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>> Home > Forum > Building Related > Mast fittings
Mast fittings
Author Message

Forum Posts: 4
18th Nov 2018 19:33  
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Can anyone tell me the technical name for the hook-like piece of metal on this mast and where to buy one from? It's approximately 24mm long by 6mm wide.
I've tried searching for forestay hooks and jib hooks but nothing seems to come close to a match.

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(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 84
18th Nov 2018 20:28  
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Hope this helps I no expert but wikipedia explains it.

Standing rigging on a fore-and-aft rigged sailboat.
Key: 1. Forestay 2. Shroud 3. (Spreaders) 4. Backstay 5. Inner forestay 6. Sidestay 7. (Boom) 8. Running backstays

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Forum Posts: 4
18th Nov 2018 21:05  
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Thanks, that's great, but doesn't answer the question at all. Your lovely diagram fails to note the metal hook above the spreader on my photo and it's that that I would like to know the technical name of and where to buy them.

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 2547
18th Nov 2018 22:47  
>> Permalink

Looks like a simple 'Jam cleat', roughly half a normal Horn cleat.
On a mast a form of Shroud cleat.
Look in the Fittings section of any good model shop, e.g. Cornwall Model Boats. If all else fails just buy a normal two horn cleat and saw/file one horn off. Simple enough to make though.

Young at heart - slightly older in other places 😉 Cheers Doug

Forum Posts: 66
18th Nov 2018 23:05  
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I'm in the process of researching running and standing rigging for a boat of mine. I've not seen one of those anywhere so I suspect it is hand made.

Closest i've seen.


Forum Posts: 4
19th Nov 2018 18:11  
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Thanks for the ideas guys. I'll probably try and find a two horn cleat like you suggested, though finding one I can blind screw in at two points is proving a little more difficult. Like you said, it's looking like a handmade fixture. I suspect the whole boat, including all the fixtures were hand made. The joys of buying second hand.


Forum Posts: 6
21st Nov 2018 12:39  
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I've sailed and re-rigged small full scale yachts and catamarans all my life and never seen a fitting like that. Perhaps it was put there as a halyard or stay 'tidy' for storage purposes? looks more like an upside down boat cover tie down clip or part of a latch. Perhaps try the door and lock section at your local hardware super store. Found this on google. As the other guys have said though, probably hand made. Usually, no rigging fittings on yachts have square edges unless they are part of a fitting.

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