept things I can't change, - the Courage to change things that I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference!
Dave M
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 1527
12th Oct 2017 15:13  
>> Permalink

Hi Radiosailor
I was not familiar with the model so have just searched.
The Tug forum
has an article by a member who did some mods. If you register you can see the pics and ask for advice.
Regarding fixed or steerable nozzles they both work better than a standard prop. For maximum effect the steerable works best and this will certainly be the case with a single prop. I have had both types on tugs but mine were twin screw and I could turn both on the spot with independent motor control.
From the motors you have I suspect the Xdrive 555 may have the best torque which as Doug said is best for Tugs.
There are several suppliers but without knowing any measurements it's difficult to point you to a specific site.
It should make into a nice model and will certainly look the part on the water.
If you look on Model Slipiway's web site they have a kit Al Khubar and AZIZ which are twin Kort. There are links to build blogs for the AZIZ which may be useful. Model Boats and MMI also had featured articles on builds for Al Khubar.

Live long and prosper


Forum Posts: 5
12th Oct 2017 16:05  
>> Permalink

I just recieved a big package today containing the remains and the hull of this Fairplay V. The included paperwork included a A3 sized scan of the original plan. But this plan only shows partnumbers instead of measurements.

Indicated on these original plans are a 60mm diameter propellor, and the Marx Monoperm Super Special (what a name!) with reduction 3:1 in it. A choice which seems undersized to me compared to the (same era & comparable size) Bugsier Tug from Graupner which has a Decaperm.

For the moment I tend to go for this 12V low Rpm Xdrive 555. It has 25Nm of torque and doesn't need reduction. And combined to a Raboesch propshaft - which one can easily shorten - will help to get the driveline as far aft as possible in the boat, leaving more room for a bigger battery.(Or have the possibility to trim the boat with the battery and have the battery as deep as possible in the boat.)

I'll check these mentioned forums too, thank you for the advise.