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>> Home > Forum > Electrical Related > Possible Motors for Large Scale Tug
Possible Motors for Large Scale Tug
Author Message

Forum Posts: 2
15th May 2017 07:38  
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Im interested in building either a Mr Darby or a Pono tug. I saw some Flojet 74001 12V motors 0.8Amp (unloaded) 2600 rpm, they are 5 1/2" L X 3" Dia
Would a pair of those work, my goal is some serious power?
$40 doesnt seem so bad.
Electronic Goldmine - Flojet 74001 Super Heavy Duty 12VDC Motor

They are use in waste water RV pumping approx 12 gpm.

Any advice?

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 185
15th May 2017 08:48  
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Try these there full of power for a tug.

I have four of these motors on large tug models.

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 550
15th May 2017 10:44  
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Hi there, the web lead shows a motor that is either a car heater blower motor or a radiator fan motor, have a word with your local scrap yard, i got three from a ford mondeo for £10. Very powerful and with low power draw,


Etherow Model Boat Club
Dave M
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 1527
15th May 2017 11:46  
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Hi raginghalfasian
I see you are in the USA.
The motor you mention looks pretty good but the real question is will it have the Tork to dive your props. Given their usage I suspect they will. If you buy one you can test and if OK buy another.
As Mark says in the UK we can source car heater blower motors from local scrap yards and they do work very well in Tugs and can turn big props.
If you have such an outlet near it may be worth a visit (take some tools) to see what is available.
Sonar uses similar motors from a German supplier but I am sure there will be similar in the USA.
When Figtree wakes up he may have some useful input as he is States based.
Good luck with your search and please keep us posted with your eventual choice

Live long and prosper


Forum Posts: 2
15th May 2017 16:09  
>> Permalink

thanks for your suggestions, there are alot of scrap yards over here, i dont think my girlfriend will want to go "shopping" with me on this one though...

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 413
15th May 2017 23:40  
>> Permalink

Hi raginghalfasian

OK, I don't know how I missed this anyway. I source everything from Cornwall Model Boats. you might want to look here!
MFA Torpedo 850 Powerpack ESC it's worth a look.
Oh, I just wanted to let you know your in for a treat when it comes to the ballast of Mr. Darby.
Her Ballast is about 90 Lbs. So hope you have a strong back!

"Fair winds calm Seas"