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>> Home > Forum > Boat Specific Chit Chat! > Griffon2000
Author Message

Forum Posts: 11
4th Mar 2018 23:20  
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Hi all, recently built a Griffon2000 with the brushless upgrade.
Just a couple of questions for those who have already built same.
Skirt flutter appears abnormal.
When the skirt is inflated the model is tail heavy even with the battery in the fwd recess. The cowling was constructed by using 1mm balsa for the inner and outer skins.
The rudders are 1.5mm balsa coated with clear poly then a final coat of black spray pack.

Attached Files - Click To View Large


Forum Posts: 11
8th Mar 2018 01:10  
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Update.....maiden trip resulted in batteries being moved further rearward due to nose down attitude.
Completely different profile on water, go figure

Attached Files - Click To View Large

Colin H.
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 437
8th Mar 2018 08:44  
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Nice looking model, does it work as well on land.

Fair winds and calm waters,

Forum Posts: 11
8th Mar 2018 09:05  
>> Permalink

Hello Colin
Hard flat surfaces ok stones grass etc needs a lot of thrust as the skirt drags. Will probably upgrade the lift motor/prop to get more volume with the same air pressure. Would like to converse with a fellow builder to resolve some of these issues.
Maybe the problem is that we are upside down😁

(Chief Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 18
8th Mar 2018 19:47  
>> Permalink

hi, I'm in the middle of making the Griffon, what thurst motor did you use and how did you mount it?


Forum Posts: 11
8th Mar 2018 22:22  
>> Permalink

Still trying a few combinations to get it right.
Started off with a 2212t6 2200kv with a 7x3.5 prop.....good power but high battery usage 3S 3000mah dedicated.
The video of the maiden, I ran a 2212t? 1000kv with a 3 bladed 6x4E pusher.......much better battery life although not much fwd speed but ok to learn its handling characteristics. I am sure that my attention span has dropped to goldfish level.
If you want to keep the traditional power pod look using a pusher prop then the first photo above is the go.
The power pod, fan cowling and rudders as a removable assembly and screwed down to the aft deck would be ideal.
Before fitting the aft deck epoxy 4 t-nuts (3mm) as the anchor points for the removable pod.
I have seen some 9inch assemblies and they she really quick and manoeuvrable.
Hope this helps.