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>> Home > Forum > Hobby Chit Chat! > How many is to Many
How many is to Many
Author Message

Forum Posts: 134
22nd Mar 2017 09:27  
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I just have to ask this question.

How many model boats do you have working.

How many under construction.
And how many set aside for later builds.

And I guess how many that will never get built..

I much prefer the company of older woman but as the years go by there are less and less about..

Forum Posts: 1
22nd Mar 2017 09:51  
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3 working. 1 building and 4 others under consideration! !!

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R Turnbull

Forum Posts: 26
22nd Mar 2017 10:26  
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I have 3 working, 2 building, 2 restoration projects,1 maybe(I cutout the frames and keel) and plans of the Sea Queen, Sea Rover and would like to rebuild the Sea Hornet, but, 25% larger!!
How many will never get built in the 64 dollar question!!!!!

(Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 2
22nd Mar 2017 10:31  
>> Permalink

That is a scary question to ask.

I think if you dont know the answer off the top of your head is possibly to many.

I had a database of my fleet, all indexed with setups, condition, if they needed any work, ones i wouldnt sell ones i might sell, what i might like in the future. Thats long out of the window now.

Is there a too many number? I dont want to start adding my collection up, its well over 50, and 45 of those would be ready to sail at a moments notice.

This could become like an AA meeting, Hi Im Bob and I have a problem......


Forum Posts: 134
22nd Mar 2017 12:55  
>> Permalink

And I have 1 springer tug 1 Ayton cross tug Both working

Two under construction And one on a plan.

And I thought I had too many.

I much prefer the company of older woman but as the years go by there are less and less about..
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 259
22nd Mar 2017 13:28  
>> Permalink

OK, I have three Tugboats one cabin cruiser and one speed boat!
And if you saw the amount of room I have, you would wonda how.
Of course let's not forget the two 43" barges I have!
And two foam Barges
There is no set number to how many you have it's a hobby!
Did I neglect to mention it's addicting..........
Where's my next Build? LOL😁
Oop's I forgot to mention one foam pier!

"Fair winds calm Seas"
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 276
21st Apr 2017 13:42  
>> Permalink

a REAL scary question 🤔
1 H class Destroyer and 1 Submarine KM IIA (1:72) in SLEP (Service Life Extension Programme!)
1 KM pocket Battleship Graf Spee & 1 HMS Belfast (1:128) in Fitting Out Dock.
1 Tug Southampton ca 1:50 ARTR
1 Kentish Fishing Boat ca 1:50 inherited restoration & motorisation project
1 Sea Scout restoration ARTR, built by my Dad 50 years ago!
1 flying boat ARTR
1 Hovercraft needing painting & RC gear fitting.
Potential 'Plastic Magic' :-
1:350 Bismarck, USS Enterprise (The Big E), HMS Hood, HMS Ark Royal, Airfix HMS Illustrious (Invincible class) & T45 Daring
1:72 Revell Flower class corvette, German Lifeboat & S100 class E Boat, Airfix MTB, RAF Launch, KM E Boat
1:144 Revell Fletcher class destroyer.
Have started collecting Micron Radio gear for the conversions.
And JFF an Airship! Ready except for the Helium needed!
Plus many 1:400 1:600 1:720WW2 navies plastic kits & etched parts JFF & to hone the skills
I should live so long ! Help 🤔
Cheers from Munich Doug 😎

"The brain is not for storing facts, It's for thinking and knowing where to find them!" Albert Einstein. 😉 Doug

Forum Posts: 23
21st Apr 2017 18:01  
>> Permalink

One 34" Fireboat
One 34" Huntsman
One 34" Perkasa
One 28" Huntress

Now she wants me to get rid of them all if possible, as I don't get out enough to sail them since my spinal condition worsened. But my normal reply to the question of how many models one bloke should have is... How ever many he has at the moment... plus one 😎


Forum Posts: 23
21st Apr 2017 18:12  
>> Permalink

Funny, I was in a supermarket with the wife last night & this woman was having a right go at her husband saying he already had enough "toys" !!!
I just had to go up to her & say "sorry love, a man just can't have enough toys"
Even she had to laugh as everyone else was 👍

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 66
21st Apr 2017 21:50  
>> Permalink

I have 12 working boats, 4 boat under construction, just the 1 set aside for later and I have no idea how many will never get built.

Happy sailing.

(Petty Officer)

Forum Posts: 8
21st Apr 2017 23:56  
>> Permalink

I have 2 working 1 under construction and 4 waiting in the wings.


Forum Posts: 35
22nd Apr 2017 23:59  
>> Permalink

1 working (but needs a plaster) 2 not working (future projects) 1 on it's way to me (will be working within a week) and i'm looking for another - i've just gone completely hatstand since I bought my first boat several weeks ago.....I downsized to a bungalow now I may need to move again to a storage container!! :-)


Forum Posts: 9
24th Apr 2017 19:02  
>> Permalink

You can never have too many boats