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    Wee Nip, Ruf Red
    Wee Nip, Ruf Red. Donated to me by a friend. Radio; frsky telemetry, battery voltage, Hitec sail winch. She sails well and is quite enjoyable, even I my unskilled hands.
    Small scratch built static model of a Schooner made quite a few years ago. Length 6" Height 51/2" Beam 1" I made this when I was in between projects.
    34" Crash Tender
    Here is my Crash Tender together with the homemade 27MHz transmitter. Built in the early 1970s. The collage photo is from 45 years ago, sailing on the boating lake in Llanfairfechan, North Wales. Recently rescued from the garage covered in dust. Diesel replaced with brushless motor and on the water again. Now in dry dock for a major refit!
    Built from Mountfleet kit. Chain drive operates Rudder . Puffer sound, whistle, smoke generator, working lights Navigation and interior also flickering orange and red for boiler fire.all switched from transmitter.
    The Scout
    Lovely boat under going major refit.
    3660kv speed boat
    Well I purchased a hugely powerful brushless motor, (before I realised it was over the top!) so paired it up with something that might handle it!, 4ft long, fibreglass hull, 150amp esc, first water trials sucked a 12v 5amp (what I had at the time) dry in 4 minutes! Put an ammeter on it and it’s drawing 40amps! It’s all trial and error and learning on the way!
    SHB Triton Harbour Master
    Harbour Master, my first experiment with sensored brushless motors, ultra quiet and smooth very successful
    47' CCG Motor Life Boat
    Latest addition to the collection.
    Lethal threat two
    Original lunch box was a failure so rebuilt the cabin & add extra room for speed control & receiver
    Emily James
    Built from a fibre glass Hull I bought as part of a bundle on eBay. Made her into a steel beamer typical of the south coast.
    IOMSPC's catamaran ferry "Manannan"
    Powered by two KMB waterjets.
    Roasalie - Fairey Huntsman 31
    This model was started in December 2018 and finished at the end of May 2019. All built by myself and only the second RC Boat I've made. It's ready for its maiden voyage in open water in the next 3 days and cant wait!
    Lethal Threat
    The model boat club I'm in ( Confederation Marine Modelers ) wanted to have some R/C boats the kids could use at some of our shows & this weekend we do a show at the Hamilton Steam museum called boats in the park . It's basically built around a pool floating noodle & were calling them Bumper Boats πŸ™„
    In the process of making the London Sailing barge Veronica.
    Amerigo Vespucci
    Very nice static model that has been converted to power, now all I have to do is finish her build.
    My first model "PRIDE OF FIFE"
    Built her a few years ago after buying the hull at a car boot sale. Great learning curve for my introduction to model boats.
    Picked this up via my local club "for sale" notices, in need of a good refit, will go nicely with the one I have just started.πŸ‘
    Nantucket whaling boat
    Just had to build one of these after reading about the history of whaling.
    Sea Princes
    At 23 inches long .... who washed his sea commander its shrunk, deck and fittings in the next few days now with my first attempt at planking the deck
    First scratchbuild Clyde Puffer
    My first (Not including the Mastman Bantam Tug) scratchbuild!, really enjoyed this one and I know there’s no such thing as a finished boat, I’ll continue to adorn it, it’s maiden sail was really successful only thing I have changed is the rudder throw from the servo it needed more for tighter turns
    WSP 9
    Police boat model by Vladyka.The whole building from ABS, engine MIG 400 water-cooled, reheater DSYS 18A, battery 2600mA LiPol. A very stable ship, even at higher speeds, maneuverable and comfortable.
    Air Sea Rescue Launch 123
    Model is an early Vic Smeed semi scale Air Sea Rescue Launch. Built about 30 years ago but never finished. Now in the process of being finished. Still another gun turret to fit along with handrails, mast, searchlight, captains windscreen, rescue nets etcetera. Still having problems with my Mtroniks speed controller BEC giving faulty signal to the receiver at voltages near to 6.7 volts. I have now installed a separate receiver battery and it appears the faulty signals have disappeared.
    This boat was recently purchased on-line from the grandson of the 1:1 boat in the photos. He built the boat from old photos and his memory. This is truly a "pond yacht" as the is no access to below deck for any radio control equipment. The plan is to keep the boat as shown but to up up grade the deck hardware and aft deck details. It is powered by a small electric motor running on one "C" cell battery. More photos will follow showing the progress of the updates.
    This Was scratch built approximately 28 years ago. If I remember correctly it took me three years to make and at a scale of 1/96. Again photos of photos as no digital cameras in those days.
    Vosper torpedo boat.
    I made this about 30 years ago. Unfortunately the photos are of photos as we did not have digital cameras in those days.
    Type V11C Submarine.
    I assembled this Revell 1/72 scale kit about two years ago.
    Canadian coast guard vessel
    Scratch built from plans increased by 170% motors are Hecterperms props are prop shop.crane is macs moulding everything else is scratch built. Has nav lights , n.u.c Require pilot, have dangerous cargo onboard,anchor light, towing lights blue flashing ice braking, accommodation and helipads lights, requires two genies running haha.and two very brute Eden searchlights with l.e.d. On/off with tx
    Lesro Sportsman II
    Lesro Sportsman II Nearing completion, going brushless with a 2000kv, & 90a ESC, water trials on Sunday :-)
    My Harbour
    Second attempt to upload my boats as descibed earlier
    Pilot Boat.
    I have really enjoyed building this little boat. The painting, as always, I found a challenge. I am really pleased with the performance and the finished result. It has taken me around six months to build only being able to fit time in around a busy work schedule. Looking forward to the next one now.
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