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    Maxton modified wooden ornament
    A modified wooden ornament by Hannah. All superstructure stripped off and fitted with all electrics prop, rudder etc. Now a little river barge. Handles well light to carry and good in water.
    Krick Felix
    Hi y’all..this is my Krick Felix. I built her about 2 years ago. This was my first scale or scale-like boat build. She’s powered by a long can Speed 400 type motor, has a Hobbyking Quicrun 1060 for an ESC, Frysky rx and tx. Has RAM nav lights, those are switched on and off with an old Zagi esc. I usually run a 6 cell nimh pack, but the esc will handle both nimh and li-po, so I sometimes run her with a 3800 mah lipo, which gives impressive run time. I don’t take her out much as I would like to, but hopefully she’ll see more water this year.
    Possible Tid Tug.
    Acquired as a Freebe at the local model club monthly meeting last Monday, possibly a Tid Tug only the stern is not quit right. Will spend some time restoring it our the next few weeks.
    Occre Ulises
    this one nearly finished.
    Ollie "G"
    Based on the kit Ayton Cross by Mobile Marine and dedicated to my two grandsons. I have added a working winch for towing aft, two working radars off the mast , running/ navigation, towing , wheelhouse and deck lights. Raboesch 19x22 bow thruster and sound system from Component Shop representing twin deisels. The two main 15amp ESC's are Electronize (unfortunately out of business now). The hull is GRP with wooden superstructure.
    Formidable, LT100.
    Wooden Drifter Trawler, Formidable, LT100. Scale 1:24th. Long term build. Work boat built first
    RO-Marin Neptun
    Christmas present last year, built over a couple of months of weeknights and days off. I’m real pleased with her, the kit was well thought out and the instructions and documentation were more than adequate to get her built. Krick has done a fine job of resurrecting the old Robbe line. I need to add ballast to the stern and rig/flag the mast, but for all intents and purposes she’s done, ready to play.
    Royal Daffodil ex OVERCHURCH
    After a complete refurb the Overchurch was renamed the Royal Daffodil. My model depicted here is scratch built on fiberglass hull to 1/48 scale. She now rests in my workshop next to the original Daffodil circa 1918 after she gained the "Royal" status for her role in the raid on Zebruggee in WW1 1918 together with her sister ship the Iris. The current Royal Daffodil rests in Vittoria Dock Birkenhead laid up and will not again see any service again.
    PT 109
    Scratch build from photos and old Elco plans. working spot and port, starboard lights. everything made except from people which was a racing car pit crew team.
    HMS DAFFODIL 1918 later to become Royal Daffodil
    HMS Daffodil fitted with armour for WW1 raid on Zeebrugge in 1918. Scratch built on fiberglass hull. No plans, just from old photos. The Mersey Ferry requisitioned by Admiralty and later to become Royal Daffodil in recognition of her actions at the Zeebrugge raid.
    Tug Brooklyn
    Tug Brooklyn is a Circa 1910 Steam Tug!
    Virgin Atlantic Challenger
    Hi there, this is the only pic I have of Virgin Atlantic Challenger on the water, which I built from 'free' plans in a model boats magazine - built all of lite ply - powered by 7.4 NiCad batteries - and there is a Race 5
    This is a model crusier I designed and built several years ago
    Belle Harbor
    Thismodel was built from plans several years ago
    Ski Boat
    This is a static model based on a boat I owned in the 70's. Short of decals, this is all hand made.
    Marian Belle' Empire class tug (Mobile Marine.)
    This model has been on the go for the last three years and is now finally almost complete, this one as per the others is powered by a TVR1ABB steam engine and a 3 1/2" diameter x 6" gas fired boiler.
