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>> Home > Forum > Hobby Chit Chat! > Model Club Insurance
Model Club Insurance
Author Message

Forum Posts: 20
12th Oct 2016 12:01  
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Fellow Members I need your thoughts and Input please regards Insurance Cover.
Basically My Club has the basic £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance In Line with the Local Council Requirements.
This Cover was arranged through "Stamp Insurance Brokers".
Members using "Fast Electric Boats" (some may describe them as Power Race Boats) were covered to sail such craft individually, BUT NOT in any aspect or form of "Racing". (2 "Fast Electrics Boats In the Water running in the same direction at high speed could possibly be perceived to be "Racing")
Due to discussions within the Club it was felt that the Term "Racing" should be Clarified with the Insurers, so duly contacted the Broker "Stamp Insurance Brokers".
The have decreed that "Racing" even includes "Wind Powered Sail Yachts" and are not therefore covered by the "Policy" for Yachts "Racing Events" as this comes under "Sporting Activiities" I pointed out to the "Broker" that I have 3 small Childrens style "Pond Yachts" some 30cms length (12 Inches) and I was pretty much amazed that they state, "Under the Policy" even these harmless small yachts (as I see It) cannot be raced either.
I understand Insurers us "Blanket Words", but this leaves me feeling rather dazed.
So fellow boaters, whats your thoughts on all this?? what insurance companies have you used, or recommend ?
I have one Criteria...To Keep the Insurance Cost as Low as possible, our current policy is £64 per year for the Club members as a group. Our Membership fees are £10 per year. We have surplus Cash, and In the 18 months of being established I have purchased main equipment, ie; Large Gazebo, Gas Cooker, and other Equipment, so pretty much got all we need as a club.
Each Month I run a "Free Monthly Prize Draw" at no cost to the Club or members, thanks to my good contacts and supporters, with Prizes ranging from a couple of pounds up to £30.
So folks..Thoughts and Recommendations please ?? Thankyou VGMBC

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 550
12th Oct 2016 21:53  
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HI Skipper, Try contacting our Commodore, Etherow model boat club, i know we have a policy, including racing, go on our website and have a word



Etherow Model Boat Club
Dave M
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 1527
13th Oct 2016 09:58  
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Hi Skipper
Crewe MBC arrange their insurance through NAME with Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers Limited who may be contacted at Suite 6D, The Balance, Pinfold Street,Sheffield S1 2GU. Tel: 0114 250 2770 Fax: 0114 250 2777 or e-mail (Email Removed - PM Only).
The Model Power Boat Association also offer their members insurance.
I believe you will need to be paying considerably more for your insurance (ours is a few hundred pounds pa) where models on the water and the Public are present regardless of any racing element. I can recall paying £17 for my insurance many years ago so your present fee for a group seems very cheap.
I had a quick look at your Brokers web site and it appears to be more for static exhibitions rather than on water sailing and you may wish to clarify this with the broker.
Hope you can find a solution

Live long and prosper


Forum Posts: 20
13th Oct 2016 10:52  
>> Permalink

Thanks Gents for your Input, I will look at those Insurers you mention.
Our present Brokers Insurance does Cover us for boating, but as I said, Not Racing, even for Toy yachts (sad).
Spoke with "Zurich Insurance" and they came up with a Block Policy of £85, and ticked all the boxes, but I will keep looking around as our current insurance doesn't run out till March.

Any Club with "Zurich" ??? thoughts ??


Forum Posts: 47
14th Oct 2016 08:51  
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Any further developments on the insurance ?

May the wind always be always where you want it .

Forum Posts: 20
14th Oct 2016 14:46  
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building up a List Ken, and Thanks to all on here giving us info..keep it coming folks