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>> Home > Forum > Hobby Chit Chat! > PROPELLERS
Author Message
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 120
26th Jun 2018 13:02  
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Thinking of trying to make my own brass propellers. Has anybody any suggestions on the best construction techniques?

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 506
26th Jun 2018 15:36  
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In my opinio not worth the hassle👍

(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 2549
26th Jun 2018 16:35  
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Hi Rowen, I agree with John 👍
Unless you have your own brass foundry the best we can do is turn the hub on a lathe, prefabricate the blades (making sure that they are identical form and weights!), cutting / milling slots into the hub and then solder - which is weakpoint Number 1! Then wonder why it runs rough and cavitates cos it's outa balance and uneven pitch😡
I suggest you leave it to the pros like Rabeosch who for about 15 bucks or so will give you a robust cast, balanced and highly polished scale or sports finished article.
Weigh up the hours you will spend fiddlin' about against the price of a decent pro job. Especially if you need two or three the same for one boat.
Only time I fiddle about is when I need small scale props for my plastic magic projects 1/72 down to 1/350! e.g. 4 for a carrier like Ark Royal or Enterprise at 1/350. There ain't nowt that small on the market.
Cheers Doug 😎

Young at heart - slightly older in other places 😉 Cheers Doug
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 797
26th Jun 2018 16:43  
>> Permalink

Yup, listen to the gents. Buy em in. And believe me I'm a tight arse AND I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself in a jig by silver (hard) soldering, but I wouldn't bother. Not when Prop Shop do such a good job in manganese bronze. When I scratchbuilt Rivas for a living I only bought the props, L&R hand and the glasses in the cocktail cabinets. I can't make glass, dammit.


(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 120
26th Jun 2018 17:32  
>> Permalink

Thanks all.
Had rather suspected it was not worthwhile, but you have confirmed it.


Forum Posts: 28
31st Jan 2019 21:25  
>> Permalink

looking for a 30mm prop but with 4ba thread anybody help or can i fit a 4mm thread as the 4ba uses a 3.60 rod or can i fit a 4mm prop and shaft 😊

Colin H.
(Fleet Admiral!)

Forum Posts: 468
31st Jan 2019 22:07  
>> Permalink

If you want to use a 4mm shaft, you will need to ream the bearings to fit. Cheers Colin.

Fair winds and calm waters,