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>> Home > Forum > Boat Specific Chit Chat! > Calling Devon boaters. Help!
Calling Devon boaters. Help!
Author Message

Forum Posts: 12
7th Mar 2018 13:12  
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My 95 year old uncle is a former MTB captain living in a care home in Exmouth. His brother, my late father, built a nice Vosper MTB model in the fifties that has not run since 1962. I have recently restored, upgraded and recommissioned this model and I would really like to show my uncle her running on a lake.

Unfortunately, the lake at Exmouth has been filled in recently and the nearest alternative that I can find on the net is about 45 miles away which is too far for him to travel.

The model is now electric and so is quiet, about 40 inches long and a fairly hot performer at full chat. If you are active in this area, I would be most grateful to be informed of any suitable closer waters and the requirements to access it.

Thanks guys.

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(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 549
8th Mar 2018 07:10  
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Hi mate, I am not in your area but have sailed with the Weymouth club on holiday, they sail on a superb water at the back of the harbour, great access from the carpark, right to the water's edge.
They are in the club list, give them a ring to sort it out


Etherow Model Boat Club

Forum Posts: 12
8th Mar 2018 10:33  
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Hi Jarvo,

Thanks for that. It certainly sounds like a splendid water but it is too far for my uncle to travel.


Forum Posts: 17
8th Mar 2018 20:49  
>> Permalink

This might be a little too far as well. I live in Paignton. The local model club used to sail in the park behind Goodrington beach. There is a large pedal boat lake there as well which is not used at this time of the year.
Hope you find somewhere suitable.


Forum Posts: 12
8th Mar 2018 21:02  
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Thanks Mouldbuilder, Sounds good. I will check it out.

(Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 5
10th Mar 2018 10:25  
>> Permalink

If you need any help getting your uncle to the Paignton water give me a shout. I have an electric disabled scooter that I can get to the park. E-Mail


Forum Posts: 12
10th Mar 2018 20:55  
>> Permalink

Hi Keystone,

Thank you so much for a very generous and thoughtful offer. I will certainly take this up if my uncle feels he needs it. I do not expect to do this until the weather is warmer and more reliable. Say April/May. Are you a member of the Paignton Club? I have unsuccessfully tried to find contact details for the Club to let them know what I want to do rather than just pitch up.

(Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 5
11th Mar 2018 10:00  
>> Permalink

Hi wunwinglo,
The water is plenty big enough for your uncles boat and there is about 300 metres to walk from the car park.
If you decide to do this make it as early as possible in the year as during the summer the main water is used for commercial swan boats and bumper boats. The operators do not object to models being on the water when they are not operating but it is very difficult when they have customers.
I have not been able to contact any club members and I assume that the club does not exist any more. I am interested in restarting the club if this is possible but it may take some time.
Please use my e-mail if you wish to reply as I am having problems at the moment receiving e-mail from the forum. will always get to me.