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>> Home > Forum > Electrical Related > Rx-tx confusion
Rx-tx confusion
Author Message
(Chief Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 13
9th Jan 2019 08:06  
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This being my first serious foray into Rx-tx, I am having some difficulty in binding.
My question is, do I need a specific brand/type of reciever to be compatible with my spectrum dx6i transmitter?
If so, can anyone recommend which one I need to source and where I may purchase one?


Forum Posts: 101
9th Jan 2019 08:59  
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Google is probably your friend here. You DO need compatible receivers - here is the first discussion I found when googling "spectrum dx6i compatible receiver"....

(Chief Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 13
9th Jan 2019 11:02  
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Thanks dodgygeezer, having read all that thread I am even more uncertain as to which one to purchase. There is such a diversity of opinions out there. Am I expecting too much to get a definitive answer from the inter web? maybe I will have to get off my backside and visit a model shop🤔

Dave J
(Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 9
9th Jan 2019 12:38  
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Had this info through google !!!!

It seems from info gained thru OTHER REPUTABLE forums that this is the one everyone is using I do NOT use Spektrum and so can not verify if htis is correct but others seem to say so



Forum Posts: 101
9th Jan 2019 17:11  
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"....Am I expecting too much to get a definitive answer from the inter web?...."

If you ask a system which has 3.25 billion people connected to it, you are unlikely to get just one answer... 😤

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 36
9th Jan 2019 22:46  
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I understand the confusion as there is almost too much infor nation on the web, much of it is mis-leading. I have been using this technology for 12 years now and have owned and used at least 8 Spektrum receivers. Here's my take:
1. You need a DSM2 or DSMX Transmitter, that simple.
2. My first photo shows a Spektrum AR7000 RX in my tugboat. It's a nice RX, IS 7 channel with an addition satellite received. It's overkill for a boat that just needs a couple of channels and doesn't fall to earth in a failure. Originally purchased for an RC Airplane, it's pricey at $90 to $100 USD. OUCH.
3. Ti try the less expensive RX's available no, first I tried OrangeRX and bought 3, none of which ever worked, a problem with China's lack of quality control.
4. Recently p, I needed two more RXs for boat builds and read that LemonRX was doing pretty good. Last two photos are of the Lemon, model LM0034. They work great and bind very easy, best of all they are $16 USD !
5. One caveat with the lemon, they come just as shown in documentation. You need to look up on the internet which port is which and how to bind. Took me about 10 minute, bu is something to consider if this is your first hookup. Knowing which set of prongs go to what channel is critical.

Personally, In the future, I am going to buy more Lemons...

Hope this helps, Ask any question that you may have, we are all hear to help each other.

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Forum Posts: 24
9th Jan 2019 23:39  
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did a quick on e-bay for spectrum dx6i receiver and prices start from £6.39 with free p+p worth a try ???

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 504
10th Jan 2019 00:12  
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Have a look at the Bang Good site they do DSMx/DSM2 compatible Rx s from a low as £3 odd.👍

(Chief Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 13
10th Jan 2019 07:27  
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Well, thankyou so much everyone, I am now surfing the recomended sites and will post my results when I get a sucessful resolution to this problem.