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Author Message

Forum Posts: 34
27th May 2018 10:52  
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I use to have a gentleman, keen model plane & boat builder help my because I have special needs, I am very say my friend passed last year, I've a 5 foot HMS Lion, I've brought the motors and other pieces but I am afraid attempting on my own without his guidance I've wasted nearly £100 of wood, I need somebody to guide me once more, please is there anybody interested in building this battlecruiser with me? I live in Basingstoke, Hampshire. To tell you the truth after wasting all that wood I just pushed the hull under my bed with the promise to Bill that I would complete it in the end nomatter what

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 797
27th May 2018 11:22  
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Damon, you need to say where you are and say a bit more about the boat model. Then any one available can possibly help you out. I hope so.


(Chief Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 5
27th May 2018 14:30  
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Sounds like you need to hone your skills and be more confident that you can finish the project before jumping right in.When building high quality ships its not an instant finish it up project,my friend Bob took 5 years and he is an Expert builder.

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(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 2548
27th May 2018 14:31  
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Hi Martin,
Damon is in Basingstoke. He is trying to build a 6foot model of HMS Lion, the WW1 battlecruiser. He has some difficulty I'm afraid.
Here is his first plea for help from a year ago.
" Help Me Please by Damon Lieutenant Posted: 1 year ago
I have a rather expensive dilemma and am really hoping that somebody might be willing to help me please…I have a £100, HMS Lion hull and £200, driving gear made specifically for this ship. I used to make RC Ships with a close friend, but he passed away beginning of this year. The problem I have is I was in a road accident a long time ago and as a result I damaged my brain, fracturing my skull. My friend use to be my memory for me explaining what has/had to be done because I forget after a very short while. I am not asking you to pay anything, it was our ship, his uncle or something served on her just after Jutland and Bill wanted to make as much as he could, this is now I want to make as much, I realise that I am asking a lot, but I’m not that bad and it might be fun, I’ve already built 4, ships with Bill, if you’d like a chat my email is or leave a message here I’ll then give you phone numbers…Thank you Damon😁 PS. After all the above I forgot to mention where I'm located, sorry...I live in Basingstoke, Hampshire I apologise for not replying folks but I'm afraid this is part of my problem, I forgot I'd placed the request & I now need to remember how to reply to each response 07706,439865 this is my mobile...thanks, sorry I have plans of HMS Lion, but there isn't any measurements on the plans, I've tried converting the plan to the size of the hull I have, it's about 6ft in length"

A sad tale but Damon seems to be doing his best to get through.
Wish I was close enough to Basingstoke to be able to lend a hand 🤔
Basically he needs someone to be his memory and guide.
Best regards, Doug

Young at heart - slightly older in other places 😉 Cheers Doug
(Chief Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 5
27th May 2018 14:37  
>> Permalink

Thanks for the insite,what he needs is a person close by to help out,im sorry for his injuries.I have a friend too who relies on my help now and then with things he just cant wrap himself around like electronics.I hope the best on his build and that he gets a new friend to help him out,I would but its a bit far for me to travel.This was one of my projects I had to finish

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(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 2548
27th May 2018 14:45  
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I would too chumbucket, but Munich's a bit far as well.
Know what you mean with help with electronics, or 'lectrickery' as Martin calls it 😉
Nice PTB👍 I have a 1:35 PTB on the list to be renovated and repainted in Pacific colours, like PT109 What else!? All the best, Doug

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Young at heart - slightly older in other places 😉 Cheers Doug