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>> Home > Forum > Building Related > Shamrock Fast Police Boat
Shamrock Fast Police Boat
Author Message
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 185
4th Apr 2017 07:40  
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I have been giving some thought to How I can use the hull From the big blue hull .

I know it is Not the same as the shamrock fast police boat but close. The hull is 54 inches long so I took the plans to a friend that has a printers and had the plans blown up to the full size of 54 inches.

Two massive pieces of paper.

So that,s the start..

I am trying to keep the deck of the big blue boat without removing stuff like ladders bollards winches.

So Another deck and superstructure that will just fit onto the hull.

Now start,s the game of finding stuff to make the vessel using as many reclaimed and free Items as I can.

So with that In mind I am off today scavenging for some stuff that could do the job..

A few Ideas what I am looking for but as yet No idea where to look.

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 185
5th Apr 2017 08:49  
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Found a tin of paint down the local tip.
With the RAL number 5002 The same colour as the hull.

Went across the estate to buy a light bulb for the car and then popped a little further down and called into a plastic sign makers.

They had some scraps of Foam board plastic they were throwing out so I asked If i could have some and they said yes.
They also said I could call again next week and take any of the scrap they had all for free.

So the Police boat has started.

Formed a frame around the hull and then cobbled together some supports after all I will not need access as the whole lit will lift off.

Also manage to pick up some rubber for fendering approx 3 mtrs
10mm wide 4mm thick.

I have a small amount of the plastic left to start the superstructure.

So far the cost is £0.50. So I am off to a good start...

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Forum Posts: 13
5th Apr 2017 21:13  
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Excellent work. Just the kind of thing I like. It's more fun and challenging this way.

What was the 0.05 for? Did you remember to buy the light bulb?

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 185
7th Apr 2017 18:17  
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£ 0.50 pence was for 3/4 of a tin of paint.

Adhesives I already have some from the last model..

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 185
7th Apr 2017 18:22  
>> Permalink

Now starting the wheelhouse / cabin.

Got as far as i can for now until I make another visit to the plastic shop. If it is free it is worth waiting for.

The wheelhouse look out,s are some old inhaler tubes Yep Have a few of them kicking about..

Still more later when I start again. In the meanwhile I will start some of the other fixtures and fittings...

Attached Files - Click To View Large

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 185
10th Apr 2017 07:38  
>> Permalink

Been busy making a few fittings
Just a few of the items made so far.

The launch frame for the rib just needs hinges now and then can be fitted near the end or the model..

No plans for the rhib or drawings .
But as I have made a few of these full size and even built one from scratch that,s no mouldings It was an easy build.

Balsa wood hull and deck and foam pipe insolation for the sponson,s Still got a way to go with the rhib ( Ridged Hull Inflatable Boat )yet..

The top tip for making a rhib is when sticking down the deck allow another 3/4 of an inch overhang all round this will allow you to fit the foam with ease.

No overhang and there will be more than a struggle to fit the tubes.

Attached Files - Click To View Large

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 185
10th Apr 2017 07:57  
>> Permalink

This is an image of the vessel I am hopefully building.

I have a set of plans and a build manual for the kit.
that is originally 27" inches in length and most of the kit is vacuformed items.


Mine will be 54 inches and I have no kit...

I have had the plans redone and expanded by 200% so full size plans now for the hull I am using at 54 inches in length.

There were no details on the Rhib apart from cut out plastic and stick together Images as is all of the user manual.. With ALL the fittings.

So Sizes taken from the plans. And hopefully I should have a police boat in the end.

Also I think I should mention I am trying to do this build with whatever I can find about.

Like the search light For example

1 x plastic water end cap
1 x tin foil from a cake case.
1 x handle from a disposable razor blade
2 x rubber holders that go on back of earrings.
1 x small length of twisted wire
A small length of Shrink tube.
A few drops of Superglue.

Just needs re-sanding and another coat of paint..

Attached Files - Click To View Large

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 185
12th Apr 2017 07:20  
>> Permalink

The rhib is just about finished now except for a steering wheel.

And so far I have not found anything that will do the job Yet...

The idea was good but the finish could be a lot better if I had not the shakes. So Materials and tools are not to blame ....

But none of my models will ever be prize winners I am really enjoying modeling And I guess that,s what it is all about.

So the total cost of the whole build so far is still .50 pence.

Attached Files - Click To View Large


Forum Posts: 13
14th Apr 2017 21:30  
>> Permalink

great work.

I find that thrift stores are great sources of materials. Toys are available for very low cost, even a broken toy car may likely have a nice usable steering wheel and the tires make nice fenders.