    (Yacht) French Pond Yacht
    Based on traditional pond yachts, I've seen online, I've come up with this simple design, to be built from ordinary ply, card or balsa. there's no shear, that's because I wanted to keep the design simple. Feel free to download would really appreciate any photos of models & comments, thank-you. (5/10) 16/03/2019 I've revised Drawing -1
    (Other) Searcher 2
    First model ever made.. My ignorance of RC shows as I used a donor hull using 27MHz (To be changed at a later date) 1:32 scale Delta 7.5mtr RHIB used by Her Majesty's Customs, eventually to be sailed in conjunction with my next model, a 1:32 scale model of Damen Stan 4207 HMC Searcher. (8/10)
    (Working Vessel) Progress J-502
    Billing Boats kit, Progress J-502 vacuum formed hull, deck and cabin. Wheel house is very thin wood 2 ply. The kit was missing styrene strips, but the deck fittings were included. All brass rods, mahogany strips, rigging was in the kit. Added furniture in wheelhouse, navigation lights, windows, and railings and other details not found in the kit. Fun little boat to make and research. (7/10)
    (Working Vessel) Mowe 2
    I hadn't build a RC model for over 45 years, so as a 60th Birthday present my wife bought me this Aeronaut Mowe 2 kit, complete with all the RC equipment; motor, servo, transmitter and receiver, ESC unit etc. It was a great kit to build and took me about 3 months from start to finish. The hull was a bit tricky, but a tube of P38 and lots of sanding, re-filling with light balsa filler, re-sanding, finishing and painting and patience won through! Not a brilliant finish, but an ideal boat to get my hand back-in to modelling. When sailing, the boat needed a bit of ballast in the form of 2 old AA batteries in the bow to keep it stable and level in the water at speed! (ESC: Aeronaut) (8/10)
    (Working Vessel) Miggle
    Just acquired a Elke 408! Fishing boat. First attempt at boat building, it’s untouched but some parts are warped ! (5/10)
    (Naval Ship) USS Chesty B Puller
    Aquacraft destroyer, prebuilt, very detailed, but some parts delicate. Have parts for rotating radar and smoke. Needed to add ballast, so I am going to add two more batteries for a total of six. Very realistic in water. I also have a 36 inch flecher class that I built and a sub. I'll get some pictures out. (ESC: intelspeed) (5/10)
    (Tug Boat) Cervia
    My other nearly complete project, I have hundreds of photos of the full size boat berthed in ramsgate harbour. Built entirely from scratch , made my own hull plug and mold, fibre glass hull and part teak planked deck will complete this soon to sail in summer (Motor: Decaperm x) (10/10)
    (Tug Boat) Yorkshireman
    Just purchased from retired sailor,stripping paint and all fittings,giving complete overall first sail date hopefully 15-3-19 (Motor: Decaperm x2) (ESC: ?) (10/10)
    (Other) Lady Ayla and Elena.
    Clinker built open launches built to show off the boiler, steam engine and complex plumbing. (Motor: The Caton piston valve) (ESC: servo controlled) (9/10)
    (Other) Lady Marian
    This Drifter was a Marvon Models Kit and was incredible value for the money, a double planked plank on frame hull, and detailed instructions and good quality timber and fittings. As the engine was a four-stroke and silenced, plus the fact it was ticking over at very few revs, it made less noise than your average electric motor. Plus we were not trying too hard to save the planet in those good old days. (Motor: OS. 6.5cc Marine 4 stroke.) (ESC: servo controlled) (10/10)
    (Tug Boat) Anteo Harbour Tug
    My first ever Tug about fifty years ago, and my very first steam engine hence the super-structure looks a little hacked about, especially the engine housing with globe valves stuck out here and there. this was and still is an amazing kit from Panart, a plank on frame double skinned hull, and all the fittings were brass to a very high quality, (note the anchor winch all brass and it works. The engine and boiler was from Maxwell Hemmings one of the very few manufacturers at the time. (Motor: Piston Valve Twin Cylinder) (ESC: Servo controlled) (10/10)
    (Naval Ship) HMS PENELOPE
    This model was made by me from Glyn Guest plans - I made this a good few year ago. Of all the scale models I have built I like this one. When you take a scale model to the lake you have to be so careful not to damage anything - with this one you just put the model in the back of the car and throw it in the water - well not literally (you have to drive down to the lake first)πŸ€“πŸ€“ - many hours of enjoyment. (Motor: MFA) (5/10)
    (Yacht) Sea-Lite
    Acquired this Sea-Lite sailing yacht as a project. Everything works after a fashion but based on mixed reviews the intention is to replace the radio gear, winch and rudder servos and increase the keel weight (5/10)
    (Pleasure Craft) Fairey Swordsman
    Bought this some years ago with a holed hull and no cabin. Made only those repairs needed to make it useable, fitted new 2.4Ghz radio gear and batteries, and have been using it ever since. I keep threatening to restore it properly but it's fun as it is and a rebuild is probably more realistic anyway. (5/10)
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