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>> Home > Forum > Hobby Chit Chat! > What wood to use for a Boat Stand
What wood to use for a Boat Stand
Author Message
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 413
6th May 2016 22:26  
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I'm presently using a boat stand made of foam. and its collapsing under the weight of my boat!
What wood should I use to make her Stand? and how should I go about it?

Thanks in advance!

"Fair winds calm Seas"
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 550
7th May 2016 00:04  
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HI Ed, your problems continue!!!! you need a contour plate, its got thin spines that slide to get a shape, once you have decided where to support the hull, to protect the prop and rudder, approx 1/3 2/3 bow to stern, take the plate and press the splines gently against the hull, this will give you the contour to draw onto stiff card, cut out and make a mirror copy, this will give you the template to mark onto your chosen wood, cut out with a bandsaw or a jigsaw.

I use 10mm plywood, with mahogany veneer, several coats of varnish, sanded between coats, with support rails between uprights, screwed and glued together.

Protect the hull with foam lagging. When cutting allow for the foams thickness.


Etherow Model Boat Club
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 413
7th May 2016 00:43  
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Thanks Mark, Well appreciated advice one of my next projects is making a replacement boat stand for Serenity!

"Fair winds calm Seas"

Forum Posts: 72
7th May 2016 13:20  
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You might also want to try using a length of solder wire, instead of a contour gauge. It will follow the hull smoothly. It needs a little more care when tracing around it onto your template.


Forum Posts: 20
8th May 2016 22:02  
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If the boat was built from a plan, you could also use the appropriate bulkhead templates & allow for the hull thickness.

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 413
14th Jun 2017 12:07  
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OK, I'm back to making the bow support for my boat stand!
No wood of fret saw to be had.
Eventually Serenity will have a proper boat stand made.
This time I cut out three pieces instead of two.
I will laminate them using contact cement.
Lets see how that goes.....

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"Fair winds calm Seas"
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 413
14th Jun 2017 12:58  
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It worked with great success...👍

"Fair winds calm Seas"
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 1793
14th Jun 2017 13:21  
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Well done that man 👍
Maybe you could also stiffen it up by laminating some 3mm ply onto it?

BTW, just stumbled across 'My R&C Center'
Now I see where the nickname comes from 😉
Cheers Doug 😎

Young at heart - slightly older in other places 😉 cheers Doug
Grant me the Serenity to accept things I can't change,
the Courage to change things that I can, and
the Wisdom to know the difference!