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>> Home > Forum > Boat Specific Chit Chat! > Fairmile D 1/24 Scale Build
Fairmile D 1/24 Scale Build
Author Message

Forum Posts: 5
3rd Mar 2018 16:13  
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At this moment in time. I am completing a TID Tug boat.
My next project is a Fairmile D MTB at 1/24 scale. I intend to run 4 props using brushed motors and two ESCs.

I am looking for reasonable performance from brushed motors probably Johnson 600 motors running 3 blade 40mm props.

Can anyone give me advice regards this setup or can recommend an alternative that does not involve to much expense.


Forum Posts: 15
9th Mar 2018 19:45  
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Hi Andy
I am interested to read about your plans for a dog boat as I am thinking of doing the same (when my Thames steam launch is eventually finished....!). One reason that I am considering this is that my headmaster, when I was at Maidenhead Grammar School in the 1960's, was a former skipper of MGB 658 and I am lucky enough have autographed copies of two of his books. "Motor Gunboat 658" is a fascinating read if you haven't already come across it, as is "Dog Boats at War" with plenty of useful information and photographs - just two of the books by Len Reynolds DSC. (He rose from Navigating Officer to Captain during the war in the Mediterranean theatre and served on MGB 658 from its commissioning in 1943 to the war's end.) Apologies by the way if you already know all this!
Two questions if you don't mind - are you going to do a complete scratchbuild from plans or complete a fibreglass hull, and which/whose plans are you using? This may help my own decisions later on. I have seen that there are plenty of the appropriate weapons in 1/24th scale on the Deans website which should make life easier with the fiddly bits!
Very best wishes with the build.


Forum Posts: 15
16th Mar 2018 11:09  
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Further to the above post I have just received this book which I bought on Ebay - superb scale detail of lots of dog boats including colour references etc and MGB 658 is one of the boats featured. Also apologies to the memory of L.C. Reynolds (‘Elsie’ as we knew him at school, and I bet he knew it too!) as I forgot to mention his OBE.

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(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 42
16th Mar 2018 14:47  
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I have scratch-built a Fairmile D in 1/24 scale. if you look through my posts/videos you will see it. I used the Lambert-Ross Allied Coastal Forces book for the plan that I scaled up. Perhaps I should enter it in my boat harbour. Anatomy of a Ship is also a good source of information. I built mine from Balsawood/Pine and fibreglassed it. Attached are a few photos. Watch the videos. They may inspire you. I have previously posted these links under videos.

Attached Files - Click To View Large


Forum Posts: 8
20th Jan 2019 16:51  
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The schnellboote looks stunning! Where did you get the criss section design? Would love to build one of them